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The Most Useful Heavy Machinery for Urban Construction

What are the most useful types of heavy equipment for urban construction?

  1. Road rollers
  2. Wheel loaders
  3. Mobile crushers


With continuous urban development in the Philippines, more and more locations in various cities have become sites for urban construction. You’ll often find numerous types of construction equipment such as road rollers and wheel loaders in areas that are undergoing natural expansion.

The reality is that the country is now experiencing a level of urbanization thanks to President Duterte’s Build Build Build Program. Because of this reason, construction companies are continually being tapped in order to facilitate numerous projects all over the country.

There is an evident surge in the demand for heavy equipment—specifically those designed for urban projects. Let’s take a look at some of the most useful heavy machinery for these applications:


Road Rollers

Road Rollers

When it comes to natural expansion where cities literally increase their borders by occupying the land next to them, roads are the one true key. Where there are roads, there is civilization. Because of this, road rollers will be incredibly important in creating new roads for more access to land and other terrains.

That being said, not every city will be able to naturally expand—especially since most areas in the Philippines have neighboring cities that are also constantly looking to expand. Although this arguably lessens the need for roads to be built on new land, it does not reduce the uses of road rollers.

As its name suggests, road rollers are designed for the building of roads. Today, these are being utilized more and more for the creation and smoothening of highways as well as elevated roads. Aside from that, road rollers are also used to compact the soil that’s going to be used as foundations for buildings. They make sure that the land where buildings of different shapes and sizes are placed are secure.


Wheel Loaders

Where construction sites are, wheel loaders are sure to follow. You can assume that wheel loaders are a staple in almost every construction project solely because of its great material handling capabilities.

This is even more noticeable in urban construction because it won’t be practical using some of its alternatives—especially if the construction site is a small one. Wheel loaders are designed to load loose materials such as sand into other machines. This type of construction equipment is also used for the light-duty digging of hard soil and mineral ores.


Mobile Crushers

Mobile Crushers

Urban development involves the construction of new and better districts and locations, as well as the demolition of obsolete buildings and sectors. This is because it aims for space efficiency. Mobile crushers can be seen as one of the most important construction equipment for this application.

Demolition can be messy—large chunks of debris just lying around will be an eyesore, and it when not handled efficiently, it turns into a waste of time, effort and money. Compact mobile crushers are machines that can be deployed in the middle of a city and it can take care of all the debris that a demolition project has.

These crushers are able to reduce the debris into finer particles—most of which will be used for future construction. Rock, earth, and concrete are what mostly make up the resulting particles, as well as some pieces of steel, wood, and plastic which should be removed from the rest.


Key Takeaway

Urban development is always happening. Cities will always try to expand as more and more companies and residences are built to accommodate the people. Like many kinds of construction equipment, there are, not all of them can be used in every situation. When it comes to most urban construction and projects in the middle of buildings or commercial areas, mobility paired with compactness is often preferred over raw power. The pieces of equipment mentioned above are just a few of the most practical and useful heavy equipment for urban construction.

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