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Bishamon BS Series Blue Label Pallet

The Bishamon Blue Label Pallet Truck is professionally designed and manufactured to easily move palletized loads. With state-of-the-art and advanced manufacturing techniques, Bishamon’s Series Pallet Trucks outlasts other models and promises incomparable quality. The trucks are a phenomenon in the market because it boasts of efficient durability and constant functionality.

Customers can avail of the Blue Label Pallet Trucks in its three capacities: two fork widths, four fork lengths, and two fork heights. With its heavy-duty model, the capacity can go up to 6,500 lbs while the low-profile model has a decreased fork height to 2 inches. Blue Label Pallet Trucks are perfect for warehouses, factories, stockrooms, supermarkets, workshops, cold-rooms, and freezers which is a true testament that it is a perfect addition to your business industry. It can even be a superstar in the logistics department like loading docks and inside trucks.

With the Bishamon Blue Label Pallet Truck, you can meet the primary standard for quality, durability, and ease of use. On top of that, it has unparalleled capacity, easy mobility, and the strength to withstand heavy-duty workloads that can deliver long-term benefits for you. Check out this nifty equipment that you would need at the helm of your commercial and personal purposes.

New Innovative Combined with Standard Reliability

The best thing about the modern equipment is that you can get the best features cut out for you. With Bishamon’s uses and the benefits it will give you are astounding. Handling the Bishamon is as comfortable as ever with its efficient molded grip handle which will provide you with a strong grip and an easy handling.

It also has a 3-position fingertip control and a 3-position control lever that will provide you with easy fingertip control of a complete hydraulic system. Its easy mobility can give you the best ease of use for the equipment. Its standard features like the polyurethane wheels and environmentally friendly lead-free paint are what has made the Bishamon establish its name in the industry and paired with new innovative features, it makes the equipment even better than before.

It comes with polyurethane wheels, which can contribute to its ease of use and aluminum hub steer wheels for that standard mobility when carrying a load. Bishamon is also a sustainable equipment since it is coated with lead-free paint, an environmentally friendly alternative for other paint options. It also comes with optional features such as bogie wheels; Bogie wheels are standard with the model BM30. Its parking brake can help you manage the pallet truck with ease after use and you would not have to worry about it straying about.

Advantages of using Bishamon Pallet Truck

Increased Efficiency

In the 1930s, workers spend almost 72 hours to unpack a boxcar. Now, with equipment such as the Bishamon pallet truck, this can be done in less than 4 hours sometimes even quicker. In warehouses or factories, the simple tasks of lifting and organizing goods consume a lot of time, however, thanks to a high-quality pallet truck like Bishamon, factory workers can transfer loads of various sizes. The load handling capabilities of Bishamon are astounding which is why loads are efficiently moved and organized with no account for the time lost.

Ease of Handling

A high lift pallet truck such as Bishamon can lift goods to a certain height to exhibit ease of handling. Also, goods can be effortlessly stored in a warehouse on high shelves. This eliminates the need for manual labor to take care of this task. This makes the Bishamon extremely helpful loading goods in a high shelf, truck, or a van with much ease and less labor.

Bishamon has a strong powerful thrust bearing that makes for easier steering and enhanced durability. With its lowering control valves, you can ensure a smooth, controlled lowering action.

Worker Safety

It is a known advantage of pallet trucks that they keep workers safe from injuries. Statistics have shown that most workplace injuries are caused by handling heavy loads which can be avoided with the use of a pallet truck. The right sized truck with the great capacity to safely move goods is the solution to this problem. If you are not yet convinced that pallet trucks are extremely safe enough, you should see that they come equipped with built-in safety features that are guaranteed to leave no room for injuries ever again.

The Bishamon can be easily operated by anyone, very easy to pull, and it requires minimum maintenance. It also performs in a silent operation which is convenient to alleviate the noise pollution in the building.

Multico and Bishamon: Hand in Hand in Progress

The Bishamon ensures a high-quality equipment characteristic and with Multico as their official partner, you can never go wrong in owning one. Both Multico and Bishamon aims to provide their customers with the best solutions for load handling and factory operations.

Multico is your one-stop-shop that supplies generator sets, air compressors, air treatment, heavy equipment, and material handling equipment like the Bishamon to support various applications for all types of industry.

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Brochure Bishamon