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Why You Should Use Mobile Lighting Towers

Why should you use mobile lighting towers?

  1. Mobile lighting towers are powerful
  2. Mobile lighting towers are easy to adjust
  3. Mobile lighting towers are durable
  4. Mobile lighting towers are environmentally friendly


If you need lighting that you can move from site to site, using mobile lighting towers is the solution to your portable lighting needs. Every construction site needs a good lighting system to help areas remain illuminated and clear to improve worker safety. Mobile lighting towers come in many different designs, sizes, bulbs, and power sources. It’s not hard to find one that fits your project. There are many benefits you can take advantage of when you purchase your own mobile lighting tower. You can find a variety of lighting towers that have their own wheels installed or can be attached to vehicles. As long as you have a power source to use, these mobile lighting towers are for you. Here’s why you should invest in some mobile lighting towers.


Mobile Lighting Towers Are Powerful

When it comes to lighting up your workplace, you need something powerful with a lot of reach with just one unit. It may seem like a better choice to choose multiple towers with weak power and set them up within the area. However, this option is much more expensive to manage. You’re spending a lot of money on units and power consumption. This may not be ideal for your needs especially if you need to stick to a strict budget. It’s important to choose a mobile lighting tower that offers a balance of power and mobility.

Most mobile lighting towers make use of efficient lighting systems, durable parts, shock resistance, weather-resistance, and compact designs. The entire package lets you enjoy efficient storage and transport. For mobile lighting towers with their own power source, you can enjoy a run time of 70 hours with just 100 liters of fuel. This portable lighting solution ensures that areas you’re working with are properly illuminated, even if it’s impossible to use fixed lighting sources there. It’s so versatile that it can even illuminate large scale sites. You can even find models that produce five times more light than conventional light towers while still using the same amount of energy.


Mobile Lighting Towers Are Easy To Adjust


As mentioned in the previous section, mobile lighting towers can be moved around the area easily. Their light can reach far but if you need to spotlight a specific point in your site, all you need to do is move it. Some designs can be attached to your vehicle securely to offer mobile lighting alongside a generator. Or you can simply use the pre-installed wheels to maneuver your mobile lighting tower.

Fixed lighting doesn’t offer the same flexibility as mobile lighting solutions. Choosing mobile lighting will give you more options than your traditional lighting. Since mobile light towers are very portable, it’s very convenient and easy to use. Using a mobile light tower with LED bulbs lets you have illuminating powers of up to 500 watts per unit. You can easily adjust the power and position of your tower to get the perfect angle and illumination. Unlike fixed towers, this gives you the freedom to adjust your components anytime and take them anywhere whenever you need it.


Mobile Lighting Towers Are Durable

Durability in construction sites can save a lot of money in the long run. Instead of constantly replacing parts, investing in quality will let you use your mobile lighting tower for longer. It’s much better to choose portable lighting solutions that use LED bulbs. These bulbs have a lasting power of over 50,000 hours. Incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs, fluorescent bulbs can’t reach this number without a few replacements and repairs. These types of bulbs are not as bright as LED bulbs as well. They’re not as safe as LED bulbs and you need inspections monthly to check the integrity of the bulbs. Choosing LED bulbs ensures that you’re choosing durability. These bulbs don’t break easily due to the lighting tower’s compact design. For outdoor conditions, this is the best choice for a lot of weather conditions.


Mobile Lighting Towers Are Environmentally Friendly

A lot of companies are looking for more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions. More manufacturers are creating solutions that cater to this specific need. Choosing a mobile lighting tower with LED bulbs can help you be environmentally friendly. This type of light tower doesn’t discharge ultraviolet rays which contribute to its sustainability compared to traditional lighting towers. Converting to these bulbs is much better for the environment as they emit lower amounts of carbon.


Key Takeaway

Every construction site needs to know the benefits of using mobile lighting towers. The mobile lighting tower is an efficient lighting solution that can streamline your construction site workflow. It emits strong light without endangering the environment and saves a lot of energy at the same time. Compared to your traditional lighting systems, these lighting towers are easy to maneuver no matter what condition the site is in.

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