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Different Types of Hammers That RM Mobile Crushers Use

What are the different types of hammers used in RM Mobile Crushers?

  1. Martensitic turquoise with ceramic
  2. Martensitic green with ceramic
  3. Chrome red
  4. Chrome-ceramic yellow


Mobile crushers are effective in processing large aggregates. If you have a Rubble Master crusher, it’s important that you have the right crusher components on hand. Different types of hammers for RM Mobile Crushers are designed to make the job easier. Depending on the build and material, these hammers can crush a range of aggregates like asphalt, concrete, C&D waste, marble, gravel, granite, sandstone, and more! Read on to find the right hammer for your crusher.


Martensitic turquoise with ceramic

The turquoise-colored hammer is composed of martensitic material with ceramic. It’s hard-wearing, tough, and durable, meaning it can be used to crush almost any kind of construction material.

Ceramic reinforcement for this martensite steel alloy can be done for up to 12mm, providing you with a greater leeway. With its maximum feeding size of 600mm, it can be used to crush B35/25 (standard), as well as B300 (recycled) concrete. It can also be used for basalt, sandstone, river gravel, quartzite, granite, greywacke, marble, porphyry, quartz-mica schist, dolomite, and quartzite.

This martensite-ceramic alloy offers you cost-effective options. It exhibits a high resistance against wear and tear, meaning you don’t have to spend any cent on repairs and replacements.


Martensitic green with ceramic

RM 120GO! + RM MS125GO! + RM RFB7550GO! reinforced concrete Germany (2) (1)

RM’s choice martensite-ceramic hammer also comes in a stylish and more natural green color. While this hammer may also be tough and durable, you should note that it’s somewhat brittle. Nevertheless, steel reinforcement can be done for up to 12mm to improve this hammer’s performance, and it can also process materials as the turquoise-colored martensite-ceramic hammer.

The ideal feed size for this hammer is 600mm, but it can nevertheless accommodate upwards of 800mm. It can crush granite at 24,000 N/cm², limestone at 16,000, and asphalt at 1,500.

If your equipment operators are handling mobile crusher equipment for long hours, this is the perfect hammer for you. Their wear-resistance feature means they can be used for long periods on a construction site without dulling or breakage.


Chrome red

Chrome alloy can generally withstand extreme levels of temperature and pressure. With the additional chromium element, RM’s chrome-ceramic hammer is more corrosion-resistant compared to the rest. However, this is far more brittle compared to martensite-ceramic, as it cannot be reinforced.

As such, this chrome red hammer is suited for crushing construction and demolition waste, and asphalt with an ideal feeding size range up to 250mm only.

RM’s chromium-cast steel hammer has been specifically approved for asphalt, as well as other secondary crushing. If your mobile impact crusher needs to conduct post-processing to generate finer, non-metal particles, this hammer can very well do the job.


Chrome-ceramic yellow

RM 120GO! + RM MS125GO! + RM RFB7550GO! reinforced concrete Germany

Like the chrome-ceramic red alloy, RM’s chrome yellow is much more suitable for crushing non-metallic particles. Although the build is very brittle, it can be used for extensive processing due to its wear-resistance.

Mobile crushers would be more efficient in using the chrome-ceramic yellow hammer for soft, medium, and hard rock processing. Feeding size should be sustained at the optimal range of 250 to 350 for materials like river gravel, basalt, quartz-mica schist, greywacke, granite, quartzite, as well as C&D waste.


Key Takeaway

The different types of hammers for RM Mobile Crushers include the following: martensite-ceramic, chrome, and chrome-ceramic. The first variety comes in the colors of turquoise and green — both of which can be imbued with steel reinforcement. Due to the toughness of their build, the hammers don’t easily get blunt.

On the other hand, the chrome varieties of red and yellow may be more brittle compared to the martensite-ceramic-alloyed hammers, but they have an added corrosion-resistance.

Choosing the right type of hammer for your Rubble Master Mobile Crusher is important because each of them has different specifications. Nevertheless, every hammer can meet any crushing requirements.

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