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4 Tips When Using Your Generator Set During the Rainy Season

What are the tips when using a generator set during the rainy season?

  1. Don’t run it indoors
  2. Protect it with covers
  3. Keep it away from wet conditions
  4. Store it properly for future use


A generator set is a reliable piece of equipment that can provide continuous and backup power all year round. But if you’re operating it during the rainy season, there are some tips you need to follow to keep it in the best condition. You might need special covers when running it outdoors, look for dry environments to keep it safe, and remind your workers to operate it according to some safety precautions. Keep on reading for some tips on using your generator set during the rainy season.


Don’t Run It Indoors

Don’t Run It Indoors

If you’re installing a generator set for the first time, you need to consult with your supplier regarding the best location to do so. This piece of equipment can emit harmful fumes that can be dangerous when inhaled.

The carbon monoxide gases are poisonous and can lead to fatality. It is often odorless and colorless, so it might be hard to know if you’re inhaling the fumes. For this reason, it is recommended not to use your generator set indoors, even if you have the door and window open.

But if you want to install it indoors to protect it from weather conditions such as rain, it is recommended to have an exhaust fume control system in place. This cannot be combined with the building’s HVAC air intake system because of the harmful gases. If you’re interested, you need to employ the help of professional building contractors and mechanical engineers to design your interior generator room safely.


Protect It with Covers

If you’re wondering whether you can run generator sets in the rain, the short answer is yes. But you need to have special covers to shield it from moisture. When choosing covers, get assistance from a professional to ensure that your generator set is safe to use in rainy conditions.

If you have a portable generator, you might see canopies and other portable covers available for sale. These can protect areas that can get penetrated by moisture so you can have access to power outdoors. But make sure to only purchase covers made with materials that are non-flammable and sturdy enough to withstand strong winds.

Another way to keep your generators safe from moisture is to use a steel enclosure made for outdoor applications. These can be specifically made for portable and industrial generators alike. The materials can resist corrosion so your enclosure can last a long time in different weather conditions.


Keep It Away from Wet Conditions

Keep It Away from Wet Conditions

Generator sets produce powerful voltage, so if used in wet conditions, it can cause electrocution. When having your unit installed, make sure that you choose a location away from areas that tend to flood. You can also make a concrete pad to keep your generator set away from standing water.

But even if your generator sets are placed in dry and safe areas, electrocution could still occur due to human error. Ensure that everyone who is involved in operating this equipment is educated on the safety precautions. For instance, it’s not recommended to touch any parts of the generator set with wet hands or when standing in water.

If backup power is needed in the event of a brownout, assess the surrounding area first for any signs of flooding and inspect the generator set for water damage. For extra safety, you can wear rubber-soled shoes. The material is an insulator so electrical charges won’t flow through it.


Store It Properly for Future Use

If you’re not using your generator set for a long time, make sure that you store it properly so you can have backup power when an outage occurs during the rainy season.

First, make sure that you clean the unit internally and externally. Check for clogs, leaks, and damaged components and have them replaced immediately. You can also hire a technician to do this for you.

Other than that, you need to empty the fuel because a generator set with a full tank can be a fire hazard. The fuel can also deteriorate when not used for a long time. If it’s applicable, you can treat it with a stabilizer to prevent it from eroding the interiors of your generator set and absorbing moisture.


Key Takeaway

When using your generator set during the rainy season, ensure that you keep it in flood-free places, use a special cover to protect it from moisture, and avoid using it indoors without a fume control system. Inspect and maintain all the components before storage so you can rely on your unit for backup power when a blackout occurs.

If you’re interested in installing a generator set for your facility or place of business, you can contact Multico! You can rely on our quick response time, technical support, warranty administration, and availability of after-sales service so you can take better care of your generator set.

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