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A vibrating screen is one of the main types of industrial screening equipment. Although there are many mechanical screening solutions across the solid waste management, construction and logistics industries, and so on, a vibrating screen offers great benefits, which makes it ideal for a wide variety of industrial applications.

As the leading vibrating screen distributor today, Multico only offers high-quality and effective vibrating screens for different industries.

Vibrating Screen | Multico
What are Vibrating Screens?

What are Vibrating Screens?

This equipment is designed to separate and identify several particles by their sizes. It uses the principle of transferring vibrations to a screen, which allows it to sort and separate different particles by size.

In general, this allows the screen to break down the surface tension of particles, forcing them to separate into smaller pieces. This creates undersized particles called “fines,” which then fall through the holes on the screening surface. At the same time, larger particles remain on the screen’s surface.

What are the Benefits of Using Vibrating Screens?

What are the Benefits of Using Vibrating Screens?

A vibrating screen, and its unique design features, offer many essential benefits over other material processing equipment.

Advanced Processing And Quality Material

One of the great benefits of using a vibrating screen is that it enables advanced processing for many mining materials, including iron ore, and aggregates.

Multico’s vibrating screens can remove oversized particles from fines for easier recovery of products. This is especially useful when overseeing a material that needs smaller size separation. This process also helps improve the overall quality of the retrieved products.

They are also equipped to meet the fineness requirements for these materials, as they can generate varying levels of force needed to properly separate different-sized particles.

This allows our vibrating screens to effectively sort ore and other mining material, and meet several commercial sizes for aggregates (including G1, ¾, 3/8 and S1).

Low Maintenance And Downtime

Vibrating screens require less maintenance and downtime, unlike other types of screens that experience more tear and wear on their parts from the operation. This means using this equipment helps you avoid major losses in both profit and productivity. And to add, vibrating screens also help reduce the risk of damage to other equipment, as they only deliver vibrating forces to the screening surface — avoiding affecting the other parts of the machine.

High Screening Efficiency

Although there is a wide selection of screening available on the market, Multico’s vibrating screen offers the best choice for an operation that requires a simple solution that can handle a higher feed flow. It functions efficiently with a consistently higher flow rate.

Lower Operational Costs

A vibrating screen is widely known for its robust and advanced design. At the same time, their operation is relatively simple, which means they can be purchased for less, resulting in lower upfront investment. Furthermore, since its operation isn’t complicated or intensive, they need less maintenance, further lowering the costs of owning and using this piece of equipment.

How To Choose The Best Vibrating Screen?

How To Choose The Best Vibrating Screen?

Because there are several types of vibrating screens, it’s reasonable to choose the best vibrating screen to effectively improve productivity and maximize the benefits.

Material Properties

The first characteristic that should be taken into account choosing the best vibrating screen is its material properties such as the material particles under the screen, its moisture, shape, and gravity of the material.

Structure Of Vibrating Screen

When purchasing a vibrating screen, don’t forget to check its structure from its screen areas, layer numbers, size, shape, and area ratio, as well as the vibration frequency, motion mode, and amplitude.

Screening Purpose

The screening purpose is important when using a vibrating screen. If it’s for pre-screen materials, you need to choose the circular vibrating screen, and so on. It helps you to select the right and best vibrating screen based on screening purpose requirements.

Process Requirements

One of the first questions that you need to find an answer to when picking a vibrating screen is: what are the process requirements needed for production? When you answer this, you’ll figure out the screening efficiency, screening method, and tilt angle that you’re looking for in a vibrating screen.

Professional Vibrating Screen Manufacturer

TA professional vibrating screen manufacturer can provide you with affordable, competitive, and advanced vibrating screens based on your project needs. Here at Multico, you have everything you need with a vibrating screen with our timely after-sales service, and spare parts to provide you with efficient and effective services.

What Vibrating Screens Can You Get from Multico?

What Vibrating Screens Can You Get from Multico?

Multico is an authorized distributor of Rubble Master vibrating screens in the Philippines. We supply our clients with the brand’s mobile crushing and screening solutions. Their products have an emphasis on maneuverability, transportability, user-friendliness, and safety for various industries.

Scalper Series

The Scalper Series comprises robust and high-performing equipment that can handle challenging conditions, including heavy rocks and bulky construction materials. It can be used for natural stone, soil, waste asphalt, woodchip mixtures, and C&D waste material. 

Their versatility and high output minimize the need for material handling and deliver superior outcomes.

Scalper Series

Wide Access Compartment Doors

This provides operators with easy access to the engine and hydraulics of the vibrating screen.

Fed Hopper

The Scalper Siers has a large feed hopper that features a heavy-duty multi-ply belt. It has an adjustable speed to ensure smooth material flow onto the screen box.

Screen Docks

There are many combinations and configurations that can be done for top and bottom decks in the Scalper series, depending on its application. This can be a punch plate, finger deck, square and elongated meshes.

Medium and Fine Material Belts

The material bets on the Scalper Series vibrating screens have adjustable speeds and top folding.

High Power Screen Box

The screen box has an adjustable angle with an amplitude of up to 10 mm. This helps the screen achieve a highly accurate material split.

Wide Chutes and Discharge Belts

These chutes and belts provide the screen with optimum material flow. It can also provide the screen with a long belt life thanks to its adjustable belt speeds.

Hardox Apron

An optional feature of the Scalper series is its Hardox Apron. This allows it to be used for difficult and heavy-duty materials in a robust construction.

screen surface
2,743 x 1,220 mm 3,660 x 1,420 mm 4,880 x 1,525 mm 6,100 x 1,830 mm
Feed hopper, volume 5 m3 6 m3 8.7 m3 8.7 m3
Oversize material discharge belt, belt width 1,050 mm 1,200 mm 1,600 mm 1,600 mm
Weight, basic machine 16,500 kg 24,500 kg 33,000 kg 39,000 kg

Sizing Series

Sizing Series

The Sizing Series screens are ideal for operators who need large quantities of top-quality aggregate material. It can be used for natural stone mixtures, waste asphalt, C&D waste materials, and broken glass waste. They feature a distinctive screen box design that provides exceptional screen box dynamics. By including a fourth product conveyor, these screens can generate up to five different material grades.

Wedge Clamping System

This allows operators to readily change the screen easily.

Heavy-Duty VIbrating Tipping Grid

The MSC series has a double deck vibrating grid that is used for active screening of feed material before its feed hopper.

Wide Access Engine Compartment Doors

Operators have easy access to the engine and hydraulics thanks to these doors, making services and maintenance easy.

Fourth Conveyer for 3D Machines

This conveyor belt is wider, making it efficient for material flow.

Wide Chutes and Discharge Belts

The chutes and bridges on the MSC series are wide, allowing optimum material flow thanks to its adjustable speeds.

Optional Hopper Door

This allows the controlled adjustable material flow from the screen’s hopper to the main conveyor.

Rinser Option

When using wet products and aggregates, the rinser option increases product quality.

Screen Decks

There are many combinations and configurations that operators can use for the top and bottom decks of the screen. This includes square and elongated meshes as well as harp screens.

Adjustable Screenbox Inclination and Feed Conveyor Height

This makes it easier for operators to access the screen box when changing screens. It also optimizes capacities through its numerous settings.

High Power Screenbox

The screen box of the MSC series has an adjustable incline that achieves exceptional results with an amplitude of up to 10 mm.

9.2m3 hopper, wide loading area

This hopper enables the screen to be used with wider loading buckets.

screen surface
3,660 x 1,525 mm 4,265 x 1,525 mm 5,485 x 1,525 mm 5,485 x 1,525 mm 6,700 x 1,525 mm 6,700 x 1,525 mm
Feed hopper, volume 9.2 m3 9.2 m3 9.2 m3 9.2 m3 9.2 m3 9.2 m3
Oversize material discharge belt, belt width 1,200 mm 1,200 mm 1,200 mm 1,200 mm 1,200 mm 1,200 mm
Weight, basic machine 26,800 kg 32,000 kg 32,000 kg 34,500 kg 33,000 kg 35,500 kg

RM CS Series

The RM CS Series screens are designed to be compatible with Rubble Master’s mobile crushers. Each vibrating screen size is optimized for processing grain from recycling, natural rock, and round grain to standardized measures.

RM CS Series

Portable Quarry

This feature makes the CS vibrating screen series versatile to produce high-quality aggregates.

Fast Set-Up Times

These screens can be quickly transported and set up within minutes.

Suits Your Needs

The CS series has a wide range of uses from sorting recycling to building materials to natural rock.

Crusher Plug-In

The CS series comes with a crusher attachment, saving energy due to the screener being powered by the crusher.

Small Footprint

Its compact design allows the CS series to be set up in small spaces.

Compact Design

The CS series is lightweight, compact, and mobile, making it easy for transport on almost any job site using a hook-lift truck.

Large Screen Media Range

The CS series offers a wide selection of screen decks. This allows operators to optimize their screening process and achieve the right grade aggregate.

Advanced Technology

The self-cleaning screen dek option allows the SC series to have excellent screening accuracy even at maximum throughput.

RM CS SERIES RM CS2500 1D/2D RM CS3600 2D RM CS4800 2D
Screen mesh size 2,500 x 1,000 mm 3,000 x 1,200 mm 3,500 x 1,300 mm
Screenbox, angle 8° - 15° 8° - 15° 7.5° - 13.5°
Fines discharge belt, conveyor length 9,600 mm 8,760 mm 9,155 mm
Transport Weight 4 t (4,7 t) 6.3 t 7 t
Stacker Series

Stacker Series

Rubble Master’s Tracked Mobile Stackers are simple to install conveyors with minimal operating expenses. Utilizing these conveyors reduces material handling on-site, leading to increased profit margins.

Engine power 42 kW 49 kW
Feed hopper, volume 1.3 m3 1.4 m3
Conveyor belt width 1,000 mm 1,200 mm
Weight 13,000 kg 15,020 kg

What Makes Multico the Best Vibrating Screen Distributor?

What Makes Multico the Best Vibrating Screen Distributor?

Multico — the trusted partner for many companies in need of heavy-duty machinery — is the best vibrating screen distributor because we only work with the best in the industry: Rubble Master. Known for their durability, versatility, and high performance, these screens can be used in even the most demanding applications.

Adding onto our strategic partnerships are our competitive advantages as a supplier in the Philippines:

Excellent Equipment Distribution

Excellent Equipment Distribution

Multico is one of the leading vibrating screen providers due to our excellent supply chain and logistics management, which allows us to guarantee quick and reliable equipment distribution to our clients. We currently sell vibrating screens in Pampanga, Tarlac, Nueva Ecija, Zambales, and Bicol.

Trust And Integrity

Trust And Integrity

Multico is a trusted equipment specialist in Asia, and we work with some of the best equipment manufacturers in the region. This has made us one of the most in-demand and first-choice distributors for those in the industrial and construction industries. We continue to uphold our integrity as the top one-stop shop for heavy-duty equipment for our clients.

Excellent Service

Excellent Service

With the surge of construction and infrastructure projects in the Philippines, Multico continues to offer excellent service to our clients. Our relationship with you doesn’t end the moment we deliver your equipment — we also offer several services to ensure the equipment we provide performs impressively for its entire lifetime.

Get the Best Vibrating Screens in the Philippines from Multico!

When looking for a high-quality and affordable vibrating screen in the Philippines, it’s best to get one from Multico! Developed with the most demanding yet effective applications and materials, our vibrating screens ensure swift operation productivity, low maintenance, and efficiency. Learn more about the vibrating screens from Multico by sending us a message today!