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Stone Crusher Philippines | Multico

When watching renovation shows, the cast would often mention big machines like excavators, bulldozers, and cranes. But, have you ever heard of the equipment called “crushers?”

Among all of the big equipment, the crushers in the Philippines are the least known by the common people. A person is more likely to be familiar with forklifts, loaders, and scrapers. Little do Filipinos know that out of all the equipment and types of machinery, the crushers in the Philippines are an extremely useful and versatile machine. If you want to know more about this all-around contraption, then read on! Here, you will discover its origins and early form. You will also learn the different classification and application in different industries. Basically, you will learn why crushers in the Philippines are extremely under hyped equipment.

Stone Crusher Philippines | Multico
What is a Stone Crusher

What is a Stone Crusher

Stone crushers in the Philippines are vital heavy equipment for crushing large stones into gravel or smaller pieces. The crushing process involves placing stones between a heavy steel plate or metal surface that has both steady and moving plates. The stones are compressed until they break into smaller bits.

Using a stone crusher is relatively simple. The plates move back and forth due to a motor inside the machine, and the stones in the gap between the plates feel the pressure as they move. The crushed stones are collected as they fall out of the machine and can be used in various projects including construction.

What are the Different Types of Crushers?

What are the Different Types of Crushers?

There are 2 main kinds of crushers: Primary Crushes and Secondary Crushers. These two main types are categorized by the size of materials they can manage to break down.

Primary Crushers

Primary crushers that are heavy duty, just like the crushers in the Philippines, can crush a ROM ore. Under Primary crushers are the Jaw Crushers and Gyratory Crushers.

Jaw Crushers: This equipment utilizes compression force when reducing the size of materials. Its processing speeds range up to 100-350 rev/min. The materials used for the components of this crusher are made from cast steel replaceable liners made of Iron or Manganese Steel. Jaw crushers are classed based on their receiving areas like the width of the plates and the gap between the jaws and opening.

Gyratory Crusher: This crusher has a long spindle and a conical grinding equipment made of steel. Normally, a Gyratory Crusher revolves between 85 and 150 rev/min in a conical path. Its outer casing is constructed from heavy steel casting or plates. Then, these metals are fortified with reinforced alloyed white cast-iron.

Secondary Crushers

Secondary Crushers can only manage to break down medium size rocks. There are five categories of crushers that fall under the description of a Secondary Crusher.

Cone Crusher: In terms of operation, a cone crusher is similar to a Gyratory Crusher. The distinction between the two is the lesser steep crushing chamber and more parallel crushing zones of a Cone Crusher, and the spindle in a Cone Crusher is supported, not suspended like the ones in a Gyratory Crusher

Roll Crusher: The unique trait of a Roll Crusher is the use of compression in breaking down stone material. Among all crushers, a roll crusher produces even size distribution.

Impact Crusher: Just like what the name states, Impact Crushers utilize impact for its process, compared to other crushers that use pressure.

Hammer Mill: Staying true to its name, a hammer mill crushes fragile stones against a rotating hammer. Before, the hammers used were made of Manganese Steel. It was later on changed to nodular cast Iron that contains Chromium Carbide, making the hammer strong against abrasions.

Best Stone Crushers in the Philippines from Multico

Best Stone Crushers in the Philippines from Multico

Multico Prime Power proudly presents Rockster, the cutting-edge Mobile Crusher and Screen that brings a whole new level of efficiency and versatility to your operations. Designed for the Philippines, these crushers offer a wide range of high-quality and high-performance mobile solutions for screening and crushing applications in quarries, cement plants, aggregate plants, mines, and construction sites, while also excelling in recycling demolition waste.

Breaking Barriers with Rockster's Special Hammers

Rockster's mobile crushers in the Philippines are equipped with specially designed hammers, which are capable of crushing materials from various sources, including mountain and river stones.

Upon impact on its robust Hardox Impact Walls, the hammers efficiently break down materials into different sizes. These materials are then expertly fed into the Mobile Screen for further processing.

Unrivaled Quality and Mobility

Every Rockster crusher product in the Philippines meets the highest standards demanded by industries, ensuring top-notch performance and reliability. Thanks to its innovative crawler wheels, Rockster equipment is mobile both on-site and on the road, providing unparalleled flexibility for your operations.

Whether you're working at the heart of a construction site or traveling between different locations, Rockster will always keep your productivity soaring.

Effortless Control with Remote Operation

With Rockster, operating crushers and screens in the Philippines have never been easier. Its intuitive remote control system allows you to manage and optimize the equipment's performance with ease, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow.

Experience Success Today

It’s time to embrace the new era of mobile crushing and screening with Rockster’s Crushers in the Philippines. It starts working for your success the moment it enters your operations. As a trusted supplier, Multico Prime Power is proud to offer Rockster as your partner in driving your company's growth and paving the way for a brighter future.

Make the switch to Rockster now and unlock the full potential of your business. Get in touch with us here to learn more about how Rockster can revolutionize your operations and boost your productivity like never before!

Features of the Rockster Crusher Series

Hydrostatic Drive

This allows the rotor to be driven at extremely smooth power delivery while producing high torque, eliminating the use of a conventional clutch thus reducing the wear and complexity of the machine. This ensures the optimal fuel consumption of fuel per ton of production.

Duplex Crushing Box

Rockster’s Duplex Crushing Box is known as the most adaptable crushing box. It allows Rockster machines to easily switch from an Impact Crusher Box to a Jaw Crusher Box, and vice versa.


Rockster crushers in the Philippines are known for their high performance — thanks to their innovative Hydrostatic Drive technology while keeping the emissions at their lowest.

Closed Material Circuit

Rockster crushers in the Philippines feature a closed material circuit. It has a mesh screen with an optional wind sifter and an incorporated return feed belt for refeeding or additional stockpiling. This allows a defined aggregate to come out in a single pass.

Vibrating Hopper

All Rockster crushers in the Philippines are equipped with a standard hardox vibrating two-deck zig-zag pre-screening. Moreover, the gap of the zig-zag can be defined as required.

Tracked Wheels

Rockster crushers in the Philippines are equipped with tracked wheels that can flatten the ground while driving.

Compact Design

Each Rockster crusher in the Philippines features a compact design that makes transportation simple.

Crusher Setting and Ground-Based Service

A Rockster crusher in the Philippines has an instant crusher adjustment setting through a colored display monitor. All of its adjustments, like gap settings, are made by the hydraulic module through electronic control.

Models of the Rockster Crushers that Multico Carries

Models of the Rockster Crushers that Multico Carries

As an authorized distributor of Rockster stone crushers in the Philippines, Multico offers some of its best series and models that can be used in several different industries.

Impact Crusher


Especially developed for applications where space, this crusher is limited such as for inner-city projects. It can be easily transported from one job site to another. It is the perfect combination of compactness and maximum performance.

150 t/h 710 x 650mm 19,900 kg 0-850 rpm 3.2m3 1.83m2 14.10 x 2.52 x 3.10m


This crusher in the Philippines makes no compromises in either noise or efficiency. Its small stature, combined with its increased adaptability and underlying strength, ensures top performance vital to your success, making it perfect for both inner cities and alpine terrain.

240 t/h 900 x 720 mm 25,000 kg 0-850 rpm 4.0m3 2.19m2 14.20 x 2.50 x 3.25m


This powerhouse of a crusher combines remarkable strength with user-friendly controls and a compact design to deliver results that far surpass those of any other crusher on the market.

280 t/h 960 x 720mm 31,000 kg 0-850 rpm 4.2m3 3.51m2 14.00 x 2.83 x 3.20m


The largest of the mobile impact crushers, this model's processing capability puts it in a class all its own. It has a unique performance-to-weight ratio that sets the standards for many crushers in the industry.

400 t/h 1100 c 720mm 32,900 kg 0-850 rpm 5m3 3.51m2 15.80 x 2.99 x 3.20m

Jaw Crusher


The R800 is meticulously designed to excel in space-restricted environments, making it the ideal choice for inner-city projects. Transporting it from one job site to another is a breeze, allowing you to maximize productivity wherever the need arises. Witness the perfect fusion of compactness and unparalleled performance with our innovative jaw crusher.

120 t/h 800 x 500mm 25,700 kg 0-320rpm 4m3 9.60 x 2.50 x 3.20m


Be amazed by the sheer processing might of our largest mobile jaw crusher. In a class of its own, this exceptional model pushes the boundaries of crushing capabilities. Its remarkable performance-to-weight ratio not only outperforms competitors but also sets new industry benchmarks.

230 t/h 1200 x 680mm 38,400kg 0-280 rpm 5m3 13.60 x 2.75 x 3.45m

How Does a Crusher Work?

A stone crusher also has its own way of processing its products, just like any machine. Also, each type of crusher has their own unique style of crushing stones. A container called a “Hopper” holds the uncrushed stones on top of the crusher. Stones are fed into the crusher either by gravity or a belt drive for a continuous and smooth transfer of the stones. At the bottom of the equipment is a hole where the broken down rocks will exit. There are a few crushers that have holes leading to another crusher to ensure finer grains.

How Does a Crusher Work?

Jaw Crusher

As the oldest modern prototype, Jaw Crushers have the simplest set up among all kinds of crushers. The physical appearance of a Jaw Crusher can be attributed to a giant V with metal walls. The walls are lugged by pulleys driven by a motor. Stones are crushed as the movable jaw goes towards the fixed jaw. As the angle between the two jaws decreases while the stones are slowly crushed, the pounded stones are discharged from the hole.

Impact Crusher

The process of an Impact Crusher is far different from that of a Jaw Crusher. A blow bar is installed inside and the rotor is driven to rotate at a high speed by a motor. As a large stones hit the blow bar, it will be launched to the impact devices installed inside the rotor. The rock materials will boomerang from the blow bar to the impact devices and back to the blow bar repeatedly. This operation pounds the rock materials into bits and small particles. The shape and size of the products can be regulated by adjusting the clearance space between the impact devices and the rotor.

Cone Crushers and Gyratory Crushers

Cone Crushers and Gyratory Crushers have a similar process of breaking down rocks, but they only vary in design. The stone materials are inserted inside a compartment with a rotating grinder at the base. Crushing is done by squeezing the stone materials between the grinder and the container walls. As the stones fall further down into the grinder, it is pulverized into bits.

Roll Crusher

A Roll Crusher functions by placing a material between two rotating rolls and chiseling out the prescribed shaped using friction.

Hammer Mill

Initially, a Hammer Mill smashes the rocks towards a solid plate or a “beaker plate” that breaks the particles even more. Lastly, the particles are crushed by a discharge grate made of hammers. Afterwards, materials that have not been broken down into finer particles will again undergo the process of hammering.

Applications of Stone Crushers in the Philippines

From quarries to mines, stone crushers can be used across various industries.

Mining Industry

Mining Industry

Stone crushers are used in the mining industry to make extracting minerals and other resources easier by reducing the size of large boulders. They are used to break down large rocks and stones into smaller, more manageable pieces that can be processed for mining operations.

Construction Industry

Construction Industry

In construction, crushers break down boulders into smaller aggregate pieces, which helps lower construction costs and speeds up project completion. Crushed stones are used as the base material for foundations, walls, and floors. They are also used in the production of concrete and other building materials.

Recycling Industry

Recycling Industry

In the Philippines, stone crushers are used in the recycling industry to decrease landfill space. They are also used to break down rocks and other materials that can be used for future projects.

Agricultural Industry 

Agricultural Industry 

Rocks and other materials are broken down into smaller pieces using stone crushers. These are used as soil amendments that can be added to soil to improve drainage and aeration.

DUPLEX-System: One machine - unlimited possibilities!

Best Stone Crushers in the Philippines from Multico

In order to optimize the machine utilization and to guarantee a versatile operation of the crushing plants, the Rockster team has developed the unique and highly versatile Duplex System which enables the customer to change the single crushing units.

Both units can be installed on the same chassis and changed from jaw crusher into impact crusher in shortest time - and vice versa.

So the track-mounted impact crushers R900 and R1100DS can also be used as jaw crushers R800 and R1200D - and of course the jaws can be used as impactors.

Thanks to this system the recycling plant can be adapted to a wide range of material requirements quickly and efficiently, thereby cover a huge variety of applications.

Best Stone Crushers in the Philippines from Multico

Why Choose Multico as your supplier for stone crushers in the Philippines?

Multico Prime Power, Inc. (MPPI) is a "One Stop Shop" supplier of Multico Industrial Generator and several other top industrial suppliers, supporting various applications and demands for all industries. Apart from installation and turn-key projects, we also provide comprehensive solutions for your prime or standby power requirements in the Philippines, including servicing and warranty administration for all our products.

We at Multico pledge to provide the best crushers in the Philippines and outstanding customer service. Aside from Metro Manila, we also provide stone crushers in Cebu, Bicol, Pampanga, and Zambales thanks to our supply chain and logistics management.

We strive to meet your needs for any engineering equipment and pledge to supply high-quality products and after-market services.