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What is a Hand Pallet Truck? 4 Things You Need to Know

What are the things that you need to know about a hand pallet truck?

  1. There are various types of hand pallet trucks
  2. They offer plenty of benefits to different industries
  3. They are easy to use
  4. They require low maintenance

A hand pallet truck, also known as a pallet jack or pump truck, is a specifically designed trolley used for transporting and lifting pallets. It is often found in stockrooms, warehouses, and construction sites. There’s no doubt that this is one of the most essential material handling equipment that every facility should have. However, there are other things that you need to know about this equipment.

This blog post will discuss what a hand pallet truck is, its types, benefits, and more. Keep on reading!

There are Various Types of Hand Pallet Trucks

There are Various Types of Hand Pallet Trucks

There are different types of pallet trucks in the Philippines, such as manual hand pallet trucks, electric pallet trucks, and compact pallet trucks. Each is designed to suit the requirements of various industries that need material handling solutions.

Manual Hand Pallet Truck

When using a manual pallet jack, workers need to pull these trolleys themselves. These also have levers that workers toggle to put a pallet on the truck. Since they are hand-operated, operators don’t need a special license to use this. They are available in a wide variety of lift capacities and fork lengths, which is why they’re a cost-effective option for small to medium-scale businesses.

Electric Pallet Truck

An electric pallet truck is a motorized tool that is also used to move and lift materials. These usually have controls that allow operators use to load pallets onto the truck. They can also control the prongs of the pallet jack with the controls. Depending on the model, these can also have ride-on feature that makes transportation faster.

Compact Pallet Truck

A compact pallet truck is a pedestrian-powered pallet truck that functions effectively in confined or congested spaces. They are known for being a great type of pallet truck due to their capability of internal transportation, a process of transporting raw materials, or products inside an industrial plant, over short distances. Similar to manual pallet trucks, they’re suitable for small to medium-scale warehouses.

They Offer Plenty of Benefits to Different Industries

Hand pallet trucks offer a handful of benefits to various industries. That’s why they are commonly seen in small to medium warehouses. They’re the perfect machine to use for lifting, pushing, pulling, and moving the pallets in their designated area.

First, they make the operator’s workload easier due to their user-friendly and simple controls. Operators can worry less about complicated knobs and gears when using this material handling solution. preventing the operator from worrying about how to maneuver this equipment.

Second, pallet trucks can move at high speeds despite their size. This makes them capable of moving across huge distances quickly as possible without encountering any problems. Although they are typically used in smaller and medium warehouses, they can also be used in large ones – thanks to their speed and efficiency.

Third, using pallet trucks can help you hit your sustainability goals, especially when using electrically powered machines, reducing their carbon footprint when used. This is essential, especially if you prefer using eco-friendly material handling equipment.

They are Easy to Use

They are Easy to Use

Pallet trucks are easy to use, so if you’re thinking about investing in one but are wondering how to use it, take a look at the step-by-step instructions below.

  • Before using a pallet truck, it’s important to familiarize yourself with its different parts, including the forks, handles, brakes, and wheels.
  • After checking its various parts, it’s time to check the condition of the pallet truck. Make sure they’re in a good condition, especially the wheels, forks, and brakes. Do not use them if you notice any issues.
  • If the pallet truck is in good condition, you may position it next to the pallet you want to move. Don’t forget to line up the forks of the truck with the pallet for easier transporting or lifting.
  • Once you make sure the forks are in the right position, use the handles to move the pallet truck forward or backward, depending on the direction you want to transport or move the pallet.
  • After moving the pallet, use the handle again to lower the pallet truck’s forks.
  • Make sure the pallet is securely in place on the forks of the pallet truck before transporting or moving it further.
  • Gently use the brake of the pallet truck when you want to stop it from moving.

They Require Low Maintenance

Lastly, hand pallet trucks are very low maintenance because of their simple design. On top of that, they don’t have an engine or complex hydraulics to maintain.

All you need to do is to make sure that their mechanical parts, including wheels, bearings, and lift cylinders are in good shape by checking them regularly before and after using the pallet truck.

Key Takeaway

By understanding what a hand pallet truck is along with its types, benefits, and more, you have now a better insight into how to maximize its uses and capabilities. This will allow you to enjoy the productivity and efficiency it brings to your operations.

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