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Warehouse Material Handling Essentials

Which material handling equipment should you have for your warehouse?

  1. Hand trucks
  2. Forklifts
  3. Pallet Jacks
  4. Industrial shelving



The movement of materials from one place to another is at the core of every warehouse operation. And although it seems like a simple task, maneuvering materials can be a challenge, especially for those who aren’t prepared for it. Manual material handling methods are still acceptable; however, they will oftentimes result in physical fatigue. In the Philippines, forklifts and other material handling equipment are the standards for basic warehouse operations. Not only will they multiply the capabilities of workers to carry, lift, push, and pull materials, it will also ensure that you’re safe while doing so!

When it comes to warehouses and storage facilities in general, the use of material handling equipment will dictate the efficiency of the whole operation. Just as how crucial the heavy construction equipment is to every construction site, every material handling equipment is important to the overall success of a warehouse!

Keep in mind that the right warehouse material handling equipment will simplify the processes involved, streamline the operations, and make sure that your employees are safe while doing so. With that being said, listed below are a number of material handling equipment that will optimize your warehouse operations!



Hand Trucks

One of the most essential parts of a functioning warehouse is this cart-like equipment. They’re portability and mobility around the warehouse is matched only with their relatively small and durable frame. They’re also lightweight, making them very versatile! The hand trucks being very portable are the go-to material handling equipment for on-the-go applications. You can bring them to various locations without occupying a lot of space!

Employees would put the items on it and just push them to their destination. It’s a very efficient way of transporting a small number of goods from place to place. The way it’s designed also enables it to easily move unconventionally shaped objects.





Probably the most utilized material handling equipment in many industries, the forklift will always be at the top of the most essential equipment you can have in any warehouse! Ever since the 20th century, the forklift has always been the backbone of warehouse equipment. The size of pallets and the cargo it holds has continued to grow along with the size of the warehouses. With this in mind, forklifts have become more important than ever before! Most of the time, the size and weight of the cargo are not enough for simpler equipment to deal with.

Forklifts in the Philippines are designed to fit into tight aisles of a warehouse. Pair this with its high reach and heavy lift capacities, and you have the ideal material handling for almost every situation!

They also have the benefit of keeping its operator as safe as possible. The latest forklift technology has smart systems that prioritize the safety of the operator as well as the security of the goods it’s carrying. Different variations of forklifts are almost always working alongside heavy construction equipment because of their effectivity in the construction site!

When it comes to material handling equipment, the safer both the employee and the merchandise are, the better it is!



Pallet Jacks

Also known as the hand pallet trucks, these are designed to move pallets in and around a warehouse. It also sees use inside a truck and in loading docks! In a way, these pallet jacks are an alternative to forklifts, particularly to their maneuverability and mobility. Pallet jacks are designed to be very safe to use and easy to operate. Its simple mechanism helps minimize the chances of injuries when you’re lifting or pushing heavy pallets.

Some pallet jacks have the ability to lift the goods it’s carrying with the help of either hydraulics or pneumatic input. However, the process of using this lift feature can be physically demanding, especially for the older versions of the pallet jack that requires the operator to pump the handle to supply fluids to a high-pressure piston.

In essence, the pallet jack is a very good alternative to forklifts if you only aim to move pallets from place to place. That being said, it also requires getting more physical.



Industrial Shelving

Industrial Shelving

Material handling also includes the proper storage of the goods that you transport. That being said, a warehouse is only as effective as it’s storage capacity. And one of the best way to increase the capacity of a warehouse is to make use of industrial shelving. This way, you can maximize not only the floor space but also the vertical space of your warehouse!

You can’t transport goods when there’s no more space to place them on. Maximizing your warehouse’s space will make it easier for you to organize and store more materials within your warehouse!



Key Takeaway

Warehouse operations revolve around the way materials are stored and moved around. You can choose to do things manually, however, that simply means you’re working in a handicapped manner. An optimized warehouse will make use of all their equipment in order to ensure an effective and efficient warehouse operation. The 4 essential equipment mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg for enhancing your warehouse productivity!

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