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Rubble Master


The right glass is full with material of a RM impact crusher. It is a cubic shape and can do big size, medium size and fine small sizes.

Rubble Master

Rubble Master can offer you a wide range of high-quality and top performance screening and crushing solutions that are mobile. The Rubble Master can be used in different kinds of applications such as demolition, recycling, mining quarrying, and other contracting uses.

The all-mobile equipment of Rubble Master meets the highest specifications that the different industries demand. For both versatility and mobility—either on-site or on-road—Rubble Master provides the right solution.

Ease of use, safe operations, and maneuverability are the main concerns of any work site in the world, which is why these, too, are the main concerns of Rubble Master.

Increase Your Profits with Rubble Master Compact Crusher

The Rubble Master Compact Crusher can help improve the overall profit structure of your contracting company. No longer will you have to outsource or hire an outside company to haul your waste.

You can reduce the costs of your company by getting rid of the trucking, dumping, and the purchase expenses of new aggregate. The savings you get from the Rubble Master crusher can even contribute to your profits, essentially turning your site’s waste into money!

The Rubble Master Compact Crusher can Meet Your Changing Demands

Because the Rubble Master Compact Crushers are simple and easy to move around and transport, your costs of operation are further reduced. The Rubble Master Compact Crusher is extremely flexible which is why it is able to meet the constantly changing demands of your project site.

Thanks to the very low operating costs of the Rubble Master Compact Crusher, as well as the RM GO! Principle, you can still make a generous profit even with a small amount of debris generated from construction.

Operate the Rubble Master Compact Crusher in Any Environment

Rubble Master can make sure that you get the most out of your investment with the compact crusher. The compact crusher can be used in almost any environment and can crush debris in pits and quarries.

You can rest easy knowing that you will not run out of power or fuel thanks to the highly fuel-efficient diesel over the electric-drive concept of the Rubble Master Compact Crusher.

The Rubble Master RM 60: Versatility and Power

The RM 60 is a well-built, simple, and easy to operate machine that improves overall productivity in a project site. It provides an outstanding way to crush your concrete and asphalt waste with its very low operating cost. Rubble Master ensures that even your waste turns into a high-quality product.

The Rubble Master RM 60 has proven to contractors in different job sites all over the world that good things do indeed come in small packages. The RM 60 has shown time and time again that it is one of the few pieces equipment you can own in a construction site right now that will provide you the most profit. This is because the RM 60 can help save you money from buying materials and other equipment.

The RM 60 is a solution that has been proven for different kinds of specialized applications because of its compact form and versatility. The low feed height and ease of use of the RM 60 gives you the option to use a variety of smaller-sized loading equipment.

You no longer have to worry about blockages in your RM 60 crusher thanks to a built-in debris release system. Save costs and reduce your fuel usage with its fuel-efficient engine and diesel-electric drive concept that keeps the fuel consumption of the RM 60 to a minimum.

Higher Quality Grains for Higher Profits with Rubble Master Screeners

The screens made by Rubble Master are the most compact of its class when it comes to mobile processing. This specialized equipment can be moved or transported easily without the need for special permits. The Rubble Master screens are very versatile and are built to match the high performance of the range of Rubble Master crushers.

The Rubble Master screens can help with the production of high-quality, recycled primary, and secondary building materials. The screens can do this on-site in a cost-effective manner from the debris that is naturally created from the construction process. The screens from Rubble Master can generate a considerable amount of consequent savings in costs for tolls, transport, and depot fees.

In addition to these, the screens can also further reduce the cost of purchasing new materials which can be a decisive competitive advantage. The screens can help you grade the cubic final grain to your desired classification which will earn you the highest profit.

The solid quality manufacturing process involved in the making of the screens of Rubble Master, as well as the durable components used and the materials that are resistant to wear, makes sure that your job sees maximum efficiency and profit.

Rubble Master also offers a lifetime support for all of their customers. They make sure to take care of their customers throughout the entire service life of every machine they offer.


The right glass is full with material of a RM impact crusher. It is a cubic shape and can do big size, medium size and fine small sizes.