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The Most Useful Mobile Crusher Attachments

What are the most useful mobile crusher attachments?

  1. Light mast
  2. Hammer changing device
  3. Hammer holder
  4. Metal detector
  5. Mesh screen


The crusher is an important machine being used in the industrial industry for a number of different purposes. In essence, a crusher breaks down hard materials such as rocks into smaller components that are easier to process, dispose or recycle.

If you are part of an industry that utilizes crushers, then it would be useful for you to know the most useful attachments you can add to your machine that can make your industrial processes, whatever they may be, not only more effective but also more efficient. To help you in that regard here are some of the most useful mobile crusher attachments.


Light mast

To start this list off, the most popular mobile crushers such as the Rubble Master don’t necessarily come equipped with a light mast. This is to say that it is not standard because light masts are most effective when there are no sources of adequate lighting while the machine is in use.

Industrial outdoor processes are usually done during the day. However, there are times when deadlines are short and companies are pressed for time. One way these companies can work around short deadlines is by working at night. Obviously, it is much harder to work at night because it is much darker and this can make industrial processes more hazardous and less effective. This is where a light mast attachment can become effective because light masts are sufficient sources of bright light that enables people to work effectively when the sun goes down.

If you want to get the most out of your crusher, try installing a light mast. This will not only help you work better at night but also your other outdoor industrial processes as the light it can provide has a broad range that other people can make use of as well.


Hammer changing device

Hammer changing device

While mobile crushers are heavy-duty and can withstand the wear and tear of frequent use, there will come a time when its hammer will need replacing. If you aren’t familiar with the structure of a crusher, its hammer is the main component that does the actual crushing. When you are dealing with rock and other hard materials, it is unavoidable that the hammer will chip and break down as well. A worn-out hammer will make your crusher ineffective at doing its only job.

Hammer changing devices are also not standard fixtures for a mobile crusher because replacing its hammer often means bringing it in for other maintenance processes. Thanks to technological advancements, the process of replacing a mobile crusher’s hammer became equally as mobile and accessible.

The hammer changing device comes with a replacement hammer and a lifting hoisting device. The device, despite its rather crude and straight to the point name, makes the process simpler, safer, and more time-efficient. By having this attachment, you can change the hammer of your mobile crusher on-site. This saves you time and money because you won’t have to bring it to a third party shop nor pay for the use of extra equipment.


Hammer holder

To complement the aforementioned hammer changing device, a hammer holder enables you to have more replacement hammers on-site. With a two-hammer capacity and machine-mounted design, replacing your crusher’s hammer is that much easier and efficient. Use it with the hammer changing device so that you can do more with little to no downtime at all.


Metal detector

Metal detector

As crushers mainly deal with rock, the presence of metals in the resulting rubble or aggregate can contaminate and compromise certain processes such as the recycling of asphalt and gravel.

A metal detector, as its name suggests, can be attached to the entrance or mouth of the crushing chamber so that it can detect any metal component that inadvertently makes its way inside. Once detected, the metal can be removed by the operator before it has the chance to compromise your given purpose. If the environment you are using the crusher in has the presence of metals like in demolition sites, having a metal detector can be very useful.


Mesh screen

If you just want to generally make your crushing process more efficient, there is also an attachment you can use. Crushers are often utilized many times in a row because certain projects and purposes need a specific size of crushed rock before they can be effectively used.

The mesh screen was developed to screen desired aggregate sizes in a single pass. By using it, you don’t have to worry about having to crush certain aggregates over and over because you already have an accurate screening device to verify its size for you. This saves you precious time which can be crucial if you’re working under a tight schedule.


Key Takeaway

Mobile crushers such as the Rubble Master are already reliable machines in the industrial industry. Thanks to attachments that are continually being developed and introduced in the market, using a crusher becomes even easier and more effective. If you are looking for a boost in output and productivity, look no further than the attachments mentioned above.

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