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What are the Different Types of Generators here in the Philippines?

Types of Generators

The following are the generally available generator sets here in the Philippines:

Electro Motive Diesel Generator

operates on a low rate of revolutions per minute and is generally not a high maintenance generator.

Diesel Generator

is essentially a diesel engine that is combined with an electric generator (usually an alternator) that supplies emergency power, and is also used as an energy source for power grids.

Portable Generators

typically run on gasoline as fuel and is commonly utilized for smaller scale practical purposes, but in many cases can fit the needs of industrial jobs.

  • Portable Recreational Generator – runs on gasoline and is mainly used for personal affair, such as powering home computers.
  • Portable Residential Generator – functions as an emergency/alternative power source for home backup, capable of powering basic household appliances (such as refrigerators, washing machines, television sets, etc.)
  • Portable Industrial/Construction Generator – single to triple phase diesel or gasoline phases. High cycle generators cater to standard construction/industrial tools by offering 60Hz to 180Hz of power.

Natural Gas Generators

run from natural gas with varieties of power range: from 20KW – 2500KW and engines from 150hp – 4000hp.

Mobile Tower Generator

usually single voltage models that run on diesel, these have numerous voltage applications, and offer transferable sources of power for both construction and industrial settings.

Standby Generator

there are 2 types of standby generator: Alternating Current (AC), Direct Current (DC), usually used as an emergency power source for business operations and schools. They also function with an automatic transfer switch, when the main power source fails.

Power Take Off Generator

usually utilized in high power agricultural tools such as tractors.

Two Bearing Generator

powered by independent varieties of power sources made possible by a pulley mechanism; typically used for specific trucks.

Vehicle Mounted Generator

commonly placed on mining, oil field, and construction vehicles.

Welder Generator

is a single unit generator with welding operatives. It is accessible in both gasoline models and diesel units.

For each type of generator set, here in the Philippines, there are generally 4 main sources of fuel:



this fuel is the most commonly utilized because of several factors. It is a safer source of fuel in comparison to gasoline because it is not as easily ignitable. Diesel engines also burn significantly less fuel than gasoline



known as the secondary option in generator fueling; gasoline fueled generators cost less than diesel engine generators. It is mainly more efficient for portable usage.

Natural Gas

Natural Gas

this fuel burns the cleanest in contrast to the aforementioned fuels. Evidently, it is the most environmentally friendly. Natural gas generators are also incredibly practical due to having no need to keep external fuel storage.



another clean burning fuel, however, propane generator sets consume up to 3 times more fuel, and is more potentially dangerous in its flammability. However, it can be incredibly reliable as an emergency home generator due to its ability to not clog up fuel systems when stored.

What Generator Sets Can You Get From Multico?

Generator Sets

As the top distributor of engineering equipment in Asia, Multico Prime Power, Inc offers generator sets in the Philippines that are assured to be of high quality and high-functioning.

TidePower Vertical Manual Mast

With a 10-kilowatt power output, soundproof canopy, and 110 hours of continuous use, the TidePower Vertical Manual Mast power generator can run day and night.

LML8-LP 50HZ 230V ac 115 720kg -25-50°C
LML8-LP 60HZ 240V ac 110 720kg -25-50°C

TidePower Vertical Mast Tower Light

This vertical mast tower light contains an emergency stop button, a guiding wheel, a double safety lock with four stabilizers, and a soundproof canopy.

LML8-LP 50HZ 230V ac 115 720kg -25-50°C
LML8-LP 60HZ 240V ac 110 720kg -25-50°C
LML8-LP 50HZ 230V ac 115 720kg -25-50°C
LML8-LP 60HZ 240V ac 110 720kg -25-50°C
LML8-LP 50HZ 230V ac 115 720kg -25-50°C
LML8-LP 60HZ 240V ac 110 720kg -25-50°C

Fenova Series Diesel Generating Sets

This Fenova Series Diesel Generating Sets has a durable central vertical beam to ensure effortless and safe transportation.

These generators have a modern design with extra-large canopy doors for easy inspection and maintenance. Its powder coating makes it ideal for outdoor use in various weather conditions.

AJ Power Diesel Generating Sets

Generator sets from AJ Power are made with class-leading technology and processes that ensure that the generators meet and exceed industry standards. There are 4 different series offered by AJ Power: 3 Series, 5 Series, 7 Series, and 9 Series. These differ depending on how much power is needed by the customer.

3 Series 10 kVA - 66 kVA Telecommunications, construction, residential, retail
5 Series 33 kVA - 275 kVA Construction, residential, agriculture, industrial, commercial
7 Series 275 kVA - 770 kVA Industrial, construction, mining, commercial, events, utility
9 Series 730 kVA - 3630 kVA Data centers, healthcare, commercial, industrial, banking

Generators in (Large Scale) Industrial Settings

Generators in (Large Scale) Industrial Settings

Industrial generator sets here in the Philippines, or all over the world for that matter, are mostly diesel run engines. Diesel Standby Generators are the most preferred backup power source when it comes to industrial sectors; they are definitely the smartest choice to invest in with regards to a more business standpoint. These generators carry with them the most efficient (in every aspect) means to power the various heavy equipment available in the Philippines – in terms of fuel efficiency and cost efficiency. Generator sets are used in a lot of different businesses in the country – the food industry, technological industry, fitness industry, and many more! For the many contractors, the main factors to consider when assessing potential generators are as follows: Requirements, Necessary Voltage, Requirements for generator fuel source, and Generator size.

Generators in (Large Scale) Industrial Settings
Generators in (Small Scale) Practical Settings

Generators in (Small Scale) Practical Settings

Generators in (Small Scale) Practical Settings

Generator sets here in the Philippines are also a miracle in a variety of personal avenues. First and foremost, they are the most reliable option when it comes to backup or emergency power supply for homes. They provide for the assurance of convenience and an easy, peaceful mind in the event of any emergency power shortage.

Portable generators can also be used in a variety of ways when it comes to outdoor recreational activities. Backyard affairs that require a significant main power source call for the use of a generator. Camping would also be a relatively smoother experience with a portable generator on hand. For automotive sectors, there are also vehicle generators to fit any need.

As mentioned earlier, generators provide wonders for improving business and commercial establishments. The best thing about acquiring a generator set here in the Philippines is that it would be incredibly fit to handle the harshest of extreme weather conditions.

If you are contemplating on purchasing a generator set here in the Philippines, here are some quick and helpful tips to aid you:

  1. Be sure that you are completely aware of the necessary power requirements for your intended use.
  2. Next, is to be fully acquainted with the complete pricing ranges for your desired generator.

Why Trust Multico to Supply You with the Best Generator Sets in the Philippines?

Mutlico is a one-stop shop for supplying engineering equipment needs including generator sets. As a company, we aim to provide dynamic, high-quality brands for our customers nationwide.

Distribute to Different Parts of the Philippines

You can trust Mutico to provide you with high-quality generator sets and have them delivered to you on-time thanks to our supply chain and logistics management. We can supply generator sets in the Philippines to provinces like Cebu, Manila, and other parts of the Philippines. We guarantee customers fast and reliable distribution, no matter where they are from.

Reliable Services

Multico aims to provide its clients with the best services even after purchase. We provide our customers with experienced personnel to demonstrate and orient them on their new equipment. After purchase, we also ensure a spare parts service is ready when it comes to maintaining and repairing your generator sets.

Partners with Reputable Brands

To provide customers with the best generator sets in the Philippines, Multico has partnered with various brands as their authorized distributors in the country. These include sets from Doosan, Fenova, and AJ Power.