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Types of Generator Enclosure

What are the different types of generator enclosure?

  1. Weather protective enclosure
  2. Noise protective enclosure
  3. Walk-in enclosure

A generator is necessary for commercial and industrial applications. They provide continuous power in times of power outages, which can be inconvenient and also financially damaging. Because of the importance of a generator, and how much of an investment it is, protecting it is a must. Fortunately, there are different types of generator enclosures to choose from.

Determining and choosing the best enclosure for a generator is important because it can affect both short-term and long-term operation and reliability of the unit. You can start by first assessing your needs and the location and environment of the installation. If you want to know more, keep on reading!

Weather Protective Enclosure

Because of limited space inside the building, generator sets are often moved outdoors. It is often easier and more efficient to do this, as long as the right protective housing is used.

When a generator is outdoors, it has an increased risk of exposure to the elements — such as the wind, rain, and sunlight which can cause damage to the equipment. A weather-protective generator enclosure will protect your investment from rain and strong winds. Some enclosures can protect from extreme cold and heat. Other than that, enclosures can also be made to be completely waterproof.

The amount of weather protection needed will always depend on the geography and the climate where the generator will be installed. For instance, in places with tropical climates, the common weather challenges include sunlight, heat, rain, wind storms, and lightning.

Near the ocean, aluminum enclosures are great options because they resist corrosion from the salty air. In areas prone to storms, enclosures should have added structural strength to resist high winds. For earthquake-prone areas, seismic-certified enclosures will be beneficial. Lastly, in places that are prone to flooding, generators and their enclosures should be installed above the highest expected water level. Rooftops or elevated platforms are good options.

Noise Protective Enclosure

Aside from the generator itself, it is also important to consider the safety and protection of the people that would be near it. Generators make a lot of noise. Even though it will only be used for standby power, the noise produced can be a serious concern if the unit is placed in a crowded environment. Other than that, some places have noise ordinances.

The vigorous buzzing and mechanical noise can reach high decibel levels. The sound can also travel a considerable distance — leading to complaints. Aside from that, exposure to loud sounds over a long period can cause tinnitus and other hearing problems.

For this reason, noise protective enclosures can help ensure the health and safety of people that work or are near generators. These can reduce and minimize the noise that is coming from the generator. To get rid of the sound completely, a larger enclosure with insulation would be required.

Keep in mind that choosing the right noise-protective enclosure will depend on several factors. This includes the level of sound produced by the generator engine, the air intake, and exhaust design, and the type of exhaust silencer used. Your generator set and enclosure supplier will help you determine the noise suppression needed.

Walk-In Enclosure

Walk-In Enclosure

If you require both protection from weather and from noise, a walk-in enclosure is the best option for your generator. This type of enclosure is designed to provide weatherproofing, soundproofing, and also fireproofing.

In most cases, a walk-in generator enclosure is custom-built to fit your unit, which means that it can be designed to fit any make or model. In addition to that, the enclosure can be built with or without wheels.

But just as indicated in the name, a walk-in enclosure allows people to walk in. The enclosure will have enough space for workers to enter and work on the equipment and access key generator set components. Interior and exterior lighting can also help make maintenance and troubleshooting easier. The space can accommodate fuel storage as well.

Key Takeaway

Choosing from the different types of generator enclosure will depend on the environment where the generator will be placed. If it’s outdoor, you need to consider the different weather conditions that the unit will be exposed to. Since generators produce loud sounds, enclosures that reduce or cancel the noise will be useful — especially when the unit is placed in areas with many people. For complete protection, you can also consider walk-in enclosures, which make maintenance and troubleshooting easier.

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