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The Technology Behind Weycor’s Road Roller Explained

What is the technology behind the Weycor road roller?

  1. Front Frame and Drum
  2. HA – Control
  3. Articulated Pendulum Joint
  4. Engine
  5. Panoramic Rops Cabin
  6. Eco-mode


When it comes to road rollers, one of the biggest manufacturers in the world is the German brand Weycor by Atlas Weyhausen. One of the many reasons for their wide popularity is the road roller technology that they have developed over the course of 50+ years in the business.

If you are using one of their road rollers or interested in investing in one for your own construction purposes, it would be important for you to know the technology that powers every single road roller that Weycor produces.


Front Frame and Drum

Front Frame and Drum

The main reason why Weycor’s road roller drums are so stable is because of its entire front frame (except the crossbeams) are welded together. Meanwhile, the drum itself has a high level of functionality thanks to its versatility in terms of applicable accessories.

For example, the road roller’s drum/s provide consistent performance by being able to use optional front and rear scrapers that remove any accumulated material. The standard smooth drum can also be converted into a padfoot type of roller by attaching an optional segment kit. The drum unit is also easy to handle as long as the right tools are used, making accessibility and handling easy.

These two parts combine to provide the consistent, static force that is required for any compression-related job.


HA – Control

On top of the consistently stable drum, its HA-control mechanism allows the roller to perfectly adapt to many different kinds of soil and conditions. By using a ‘double-pump’ system and continuous tractive force, maximum traction is provided to the axle and roller drum without much input coming from the driver or operator.

This culminates in automatic traction control which you can notice if you try to use the road roller on an inclined surface such as the surfaces you can find in dikes and embankment construction sites.


Articulated Pendulum Joint

Articulated Pendulum Joint

Another piece of technology being used in Weycor road rollers is an articulated pendulum joint. These joints are robust, maintenance-free and provide some benefits that affect the overall handling of the roller. The pendulum joint causes the front and rear end to run smoothly and creates a low center of gravity. Exceptional maneuverability is ensured thanks to this.



In terms of the engine that provides power to the road roller, Weycor uses state-of-the-art, low-emission diesel engines. The engine is durable enough to handle everyday heavy-duty use. Also of note is the efficient water cooling system that it has which enables its use even in extremely hot temperatures and other similar circumstances. Finally, special engine bearings make for a noticeably reduced noise when the road roller is in use.

Durable, efficient, and cost-effective due to low fuel consumption, the engine is literally and figuratively the driving force behind every Weycor road roller.


Panoramic Rops Cabin

Panoramic Rops Cabin

The panoramic rops cabin where all the steering and compression controls are found is also a product of many years of research and development. All these operating controls are ergonomically arranged and ensures the safest way of operating — helping the operator not get too tired or fatigued while using the road roller.

Specially-made bearings are placed to minimize the spreading of the vibrations coming from the roller to ensure maximum comfort to the operator. The windshield also reflects sound waves and reduces the noise level coming towards the cabin. Finally, optional swiveling seats and air conditioning can be provided to give the operator the best experience while using the road roller.



Just like many state-of-the-art vehicles seen today, even the Weycor road roller has an eco-mode. This optional feature enables you to use the hydraulic units at full capacity in the most efficient way possible.

By enabling eco-mode, you are reducing the diesel engine’s revolution by approximately 400 r.p.m. without any loss of power in the hydraulic system. While the vibration frequencies and centrifugal forces will remain constant, the noise exposure of both the driver and the environment along with the fuel consumption of the road roller will be reduced by up to 30%.


Key Takeaway

Now that you know some of the interesting details behind Weycor’s road roller technology, you can be more confident every time you use it for your construction purposes. Thanks to their company’s long experience in the industry and dedication to bringing you the best products possible, their already excellent road rollers will only continue to become better.

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