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Unique Attributes of Weycor Road Rollers

What are the distinct features of the Weycor Road Roller?

  1. Optimized drums
  2. 3 pin articulation and oscillation joints
  3. Advanced cooling system
  4. Reinforced drum buffers


There are only a few pieces of heavy equipment in the Philippines that are perfect for flattening and compacting the soil. Of the different machines, road rollers are the ones that are specifically designed for these kinds of applications and terrain.

There are several types of road rollers, all of which are incredibly powerful and reliable for their every task. But when it comes to sales augmentation, Weycor manufactures some of the best quality road rollers out in the market. Their products boast a number of features that will surely persuade you to choose their products over all the other road rollers out there.

In essence, road rollers need to have an intact framework and a robust, and powerful vibration system to make it easier to flatten out and compact certain materials. They are also equipped with a simple seat that has at least moderate resistance to the vibration that happens along so that the operator is protected from the side effects of continuous exposure to vibration. And lastly, they are built with state-of-the-art components that are sure to make operations as simple as possible!

Weycor Road Rollers have 4 distinct advantages over its competitors. These are features that focus on making the machine a bit friendlier to both the operator and the environment. Check out what sets the Weycor Road Roller apart from the rest:


Optimized Drums

Weycor Road Rollers have their drums optimized in both functionality and weight. It is made with a few little adjustments and extra bearings to both secure the insides of the drum as well as make it easier to access. Deep within the drum is the mass chamber which facilitates the vibratory functionalities of the whole road roller.

The mass chambers are specially designed to be maintenance-free. Even better, they won’t be needing any kind of oil change. If there were anything that would need some tinkering, both sides of the drum have service bearings for easier access.


3 Pin Articulation and Oscillation Joints

3 Pin Articulation and Oscillation Joints

This innovative pivot assembly is one of the factors that makes the Weycor Road Roller unique. This leads to amazing maneuverability without sacrificing the quality of work of the machine. Even when the road roller is turning at the full steering angle, the whole chassis facilitates even weight distribution on the drums and the wheels.

This feature makes the whole roller safe although out its application. With an articulation of 35-degrees and oscillation of +/-12-degrees, Weycor Road Rollers are very generous in the machine’s maneuverability.

Of course, the safety and maneuverability that this system provides are further enhanced by its robust and economical system. It’s optimized to make use of fewer resources to perform better. As with the optimized drums, this system does not have any greasing points as well. This basically means that they are maintenance-free. It’s also notable to mention that the bolts in these parts of the machine are bolt-on—that means servicing these are both quick and easy to do.


Advanced Cooling System

It’s no secret that every type of heavy equipment in the Philippines needs its own cooling system to keep the whole internal engine from overheating. The same goes for road rollers that are used for hours and hours on a daily basis when there’s a project. That being said, old variants of road rollers have their exhaust and cooling systems in rather inconvenient locations by the operator’s seat.

Weycor Road Rollers have their whole cooling system behind the cockpit so that it won’t bring about the inconvenience to the operator. This model also removed the need for tubes for both air suction and exhaustion. Road rollers made by Weycor suck the air directly into the cooling system. It’s equipped with a filtration system that is good enough to require very little extra passage of air.

Once the air passes through the engine, the hot air that accumulates is then propelled upward so as to avoid dust from being blown everywhere.


Reinforced Drum Buffers

With every road roller, drum buffers are very important to prevent or lessen the amount of vibration that the rest of the machine experiences. This makes it easier for the operator to focus more on his work rather than the ominous vibrations that are created by the drums.

It’s important to consider the drum buffers as the most important suspension element that a road roller has. So it’s very important that these are always at the topmost quality. Weycor has always been well aware of this and has put in efforts to further reinforce drum buffers so that they’re stronger and more robust. The drum buffers that Weycor uses on their road rollers are also said to last longer and require less service.


Key Takeaway

With the great advantages that they provide for customers and construction companies, Weycor Road Rollers are one of the most popular heavy equipment in many projects. They’re well-known for their robustness and reliability at the field. If you’re looking for a road roller for construction, then consider the products of Weycor. You’ll surely get your money’s worth.

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