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Warehouse Improvement with Clark Electric Reach Trucks

How can the Clark Electric Reach Trucks improve warehouse operations?

  1. Electric reach truck features
  2. Maneuverability around the warehouse
  3. Faster material handling


Different kinds of heavy equipment such as crushers and bulldozers are important in many intense and usually heavy-weight projects. However, they’re not designed for smaller jobs in tight spaces. Even highly-acclaimed forklifts can sometimes be outshined by its simpler and smaller cousins, the reach trucks.

There are a ton of ways for you to facilitate improvements in a warehouse’s efficiency and productivity. But if you’re looking for a way to physically improve processes, Clark Electric Reach Trucks are arguably your best choice.

These small machines shouldn’t be underestimated just because of how small they are. In fact, that’s one of their defining factors. The smaller brothers of the forklift—reach trucks are perfect for warehouse operations—especially if it’s a warehouse that is tight in space or is in need of a something smaller than the typical forklift.


Electric Reach Truck Features

Electric Reach Truck Features

Talking about the machine themselves, there are two variations: The Sit-down reach truck and the Stand-up reach truck. both models are battery powered. Aside from their compact size and fairly maneuverable frame, these machines boast a number of features that make them very reliable, ergonomic, powerful, and safe.

Starting with the Sit-down reach truck, it has 3 drive modes depending on what the operations need. It can travel for up to 14 km/h resulting in a relatively fast machine that can skirt its way through the facility. It also has increased lifting speeds which makes it a fast and very efficient machine.

Its operator’s compartment has a low entry height. It’s also equipped with an adjustable and fairly pleasant seat. The steering wheel is placed perfectly at the front. The configuration gives greater control to the operator while also providing a great, almost unobscured view of the mast which helps the job easier.

Other rather “Premium” features of the Sit-Down reach truck include a fork positioner, and auto fork horizontal tilt, an auto side shift fork centering, a height pre-selector, a load weight sensor, a start key with a keypad, and a fork mounted camera.

The Stand-up reach truck, on the other hand, has much of the same characteristics of the sit-down reach truck. That said, instead of a seat, this one is provided with a very spacious area for the operator which makes for a more comfortable and safer environment. It does have a backrest cushion for when operators want to relax for a bit. This very minor, and yet crucial part of the Stand-up reach truck provides optimum customization to suit individual preferences.

With the way the operator’s compartment is designed, frequent on-and-off is made extremely easy. All in all, the whole space of the operator is made to be as ergonomically correct as possible.

Other features include an anti-roll down function, an easy access battery, an LCD monitor, a shorter diameter steering wheel, and high sensitivity levers.


Maneuverability Around the Warehouse

One of the best benefits that you immediately get out of these electric reach trucks is that they are perfect for moving around a warehouse. These are smaller than forklifts. This means they’re easier to bring about around the warehouse, and they can also enter areas which some forklifts can’t. Another important thing to note is that these reach trucks can easily perform maneuvers even within two rows of materials.

Since they’re capped at just around 14kmh, hitting someone or something within the warehouse will result in a less damaging event. That is if you find these machines in accidents (which you would rarely have especially if the operator is well trained).


Faster Material Handling

Faster Material Handling

In warehouses where forklifts can’t be used, it’s a fight between manual material handling and reach trucks such as the ones mentioned above when it comes to warehouse efficiency. That being said, the use of these electric reach trucks is definitely a way better option.

As willing as your workers may be, most of the time, using reach trucks will make their lives easier. Remember, physical material handling will easily tire out even your most built up employees. The use of reach trucks, however, will be incredibly easy. All your employees need is to learn how to operate them and they’re saved from lifting boxes and crates of heavy objects.

Of course, there are cases wherein you can’t use the reach trucks—but those situations are very limited. Maximize your warehouse efficiency by effectively using the tools that you are provided with—in this case, the Electric Reach Trucks.


Key Takeaway

Never underestimate the work it takes to keep a warehouse functional. Just like how crushers are incredibly important and game-changing for quarries, forklifts and reach trucks are vital for warehouses.

Without the proper training and tools, chances are your warehouse will be as chaotic as they can be. Make the most of the tools that you have. Clark Electric Reach Trucks are some of the most effective and efficient machines you can use to optimize your warehouse operations. Experience significant improvements to your warehouse operations.

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