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Troubleshooting Guide For Hand Pallet Truck

What is included in the troubleshooting guide for a hand pallet truck?

  1. The pump is not lifting the load
  2. Forks can’t be lowered properly
  3. Leaking hydraulic oil
  4. Unstable transportation of loads

A hand pallet truck is a type of material handling equipment that is used in various industries — such as retail, logistics, and the like. Also called a pallet jack, this wheeled trolley is made for lifting and transporting pallets. Because it’s a necessity for the daily operation of numerous businesses, a problem with one of its components can lead to downtime. But the good news is, that there are some things you can do to fix the problem. Below is a troubleshooting guide for a hand pallet truck. Keep on reading!


The Pump Is Not Lifting The Load

The Pump Is Not Lifting The Load

Normally, you can use the pump handle to raise and lower the load on your hand pallet truck. But some things can affect this process. 

A common cause could be an airlock in the hydraulic system. If there is air trapped inside, then you won’t be able to lift the load properly. You can fix the problem by pumping the handle to displace the air. First, remove the load on the forks. Then try pumping the handle a few times — around 15 times to be exact. This process helps bleed the air out. 

If this doesn’t work, there might be an oil shortage or contamination. If there is not enough oil, the hand pallet truck won’t be able to lift or lower. Impurities in the oil can also lead to mechanical malfunctions. In this case, you can add the appropriate amount of oil or change it to fix the problem. 

If the hand pallet truck lifts but lowers afterward, then the valve might be stuck. Check the valve for contamination and perform a cleaning. 


Forks Can’t Be Lowered Properly

If the hand pallet truck has trouble lowering completely, then you might be having difficulty inserting the forks on a pallet. This could happen if there is too much oil added to the hydraulic system, so double-check this first to isolate the cause. You can release some of the oil and try lowering the jack again.

If this simple fix won’t work, then you need to inspect the moving parts for signs of damage or deformation. If the rotating part is distorted, it could easily get stuck and prevent your hand pallet truck from working properly. To fix the problem, you might need to have the part repaired or replaced.

Other than this, you can also adjust the lowering valve on your hand pallet truck, so you can lower the forks. You can tighten the lowering valve and check if it works. 


Leaking Hydraulic Oil

By now, you might have realized that hydraulic oil is an important component of a hand pallet truck. But you might be encountering problems — suck as being unable to lift the truck — because of a leak. 

There are a few reasons for this. One, there could be damage to the seal. You can easily fix the problem by replacing the seal. Other than this, check for a loose joint and tighten it if necessary. 


Unstable Transportation Of Loads

Wheel maintenance is important for the normal operation of your hand pallet truck. Watch out for curbs and steps because this can cause the wheels to crack and get damaged. Always clean these components to prevent premature wear and tear. Aside from that, avoid overloading at all costs.

For instance, you might have noticed that you need to use more force to move the pallet truck. This could be because of a flat spot on the wheels, which is caused by overloading your equipment. You can still use your hand pallet truck, but it could damage your flooring and the equipment itself. In this case, you might need to replace the wheels.

If you notice that your hand pallet truck is harder to maneuver than usual, or is unstable during operation, you can inspect your material handling equipment. This problem can be caused by damaged transport rollers. Often, this problem can be fixed by replacing the part. 


Key Takeaway

Follow this troubleshooting guide for hand pallet trucks if you’re encountering problems using your material handling equipment. If you require the assistance of a professional technician for repairs or replacement, you can contact us here at Multico.

We can provide parts installation and replacement for your Bishamon hand pallet trucks. Over time, the parts in your material handling equipment can get worn out because of daily use. With our high-quality parts, you can extend the lifespan of your hand pallet trucks — making them look and feel like new. This way, you can continue using them for a long time!

We only use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for parts replacement and installation, so you can expect to experience the same quality, durability, and longevity that you’re used to from your Bishamon hand pallet trucks. 

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