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Improved Cement Production with Multico and Rockster Crusher

When it comes to cement production in the Philippines, there is currently a high demand for aggregates. The surge of infrastructure projects and aggregate mining requires various equipment such as mobile crushers. Multico Prime Power Inc. supplies the Rockster, an effective crusher that can impressively meet industry demands. The Rockster R1100S has a total weight of 34 tons with a power output of up to 400 tons per hour. It can crush all kinds of materials such as concrete, asphalt, and aggregates. The compact form of the Rockster R1100S makes it easy for you to transport and set up the equipment so you can save more time when dealing with these materials. It is a machine that uses a diesel drive on its hydrostatic system which promises high fuel efficiency, high torque, and smoother power delivery to its crushing rotor.

The most ideal partner for the Rockster R1100S is the Rockster RTS520 Screen. The Rockster RTS520 produces various grain sizes for stone and natural rock materials. It has a screening capacity of up to 350 tons per hour, allowing you to do more with less time. It promises 100% screening quality at maximum capacity. With very low maintenance attributes due to its pre-installed self-cleaning decks, you are assured that nothing will get caught on the screen.

Since 2023, Multico Prime Power Inc. has been the exclusive distributor of Rockster. Mining is easier with Rockster because of its heavy-duty capabilities and world-class performance. The powerful combination of R1100S and RTS520 can optimize your aggregate mining production both effectively and efficiently.

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