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Rubble Master MSC vibratory screener

What is the RM MSC vibratory screener and what are its features?

  1. A vibratory screen separates processed material by size
  2. It has low service and maintenance requirements
  3. There are many different kinds depending on your needs

When it comes to Rubble Master crusher attachments and add-ons, vibratory screeners/screens, like the RM MSC post screen, are one of the most important ones around. Without them, many industrial processes that involve the use of crushers are left ineffective, inefficient, or both. This is the primary reason why you should be aware of what they are, how they work, and what utility can be gained by using it — especially if you’re part of light and heavy industries that use a Rubble Master crusher.

That being said, continue reading to learn more about the Rubble Master vibratory screeners.

A vibratory screen separates material by size

Vibratory screeners/screens are used for the main purpose of separating objects and materials before or after they are processed by the crusher. In can be in terms of particle size (i.e. oversized materials from fine material), or state of matter (i.e. excess liquid from finished products). The vibratory screens have varying sizes of gaps, spaces, or holes that allow material to pass through. Aside from that, the ‘vibrating’ in its name is because of the screen’s inherent vibrating feature that makes material separation easier.

While this might seem like a mundane function initially, it is a very important part of processing material for further use, reuse, or disposal.

For example, crushers are widely used for recycling asphalt that eventually turns into reclaimed asphalt pavements. For that to happen successfully, the old asphalt being processed by the crusher needs to be relatively free of foreign elements that can compromise the structural integrity of the asphalt pavement. The asphalt particles must also be relatively uniform to achieve a consistent finish. A screener helps in both situations because you can choose the dimensions of the mesh in the screen to screen out undesired elements. It also screens bigger sized chunks of asphalt so that it can be crushed over and over until it has the required size.

It has low service and maintenance requirements

One of the bigger advantages that comes with Rubble Master vibratory screens is that they are very low maintenance items and they have relatively long service lives. This is in part due to the high-quality, industrial-grade stainless steel being used and the relatively simple operation that is involved.

Stainless steel has been known to be fairly sturdy and resistant to corrosion which is why it can withstand heavy-duty use and handle a wide variety of materials from rocks and soil to all the other kinds of aggregates. Complex handling also results in unnecessary wear and tear, but thanks to the almost plug and play nature of most Rubble Master attachments, that is minimized.

Once you start using a Rubble Master vibratory screener, the chances of it breaking or needing a replacement are very low.

There are many different kinds depending on your needs

Given that Rubble Master has so many types of crushers available to the public, it is only natural that their attachments are equally numerous if not highly adaptable. Aside from that, there are also a number of different circumstances relating to crushing that there is not a single screen or attachment, in general, that can get the job done in every situation.

In terms of specific Rubble Master’s MSC vibratory screening units, they can come in a variety of sizes, power, optional add-ons depending on the scale of your operations. Get in touch with your local Rubble Master product provider or store to know which specific types of screeners are applicable to your crusher and for your given purposes.

Key Takeaway

While crushers are the main stars of the show when it comes to heavy-duty material processing, its attachments and add-ons give it a more effective and efficient system.

Thanks to the innovative improvements Rubble Master has made to their products, they can perform better and can do the work of several people in a fraction of the time — it’s biggest selling point. Try to imagine the difficulty of separating materials manually, only then can the purpose of vibratory screens become clear to you. Whether it’s for mining, recycling, or construction, don’t operate a crusher without one.

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