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BBA Pumps


BBA Pumps

Introducing the BA series

The BA series BBA pumps boast world-class performance and have been designed to be used even in the most demanding of tasks. The BA range offers maximum performance at the lowest possible running costs using its high-efficiency pump-ends along with its sophisticated diesel engine technology.

The BA series is not just a pump, but a complete concept that offers:

  • Versatility in any application
  • Environmentally-friendly products
  • Modular builds with interchangeable parts
  • Lowest ownership costs
  • Durable and reliable technology

Providing the Market with High-Quality Products for Over 60 Years

For over 60 years, BBA pumps have been operating as a dedicated supplier of high-quality pumps and related equipment. Because they are a Dutch company, BBA products are designed to work and keep your feet dry no matter what. They have been supplying pumping solutions to the pump rental, dewatering, and construction markets throughout the world for over half a century.

Ranging from an off-the-shelf pumping solution to a custom designed dewatering or fluid management system, BBA Pumps can provide you with anything you need to meet your exact specifications.

Sustainability is Key

BBA pumps continue to explore new ways to reduce their impact on their surroundings because they know that the environment should be a top priority. Besides offering the lowest cost of ownership, the BA series is also an environmentally responsible choice on multiple levels such as:

  • Emissions that follow the US EPA and EU stage tier regulation.
  • Priming system that is 100% oil-spill free.
  • Hot-dip galvanized canopy that is corrosion free.
  • A fully self-contained unit that features a fluid containment system and a double wall fuel containment tank which eliminates fuel and oil spills at all times.
  • Composite door panels and powder coated plating that is corrosion free.
  • High-efficiency pumps that minimize fuel consumption.

Features of BBA Pumps

The MP50 vacuum pump is belt-driven, which means that after starting your pump, it starts pumping air from the volute. A vacuum is then built up in the pump casing which causes it to draw water from the suction side as you seal off the non-return valve of the discharge side of the pump.

Pumping then commences when the volute is filled with water. The centrifugal pump builds up the pressure, opening the non-return valve. The reliable float system closes the vacuum pump connection as it is primed which prevents fluids from entering the priming system and/or causing spillages.

  • Efficient Impellers

The BA range has a large selection of high-efficiency impellers available to it. The pumps can be used with abrasive or corrosive fluids because the pumps use high-grade steel.

  • Ease of Inspection

All draining points, oil glasses, and filler plugs can be easily accessed because they are conveniently located on one side of the pump.

  • Pressure Relief Chamber and Oil Chamber

BA pumps allow dry snoring or running because the large oil chamber offers optimal seal cooling. Fluids are then prevented from entering the bearing block at all times thanks to the pressure relief chamber.

  • Non-Return Valve

BBA pumps make use of Swing Flex non-return valves, which feature a Buna-N flap in a cast iron housing. Enjoy reliable priming and re-priming thanks to this maintenance-free valve that creates a perfect seal of the discharge port.

  • Reliable Vacuum Pumps

BBA pumps are equipped with an MP series diaphragm pump that is water resistant, air-cooled, and 100% oil-spill free. It can offer air handling capacities from 50 cubic meters per hour to 100 cubic meters per hour.

  • Large Inspection Covers

You can easily access important areas such as the impeller, non-return valve, and the float box thanks to its large inspection covers.

  • Adjustable Wear Plate

You can ensure maximum efficiency from your BBA pumps because its wear plate can be adjusted without disassembling the pump-end.

  • Interchangeable Parts

Lower your stock keeping costs and facility maintenance with the modular design of BBA pumps.

  • Electric Drive Models

High-quality electric motors that originate from the Netherlands provide power to these pumps. A stackable frame or canopy which is galvanized features forklift pockets and a central lifting point for easy maneuverability.

  • BBA E-lift system

The diesel engine and the pump can be quickly removed from the canopy by removing the roof panel which allows quick servicing and easy cleaning of the pump.

  • Custom Trailer

BBA pumps have developed a custom-built, road legal trailer for all four-inch and six-inch pump units.

If you are in need of pumping solutions in your construction sites or any other place applicable, consider purchasing BBA Pumps from Multico Prime Power Inc. BBA pumps offers their customers the lowest cost of ownership, sustainability, and partnership by building the best portable pump solutions in the world.

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