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The right glass is full with material of a Rockster impact crusher. It is a cubic shape and can do big size, medium size and fine small sizes.

Rockster Crusher and Mobile Screening in the Philippines

Multico, the leading distributor of Rockster in the Philippines, presents to you Rockster, your reliable partner for all mobile screening and crushing demands. Famed for it’s high-quality, top-tier equipment, Rockster offers various solutions for applications such as demolition, recycling, mining, quarrying, and contracting uses, focusing on the hitgh-performing Rockster crusher.

Rockster Mobile Crushers

Revolutionize your profit structure with our game-changing Rockster Mobile Crushers. Abandon the need to outsource waste hauling, saving costs on trucking, dumping, and new aggregate purchases. Transform your site waste into a valuable asset with our Rockster crusher, contributing directly to profit increase.

Versatility and Mobility, Only from Rockster

The entire range of Rockster’s mobile equipment, chiefly the versatile Rockster crusher, meets the rigid industry specifications, ensuring both versatility and mobility on-site or on-road. Multico understands that ease of use, safe operations, and maneuverability are critical on any work site; hence, our Rockster crusher embodies these priorities.

Adaptability to Your Evolving Needs

Rockster Mobile Crushers, supplied by Multico, offer simplicity and easy transportation, appreciably reducing your operational costs. Their adaptability enables them to harmonize with ever-evolving project site demands. Even at low operating costs, count on substantial profits with the Rockster crusher, even when managing minimal construction debris.

Smooth Operations Anywhere, Anytime

Multico guarantees you get optimal value from your investment with our compact crushers, thanks to the Rockster crusher. Their flexibility ensures usage in diverse environments, including pits and quarries. Paired with our fuel-efficient machines, enjoy continuous operations with notable fuel savings.

Rockster R700S: The Embodiment of Versatility and Power

The Rockster R700S, a pivotal offering from Multico, is a robust and easy-to-operate machine that heightens your productivity. Efficiently crush concrete and asphalt waste leveraging its low operating costs. With the Rockster crusher, your waste transforms into a high-quality product. Contractors worldwide acknowledge the R700S as profit-amplifying, saving significant money on material and equipment procurement.

Rockster Mobile Screens

Benefit from the most compact screens in mobile processing brought to you by Rockster, distributed by Multico in the Philippines. Rockster Mobile Screens offer unparalleled mobility, eliminating the need for special permits. Perfectly married with high-performance Rockster crushers, our screens help produce top-quality, recycled primary, and secondary building materials on-site. This leads to significant cost savings on tolls, transport, and depot fees, and reduces the need for buying new materials, giving you a clear competitive advantage. With Rockster Mobile Screens, you can grade your final grain to the desired classification and boost your profits.

Durability and Lifetime Support

Rockster’s dedication to robust quality manufacturing and durable components promises optimum efficiency and profit for your operations. Rockster Mobile Screens are designed to resist wear and boast notable longevity, providing peace of mind throughout their entire service life. Investing in Rockster equips you with not just top-tier machines like the Rockster crusher and mobile screens but also a lifetime partner committed to your success.

Get your Rockster Crusher and Mobile Screens Today

Get your Rockster Crusher and Mobile Screens today and experience the transformation in mobile screening and crushing solutions. Multico Philippines provides ongoing support throughout the entire service life of our Rockster range, ensuring you are always taken care of.
Take your operations to a whole new level with Rockster – your rock-solid partner for success. Contact Multico, the leading distributor of Rockster in the Philippines, to learn more about the Rockster Crusher and Rockster Mobile Screens and revolutionize your screening and crushing needs today!

The right glass is full with material of a Rockster impact crusher. It is a cubic shape and can do big size, medium size and fine small sizes.