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How the RM Crusher Can Help the Government With the Bangon Marawi Rehabilitation and Reconstruction

How can the RM Crusher help the government with the Bangon Marawi rehabilitation and construction?

  1. It makes work easier because it is extremely powerful
  2. It can work almost anywhere because it is fully mobile
  3. It requires less manpower because it is easy to use
  4. It has a wide range of functions to do various jobs
  5. It is economical and environmentally-friendly



Mobile crushers have been in use for a long time, mostly in mining and quarrying projects. A material handling equipment like a mobile crusher provides a work site the advantage of a conveyor transport while eliminating the need for trucks for hauling and construction of new roads. In a country like the Philippines, generator sets, as well as mobile crushers can help in an endeavor like rehabilitating a war-torn area like Marawi.

It was a little over a year ago when Marawi saw a bloody conflict that lasted for five months. It has left numerous families grieving for the loss of loved ones as well as homes and properties. Now, a year later, the rehabilitation process, which began even as soon as the battle was still ongoing, is now well underway through the sheer effort of our government, international financial aid, and help from local businesses like Multico.

Multico Prime Movers Inc. is the provider of Rubble Master Crushers in the country; this has been considered by some as pivotal in the efforts to help the affected region in Marawi. Here are some of the ways the RM Crusher could help the government with the Bangon Marawi reconstruction and rehabilitation:



RM Crusher Makes Work Easier because It is Extremely Powerful

RM Crusher Makes Work Easier because It is Extremely Powerful

The Rubble Master has developed a way for their mobile crushers to maximize performance while minimizing the consumption of fuel. This feature is important in the rehabilitation efforts because in some areas of the Philippines, besides using a generator set, power and energy can be hard to come by. In a place like Marawi, the number of fully functional fuel stations could be few.

Fuel efficiency is essential in the rehabilitation efforts in Marawi. With the help of the RM Crusher, the reconstruction and the rehabilitation process could be sped up; this means that unnecessary downtimes would be cut down.



RM Crusher can Work Almost Anywhere because It is Fully Mobile

The RM Crusher can be easily transported at any time in any place because it is fully mobile. From the enclosed and tight inner-city jobs in Manila to the unforgiving terrain of the mountains, the RM crusher can work almost anywhere.

The RM Mobile Impact Crusher can even crush rubble and debris while it is on the move. Because of this, you or your operator can make use of the impact crusher from the safety of the cab of the excavator. The RM Crusher can be easily moved from one place to the next, no matter how rough the ground is.

The RM Compact Impact Crushers are also quiet so that they can be used in urban or residential areas, where loud construction noise may be an issue.



RM Crusher Requires Less Manpower because It is Easy to Use

RM Crusher Requires Less Manpower because It is Easy to Use

It is completely possible for the RM Impact Crushers to be operated by just one trained personnel because of the GO! Principle Rubble Master adheres to. All you have to do is subject your chosen operator to one short training session in order to understand how to get the most out of this material handling equipment.

The RM crusher is also simple to maintain because all of the maintenance points can be accessed from the ground level. This saves the people working to rehabilitate Marawi the trouble when they need to do a check-up on the machine.



RM Crusher has a Wide Range of Functions to do Various Jobs

When you use the RM crusher, you can use the same machine to process natural rocks as well as recycle rubble materials. This is the result of the unique technical innovations developed by Rubble Master. Being able to work two or more jobs at once is invaluable in a place like Marawi because multitasking can make the job easier and faster.

The highly advanced technology presented by Rubble Master makes its crushers suitable for handling a multitude of materials. Thanks to the RM Compact Crusher, materials like construction waste, glass, reinforced concrete, natural stone, and rubble can be collected and processed.


RM Crusher is Economical and Environmentally-Friendly

RM Crusher is Economical and Environmentally-Friendly

The high-performance and innovative diesel-electric drive unit of the RM Crusher is extremely economical because it allows you to save up to 30% in fuel costs. The impact crusher also has an intelligent dust system that prevents dust and other harmful particulates from entering the lungs of people.

Rubble Master also offers an Enviro package that helps keep noise and dust emissions at an acceptable level for the local residents, operators of machinery, and the authorities. Recycling and reusing materials with the RM crusher is a hassle-free experience for the owners, operators, and the people working and living near the site.



Key Takeaway

It is going to take a lot of time and effort before the situation in Marawi can return to what it was before. But with the help of the government, as well as private institutions like Multico, the road to get there can be much smoother and easier.

The RM Crusher is an indispensable machine in the efforts to rehabilitate and reconstruct Marawi. Thanks to Multico, these machines can be put to use where they can make the most impact in the lives of the people.

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