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Alimak Construction Hoist

Alimak Construction Hoist

Alimak’s Construction Hoists are pioneering and reliable vertical access solutions utilized widely in the construction industry. With a rich history exceeding 70 years, Alimak consistently integrates technological advancements to enhance sustainability, efficiency, and productivity across construction industries worldwide.

Alimak offers a diverse range of construction hoists. Each product, featuring various car sizes, payload capacities, lifting heights, and speeds, is tailored to facilitate efficient vertical transportation of passengers, goods, and materials in construction sites. Intelligent features and robust modular designs are key hallmarks of Alimak’s construction hoists, significantly enhancing site safety and providing an effective vertical transport solution.

Featured products include the Alimak Mammoth, known for its immense loading capacity, the flexible and energy-efficient Alimak SC series, and the popular Alimak Scando 650 series notable for its optimal payload, speeds, and adaptability. Other offerings include the Alimak Scando 650 XL, designed for rapid transport of large loads, and the Alimak LSH, ideal when outside space is limited or when additional vertical transport capacity is needed. The eco-friendly Alimak Scando 650a emphasizes enhanced safety and productivity with low energy consumption.

Alimak’s construction hoists stand out for their reliability, high performance, modular design, and a comfortable user experience. This proves vital in a range of applications including high-rise and low-rise building projects, maintenance, and renovation tasks. With an Alimak construction hoist, construction firms can ensure the smooth, safe, and efficient vertical movement of personnel and materials, ultimately driving productivity and operation success.

Alimak’s Construction Hoist Products

Alimak introduces a variety of construction hoist products, each tailored to meet distinctive vertical access needs in the construction industry. The products are an amalgamation of Alimak’s advanced technology with a focus on sustainability, productivity, and safety, ensuring they consistently deliver exceptional performance and reliability.

  • Alimak Mammoth

Known for supporting the transportation of wide and bulky loads with a capacity of 4,000–5,500 kg, truly living up to its name.

  • Alimak SC

This range is marked by its flexibility and energy efficiency, boasting a capacity of up to 2,000 kg and optimizing productivity on construction sites.

  • Alimak Scando 450

This hoist is ideal for its efficiency, flexibility, and low energy consumption, with capacities ranging between 600–2,000 kg.

  • Alimak Scando 650

The world’s most popular construction hoist, offering an optimal payload, speed, and car sizes for diverse construction projects with a capacity of 1,500–3,500 kg.

  • Alimak Scando 650 XL

Built for rapid and reliable transport of loads up to 3,000 kg, ensuring efficiency in large-scale construction projects.

  • Alimak LSH

Ideal for transporting workers when outside space is restricted or additional capacity is required, offering a strong capacity load of 2,000 kg.

  • Alimak Scando 650a

This model is one of the most sustainable construction hoists with low energy consumption, designed to enhance safety and productivity, featuring a capacity of 3,000 kg.

Each of Alimak’s construction hoists is designed to meet varying building project needs, ensuring high performance, cost-efficiency, and the ultimate user experience. Click here to know more about their products!

Why Choose Alimak Construction Hoists?

Robust and Reliable

Alimak Hoists are built with advanced technology and undergo strict quality control to ensure they withstand the rigors of demanding construction environments.


They provide smooth and efficient vertical transportation of passengers and materials, reducing the time and effort involved in moving between different levels of a construction site.

Modular Design

The flexible and adjustable design matches specific project needs, ensuring easy and efficient assembly, modification, or disassembly.


Models like the Scando 650a focus on energy efficiency, leading to lower operational costs and minimal environmental impact.


Equipped with various safety features, Alimak’s hoists offer the assurance of a safer working environment at construction sites.

Higher Productivity

By facilitating fast and reliable transportation of workers and materials, Alimak hoists tremendously boost productivity, helping to keep projects on schedule.

Space Efficient

Alimak Hoists, such as the LSH series, are designed to work effectively even in situations with limited external space.

Overall, Alimak Construction Hoists provide significant advantages that enhance the effectiveness and safety of construction operations.

Multico: Leading Supplier of Alimak Construction Hoists

With a promise of superior quality inherent in Alimak’s construction hoists, and Multico as the official supplier, it’s impossible to settle for less. Jointly, Multico and Alimak are committed to delivering the best-in-class solutions for vertical transportation in construction sites and industrial applications.

Multico stands as your comprehensive platform that caters to a range of requirements – from generator sets, air compressors, heavy equipment to industry-leading vertical transport solutions like Alimak Construction Hoists. They cater to a broad spectrum of industries, ensuring optimized functionality and safety in load handling. 

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Alimak Construction Hoist