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5 Tips for Maintaining Your Standby Generator


  • A standby generator is your guaranteed backup power during outages. It offers peace of mind, keeps you prepared, and normalizes operations when the grid fails.
  • Regular maintenance for your generator is like a security blanket. By replacing oil and air filters, changing spark plugs, and updating firmware, you’re not just keeping it clean—you’re ensuring peak performance and reliable backup power for years to come.

Unforeseen power outages can disrupt workflows and create customer dissatisfaction. A well-maintained standby generator offers a proactive solution. Ensuring an uninterrupted power supply helps you minimize downtime, maintain operational efficiency, and cultivate a sense of calm within your team.

In this article, we will explore the nature of this equipment and learn some tips for maintaining a standby generator.

What is a Standby Generator?

A standby generator is a backup power solution for businesses and facilities. It kicks in during power outages, keeping operations running smoothly. These generators are stationary and are usually placed outside on a concrete pad. They provide power for days during extended outages caused by bad weather, disasters, or grid failures.

Commercial standby generators aren’t just about keeping the lights on. They’re crucial for maintaining a safe and productive work environment. They ensure that essential systems like heating and cooling, as well as critical equipment like servers and manufacturing machinery, stay operational during power outages.

How Do You Maintain Your Standby Generator?

How Do You Maintain Your Standby Generator?

Regular maintenance is key to ensuring the unit works reliably during power outages. With a proactive maintenance program in place, you can catch and fix potential problems before they become major issues.

The following preventive maintenance tasks are crucial for maintaining your generator in optimal condition.

Oil Filter Replacement

The oil filter safeguards the generator’s engine by capturing contaminants like metal shavings, dirt, and combustion byproducts that accumulate during operation. A clogged filter hinders its ability to perform this vital function, leading to reduced power output and risk of engine damage.

An annual oil filter change is like a tune-up for your standby generator. It keeps the engine running clean and strong, ensuring it delivers full power when you need it most.

Oil Change

It’s critical to refresh the oil itself in your generator. Over time, it can lose its effectiveness due to factors like heat, contaminants, and wear and tear. This degradation may affect engine performance and potentially lead to costly damage.

Fresh oil reduces friction and wear on components, thereby extending the lifespan of your equipment. By scheduling routine annual oil changes, you actively protect your generator’s performance, decreasing the risk of failures during power outages.

Air Filter Replacement

For optimal performance, your generator requires a clean air filter, similar to an internal combustion engine in a vehicle. Replacing the air filter annually as part of your preventive maintenance plan ensures efficient airflow, which is crucial for proper combustion.

This, in turn, guarantees your generator’s ability to deliver full power output when needed.

Spark Plug Maintenance

Spark plugs are vital components within the ignition system. They initiate combustion and ultimately generate electricity. However, these components are prone to wear and tear over time. Neglecting their replacement can lead to lower efficiency, which translates to a decline in your generator’s power output.

Make annual spark plug replacement a part of your generator’s maintenance routine. This simple step ensures your generator starts quickly and reliably, delivering reliable power whenever you need it most.

Firmware Updates

Think of your generator’s firmware like a phone app, but for keeping the power on. It controls fuel delivery and lets you monitor your generator remotely.

Regular updates keep the mechanism running smoothly, ensuring your generator is always ready to kick in and keep the lights on during an outage.

Why is Multico Your Go-To Source for Standby Generators?

Why is Multico Your Go-To Source For Standby Generators?

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Our commitment to exceptional service doesn’t end with the sale. Our seasoned professionals provide demonstrations and orientations for newly acquired equipment. We guarantee that essential components are readily available for seamless maintenance and repairs, thereby ensuring the continued reliability and longevity of your generator sets.

Key Takeaway

By following these tips for maintaining a standby generator, you not only safeguard your equipment but also ensure the uninterrupted continuity of your operations. Power outages are inevitable, and having a dependable backup power source provides reassurance during critical moments.

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