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Generator Set Philippines

Generator Set Philippines

A generator set, commonly referred to as a genset, is essentially an engine based machine that runs on varying sources of fuel (depending on generator type and specifications), and ultimately serves as an external mount for electrical power. The need for more generator sets here in the Philippines has exponentially grown through the decades. This is mainly due to the fact that generators have become a necessity in multi-dimensional everyday affairs and have become an integral facet in both major and minor construction sites.  There are different types of generator sets here in the Philippines, with a wide range of usage all relating to usage and purpose setting.

Contrary to intuitive and semantic notions, generators don’t really ‘produce’ energy; but rather, they actually ‘convert’ mechanical energy into an output of electrical power.

The general working principles of a generator are all dictated by its 3 main components:


The Engine. The engine power capabilities of a generator generally dictate its electrical output potentials. Large scale generators primarily operate on diesel as their fuel source.


The Alternator. The alternator creates a magnetic field through the combined efforts of a static component (stator) and a dynamic component (rotor). Again, generator size is a dictatorial factor in the magnetic process – large generators use induction, while smaller scale generators simply utilize a permanent magnet.


The Voltage Regulator. Lastly, the voltage regulator quantifies and facilitates the exerted voltage.


Before we dive into the encompassing factors that all come into play with each generator set here in the Philippines, it’s imperative that we must first go through a brief chronology of the invention and evolution of generator sets, in order to gain a more refined understanding as we move on to the succeeding sections of the article.

During the mid-1700s, Scottish instrument manufacturer, James Watt fostered a fascination with steam engines, and racked his head on how much energy the engine was wasting. He, then, revolutionized and set the general framework for the current day structures of generator sets by introducing the innovations of rotary motions within the mechanism. Late in the century, the popularity of Dynamos (AC voltage) as a light source would later pave the way for the electrical age.

In the early 1800s, scientist, Michael Faraday first introduced the foundations of electromagnetic fields to the world of applied physics. This, then, leads to being the blueprint fabric for which electronic motor technology would be built from. The further studies on the magnetic field theory and its principles eventually lead to the invention of the first Magneto Electric Generator.

As the 1800s was coming to a close, small engines became mainly fuelled by gasoline and kerosene; AC and DC generators were used to power outdoor lights. Thomas Edison’s innovations in DC power on a mass urban city scale would soon spark the interconnected utilization and advancements in power generation through mechanical and electrical energy – electrical generators and motors.

During the 1900s and onwards, the contemporary generator that functions through a combination of both electric and engine based machinery as a single unit would be the normative, most efficient standard.  A number of advancements have been made with all the generator’s internal intricacies, but it was this structural framework that served as the foundation.

What are the Different Types of Generators here in the Philippines?

What are the Different Types of Generators here in the Philippines?


The following are the generally available generator sets here in the Philippines:


Electro Motive Diesel Generator – operates on a low rate of revolutions per minute and is generally not a high maintenance generator.


Diesel Generator – is essentially a diesel engine that is combined with an electric generator (usually an alternator) that supplies emergency power, and is also used as an energy source for power grids.


Portable Generators – typically run on gasoline as fuel and is commonly utilized for smaller scale practical purposes, but in many cases can fit the needs of industrial jobs.

  • Portable Recreational Generator – runs on gasoline and is mainly used for personal affair, such as powering home computers.
  • Portable Residential Generator – functions as an emergency/alternative power source for home backup, capable of powering basic household appliances (such as refrigerators, washing machines, television sets, etc.)
  • Portable Industrial/Construction Generator – single to triple phase diesel or gasoline phases. High cycle generators cater to standard construction/industrial tools by offering 60Hz to 180Hz of power.


Natural Gas Generators – run from natural gas with varieties of power range: from 20KW – 2500KW and engines from 150hp – 4000hp.


Mobile Tower Generator – usually single voltage models that run on diesel, these have numerous voltage applications, and offer transferable sources of power for both construction and industrial settings.


Standby Generator – there are 2 types of standby generator: Alternating Current (AC), Direct Current (DC), usually used as an emergency power source for business operations and schools. They also function with an automatic transfer switch, when the main power source fails.


Power Take Off Generator – usually utilized in high power agricultural tools such as tractors.


Two Bearing Generator – powered by independent varieties of power sources made possible by a pulley mechanism; typically used for specific trucks.


Vehicle Mounted Generator – commonly placed on mining, oil field, and construction vehicles.


Welder Generator – is a single unit generator with welding operatives. It is accessible in both gasoline models and diesel units.


For each type of generator set, here in the Philippines, there are generally 3 main sources of fuel:

Diesel – this fuel is the most commonly utilized because of several factors. It is a safer source of fuel in comparison to gasoline because it is not as easily ignitable. Diesel engines also burn significantly less fuel than gasoline


Gasoline – known as the secondary option in generator fueling; gasoline fueled generators cost less than diesel engine generators. It is mainly more efficient for portable usage.


Natural Gas – this fuel burns the cleanest in contrast to the aforementioned fuels. Evidently, it is the most environmentally friendly. Natural gas generators are also incredibly practical due to having no need to keep external fuel storage.


Propane – another clean burning fuel, however, propane generator sets consume up to 3 times more fuel, and is more potentially dangerous in its flammability. However, it can be incredibly reliable as an emergency home generator due to its ability to not clog up fuel systems when stored.


What are the General Process and the Working Principles of a Generator Set?


What are the General Process and the Working Principles of a Generator Set?

Basically, the generating process functions as a repetitive four-step cycle until the programmed maximum output is reached. First, the Voltage Regulator converts AC voltage to DC currents, which is then sent to the second base exciters of the stator. Then, the production of extra AC voltage by the secondary winding exciters is intertwined with the alternator to the rotating magnetic field of the rotor. Finally, the rotor takes this additional AC voltage from the stator, and in result, produces a higher AC voltage from the generator as a whole.


Engine – the starting grounds for processing mechanical energy. Besides the fuel type, there are engines of Overhead Valve and Non-Overhead Valve; found about the engine cylinder. Signifying variables to be assessed are: compact design, operation mechanism, durability, user-friendliness, operative noise, emission levels. Finally, there is an optional dichotomy between Cast Iron Sleeve or Cylinder engines.


Alternator – known as the generator head; in contrast to the engine, the alternator supplies the electrical power. The internal facets that come into play are the Stator, Rotor (through induction, permanent magnets, or exciters), Metal or Plastic Housing, Ball, or Needle Bearings, and whether or not it has a brushless design.


Fuel System – usually functions on an operational scale of 6 to 8 hours, and commonly mounted above the frame. In many cases, there is a need for external fuel tanks in the system. The features that come into play are: pipe connection, ventilation pipe, overflow connection, fuel pump, fuel filter, and fuel injector.


Voltage Regulator – is the component mainly in charge of the overall cycles generating output voltage. Conversion of AC current to DC current flows through the regulator itself to exciter windings to rotating rectifiers to the rotor, in a continuous repetitive motion.


Cooling and Exhaust Systems – keeps all the aforementioned parts from overheating.


Lubrication System – ensures the smooth flow of the generator’s moving parts.


Battery Charger – supplies a ‘float’ voltage and alleviated generator corrosion from its stainless backdrop.


Control Panel the interface oversees the generators start and shutdown, engine gauges, generator gauges, and various other controls.


Main Assembly / Frame – refers to the overall housing exoskeleton.

The general working principles for generator sets here in the Philippines in coordination with their many applications are in proportion with ascribed loads; some are continuous, while others are short spanning. The periods all range on applicatory directives of: Continuous Load, Backup Generation, Peak Shaving, Portable Use, and Cogeneration.


Generators in (Large Scale) Industrial Settings

Industrial generator sets here in the Philippines, or all over the world for that matter, are mostly diesel run engines. Diesel Standby Generators are the most preferred backup power source when it comes to industrial sectors; they are definitely the smartest choice to invest in with regards to a more business standpoint. These generators carry with them the most efficient (in every aspect) means to power the various heavy equipment available in the Philippines – in terms of fuel efficiency and cost efficiency. Generator sets are used in a lot of different businesses in the country – the food industry, technological industry, fitness industry, and many more! 

For the many contractors, the main factors to consider when assessing potential generators are as follows: Requirements, Necessary Voltage, Requirements for generator fuel source, and Generator size.


Generators in (Small Scale) Practical Settings

Generator sets here in the Philippines are also a miracle in a variety of personal avenues. First and foremost, they are the most reliable option when it comes to backup or emergency power supply for homes. They provide for the assurance of convenience and an easy, peaceful mind in the event of any emergency power shortage.

Portable generators can also be used in a variety of ways when it comes to outdoor recreational activities. Backyard affairs that require a significant main power source call for the use of a generator. Camping would also be a relatively smoother experience with a portable generator on hand. For automotive sectors, there are also vehicle generators to fit any need.

As mentioned earlier, generators provide wonders for improving business and commercial establishments. The best thing about acquiring a generator set here in the Philippines is that it would be incredibly fit to handle the harshest of extreme weather conditions.

If you are contemplating on purchasing a generator set here in the Philippines, here are some quick and helpful tips to aid you:

  1. Be sure that you are completely aware of the necessary power requirements for your intended use.
  2. Next, is to be fully acquainted with the complete pricing ranges for your desired generator.


Why You Should Buy A Generator Set Philippines From Multico

Multico Prime Power, Inc. is the Philippine’s central hub for supplying engineering equipment needs. The leading engineering equipment distribution firm in Asia, Multico magnanimously caters to a spectrum of dynamic, high quality brands for any industrial market.

Multico offers a wide range of services in line with engineering distribution – a firm commitment to only the finest. The Products of Multico are only that of top tier echelons, such as the Weycor, Rubblemaster, Clark Forklift (one of the first ever forklift in the Philippines), Multico Generator Sets, BBA Pumps, etc.

Highly efficient channel management is supported by skilled and knowledgeable experts in the realm of industry. Multico is equipped with substantial and professional data for advanced, technical handling.

Multico is the leading supplier of top quality generator sets here in the Philippines. If you are in need of a generator set here in the Philippines to fit your needs, Multico offers the Multico Genarator set 75KVA – 2500KVA, which functions and operates on domestic and international levels of performance. The generator’s specifications are as follows:

  • Max. jib length: 60m; Jib length under different assembling modes can decrease progressively by 5 meters and the Min. jib length is 30 meters.
    • Max. lifting capacity 8t;
    • Max. hoisting capacity at jib tip: 4t;
    • Max. lifting moment 1440kN.m
    • Max. free-standing height: 60m Max. working height of anchored crane: 220m

To see our generator set products, see them below.

  • Cummins – Powered Genset (Ranges 35kva up to 1875kva)
  • Perkins – Powered Genset (Ranges 25kva up to 938kva)
  • Mitsubishi – Powered Genset (Ranges 2000kva up to 2500kva)
  • Mtu – Powered Genset (Ranges 1500kva up to 3000kva)
  • Doosan – Powered Genset (Ranges 200kva up to 930kva)
  • Automatic Transfer Switch (Ats)
  • Paralleling Switchgears
  • Electro-Mechanical Installation
  • Imported Sound Attenuated Enclosure
  • Mecc-Alte & Amp; Stamford Ac Alternators  
  • Parts and Service

Multico is the authorized Service Agent in the Philippines; all of our generator sets are coupled with a brushless type MECC ALTE AC alternator as standard supply.

Other options of Alternator brands are the following:

  • Stamford
  • Leroy Somer
  • Marathon

These generator sets are also fitted with a DeepSea Controller from U.K. as standard supply. DeepSea Controllers are self-contained controllers with the state of the art features; some of which are:

  • DSE7320 (Auto Start/Mains Failure Control Module suitable for a wide variety of single, diesel or gas, genset applications).
  • DSE6020 (Auto Start/Mains Failure Control Module suitable for a wide variety of single genset applications).
  • DSE8610 (Auto Start Control Module with Synchronizing/Load Share function and is suitable for use on a multi-generator load share system, designed to synchronize up to 32 generators including electronic and non-electronic engines).

You will see below some of our completed projects.


Commercial and Residential Bldg. in Makati City

3 x 1500kVA MTU – powered Generator sets (Synchronized)


3 x 1500kVA MTU – powered Generator sets (Synchronized)

Resort and Casino in Parañaque City

8 x 2813kVA MTU-powered Generator sets (Synchronized)

8 x 2813kVA MTU-powered Generator sets (Synchronized)



8 x 2813kVA MTU-powered Generator sets (Synchronized) 2nd photo

Mall in Pasay City

3 x 2500kVA MTU-powered Generator sets (Synchronized)

3 x 2500kVA MTU-powered Generator sets (Synchronized)



3 x 2500kVA MTU-powered Generator sets (Synchronized) 2nd photo

Office Bldg. in Alabang

2 x 750kVA Cummins-powered Generator sets (Synchronized)

2 x 750kVA Cummins-powered Generator sets (Synchronized)



2 x 750kVA Cummins-powered Generator sets (Synchronized) 2nd photo

Event Center Bldg. in Alabang

1 x 1000kVA Cummins-powered Generator set

Event Center Bldg. in Alabang

Whether you are an entrepreneurial contractor or any figure in the industrial sector, Multico has your best interest at heart. Click here to learn more information about our multitude of products, supplies, and services.

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