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Safety Guide for Night Construction

What guidelines should be followed for night construction safety?

  1. Use signs to guide traffic
  2. Install barriers all around the site
  3. Require wearing of high-visibility workwear
  4. Use an artificial light source
  5. Follow regulations at your local government unit
  6. Ensure your workers get quality sleep


There are advantages when it comes to nighttime construction. First, workers get to complete their tasks in cooler temperatures. This can lead to more efficiency and higher productivity. The amount of traffic during the evening is also reduced compared to the daytime. This means fewer distractions and accidents. If you’re interested in implementing this, here are some tips to get you started on night construction safety. Read on!


Use Signs to Guide Traffic

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Whether it’s night or day, signs are important on a construction site. This is vital especially if you use heavy equipment in your project. This simple act can prevent accidents from happening. Examples of warning signs you can usually see are “Caution: Hot Surface”, “Watch Out, Forklift Operating Area”, and “Warning: High Voltage”.

In some sites where a lot of traffic occurs, companies create makeshift routes to redirect people and cars to safety. Through this people can be led away from the risks and hazards of heavy machinery and falling debris. Just make sure to light up these signs for visibility.


Install Barriers All Around the Site

Afraid that outsiders may get into accidents? To reduce trespassers or lost pedestrians from getting into your site, you may also want to install barriers around your working area. This is especially common at night, where visibility is an issue. Barriers can also reduce noise when working with loud equipment such as bulldozers.

Barricades are commonly used in road construction to prevent people and cars from falling into holes or damaged ground. If you want to move your barrier around your site, you may opt for cones that can easily be carried. Just ensure that these have reflective features to maintain visibility at night.


Require Wearing of High Visibility Workwear

If you plan to carry out a night construction, it is important that your workers are wearing the right outfit. Aside from the usual helmet, eye shield, gloves, and safety boots, you should strictly implement the wearing of high visibility clothing. This way, machine operators, incoming cars, and other people can see them easily even in dim lighting.

Commercial high-visibility workwear is usually available in the colors neon green and yellow to make it eye-catching. It has strips of reflective material that can bounce back sunlight and other artificial light sources.


Use an Artificial Light Source

Light Source

The most important thing you should do before implementing a night construction is to make a lighting plan. Even if you follow all the other tips, without proper lighting, it’s as if you have never done anything at all. All your efforts would be wasted and your worksite will remain hazardous and risky to your employees and pedestrians.

For nighttime construction work, the best lighting source you can use is a lighting tower. Depending on the type you get, it can be powered by an engine, battery, or solar energy. For improved convenience, you can also opt for the portable type. This can be set up and packed up easily to be transported to other areas.


Follow Regulations at Your Local Government Unit

Before you start nighttime construction, it is also a good idea to secure permits and know all the regulations about working at night. There may be some rules you have to follow depending on where you are.

If you’re near a residential area you may have to limit the noise and make sure not to direct lighting towards houses. Otherwise, locals can file complaints. Aside from this, time is also a matter that should be discussed. Some places have ordinances you should follow regarding when you can start construction and up until what time you can keep working.


Ensure That Workers Get Quality Sleep

Ensure That Workers Get Quality Sleep

It is important that your workers get quality sleep after working at night. Let them adjust to the new schedule slowly and surely. If they don’t have enough rest, mistakes could be made during work which could lead to injuries.

It is recommended to allow regular breaks while at work to keep workers in top condition. Have another person observe them so signs of lack of sleep can be pointed out. Avoid assigning changing shifts to keep their sleeping schedule consistent.


Key Takeaway

Aside from keeping pedestrians and workers safe, these night construction safety tips will benefit you in the long run. It will increase efficiency because working in cooler temperatures is more comfortable than suffering under the sun. This also reduces theft and damage because you have people at your site at night.

Visibility is the most important thing when it comes to night construction. The recommended option for you is to invest in a high-quality lighting tower from a reputable supplier in the Philippines.

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