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One of the most common pieces of equipment on a construction site is a wheel loader. These are important to have especially for material handling and transportation. It increases efficiency and productivity compared to having workers manually move pieces of equipment. 

What is a Wheel Loader?

What is a Wheel Loader?

A wheel loader is another type of heavy equipment that is commonly seen in various building sites and construction projects. It comes in various sizes, but even its smaller sizes are still able to accommodate big loads. 

This piece of equipment has an arm that is used to lift and lower the bucket of the wheel loader. However, you can also change the attachments of the machine depending on the kind of project it’s used for. 

Uses of a Wheel Loader

Uses of a Wheel Loader

On a construction site, a wheel loader is not limited to just accomplishing one kind of task. It can be used for many other things that have to do with heavy loads and lifting. 

Carrying Materials

This is one of the most common uses of the vehicle. On various building sites, it’s essential to carry materials to and from different locations. Using a loader makes transportation easier since its attachments can hold light and heavy materials. 

This eliminates the need to manually transport materials, making working time more productive and efficient. 


It can also be used to collect items like dirt, rocks, and even larger pieces of equipment. The weight of the load depends on the size of the vehicle’s bucket. If it needs to take on heavier outputs, then the vehicle must have not only a bigger bucket but also a higher horse-powered engine. 


The bucket attachment of a wheel loader can also be used to either dig holes or remove dirt. It makes the vehicle the best choice for lifting dirt off the ground in big amounts instead of having workers manually dig up soil and dirt. 


This form of heavy equipment can also be used to remove materials from the ground like snow, gravel, and soil. It is also safe to use on highways because its wheel will not damage the asphalt or concrete.   

Grading Surfaces

When using an industrial wheel loader, professionals can grade surfaces to appropriate angles for the ground to be leveled. It’s also to use the bucket attachment to grade surfaces to a degree to prevent the ground from getting damaged. 

Different Wheel Loader Attachments

Different Wheel Loader Attachments

A wheel loader can be used to perform different jobs when equipped with the correct attachment.


A bracket allows wheel loaders to attach other attachments easier and faster. Other types of brackets also make it easier to handle blocks. 


This is the most common attachment to this heavy-duty vehicle. It can be purchased in various configurations depending on its purpose.


This wheel loader attachment is used in warehouses, harbors, and handling yards. 

Handling Arms

It’s also possible to attach handling arms to this piece of heavy equipment. This makes it possible to pick up, transport, and handle various objects and equipment. 


Different kinds of grapple attachments make it easier and faster to clear areas. For example, a grapple bucket can help clear trees and bushes faster. On the other hand, a rotating grapple helps improve the loader’s performance when put under rougher conditions. 

Safety Protocols to Follow When Using a Wheel Loader

Safety Protocols to Follow When Using a Wheel Loader

Just like all forms of heavy equipment, there are safety protocols that need to be followed operating a wheel loader. Only operate this heavy-duty vehicle if you’ve received the proper training to avoid accidents on building sites. 

Inspect the Wheel Loader Before and After Riding

Before use, inspect the vehicle and the site around it for any problems or hazards that may get in your way. Construction and building sites usually have inspection checklists to go through. 

The bucket of a wheel loader should also be checked for any signs of tears and cracks around its plates. Signs of breakage can lead to accidents. So once spotted, be sure to replace the attachment immediately. 

Some things to check inside the vehicle are the brakes, lights, control, and gauges. Do not proceed with the operation if any of these are not working properly. 

Once finished, make sure that it is parked in a safe area. Go through the inspection checklist once again to make sure nothing was damaged during the operation itself. 

Warm Up the Wheel Loader

Just like other vehicles, a wheel loader needs to be warmed up. If this is operated while the oil is still cold, it may not lubricate the vehicle well and result in malfunction or damage to the equipment.

Be Mindful of the Load

When you operate a wheel loader, it’s important to note what kinds of materials you will be handling. This helps you determine what kind of bucket and attachments you’ll need to use. You’ll need to be sure that you stay within the bucket’s limits 

While operating the vehicle, make sure that you drive it at a safe speed that is not too fast or too slow. To avoid the load from falling, make sure the operator uses the brakes smoothly. 

Where Can You Get the Best Wheel Loaders?

Where Can You Get the Best Wheel Loaders?

You can get the best wheel loaders from Sinomach! Since its establishment in 2011, it is considered one of the top large-sized equipment manufacturing groups. Their wheel loaders are known for their strong power system, enhanced efficiency, easy operation, and ability to deliver maximum traction under changing terrain conditions.

Multico is an authorized distributor for this brand, and a trusted supplier and partner for heavy-duty equipment in the Philippines! We currently work with several clients across the Philippines, including Cebu, Laguna, Surigao, Negros Oriental, and Davao.

Get the Best Wheel Loaders From Us Here at Multico!

A wheel loader is an important piece of equipment in the construction industry. With the right attachment available, it can perform multiple tasks on the site. Multico is a one-stop shop for various construction equipment including wheel loaders. The wheel loaders we provide are state-of-the-art from Sinomach. To get a quote on our prices, contact us here today!

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