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Reliable All-Rounder, the CLARK Electric EPXi

Why should you buy the Reliable All-Rounder, the CLARK Electric EPXi?

  1. Eco-friendly
  2. Low maintenance fees
  3. Heightened safety features
  4. High energy capacity
  5. Robust Hydrostatic Steering System


The forklift is one of the most useful equipment in many industries. It has particularly made transferring cumbersome objects from one place to another, easier, and more seamlessly. For businesses whose main focus is on their delivery services, the forklift has been immensely useful in storing and stacking products and other large items in warehouse facilities.

Through years of innovation and experimentation, forklift manufacturers have been able to install additional safety, environmentally-friendly, and intuitive features on their new forklifts. In particular, CLARK electric forklifts have been consistently offering many industries with innovative forklift solutions.

One cannot emphasize enough the impact of high-emission forklifts on the environment. This is why CLARK offers a lower-emission solution to this problem with their new Reliable All-Rounder Electric EPXi. Continue reading to learn more about this new fleet of powerful and energy-efficient forklifts.



Carbon dioxide emissions contribute greatly to the level of greenhouse gasses in the Earth’s atmosphere. Because of this, several industries that make use of forklifts in their operations have had to think of alternative solutions to reduce their impact on the environment.

For example, since warehouses are typically in closed-door situations with poor ventilation, emissions coming from forklifts should be lowered. The Electric EPXi can easily provide a more sustainable solution for this kind of situation. The forklift’s relatively quiet electric motor allows it to be used in both indoor and outdoor environments. This new forklift is able to perform the same tasks in an arguably more efficient manner compared to diesel-powered forklifts.

The added versatility also allows the Electric EPXi to be useful in industries such as logistics, mechanical engineering, automotive, food and retail, petrochemical, and the like. In addition to that, the lower emissions resulting from the electric motor provide an eco-friendlier alternative to the traditional combustion-powered forklift.


Low maintenance fees

As with any type of heavy equipment, maintaining a forklift can be a costly endeavor. Owners of heavy machine fleets may need to stay on top of lubricant checks, emissions testing, and maneuverability of their vehicles. Aside from this, opening the engine compartment of older and more traditional forklifts can require other specialized tools which can be more expensive.

Another competitive advantage the new Electric EPXi has over other forklifts is that you wouldn’t have to spend so much just to stay on top of maintenance checks. The forklift’s engine compartment can easily be opened and removed, allowing convenient on-site inspection. With this feature, you wouldn’t need to gain access to complicated and elaborate service tools just to be able to pop the hatch open. Furthermore, the error code displays also enable easier troubleshooting and diagnostics.


Heightened safety features

It won’t be farfetched to imagine that another measure of a forklift’s efficiency, is if the machine operator is able to experience an ease of use as they are steering the equipment. The trouble with older models of forklifts is that they might provide the driver with the least comfort, thereby making them exposed to potentially dangerous safety situations.

CLARK’s Electric EPXi features a raised seating position, not only giving the driver with more comfort but offering them with a heightened sense of visibility as they’re maneuvering the vehicle. Staying eponymously true to its “Reliable All-Rounder” motto, the raised seating also assists the driver in unloading and loading heavy objects. The added maneuverability enables the driver to more efficiently and more safely navigate the environment.

Also featuring a larger LCD display, the driver is able to change various settings of the forklift’s functions more easily.

The other safety features of the Electric EPXi also allows the driver to more easily steer the forklift in steep areas, with the improved ramp function. In spaces with poor-lighting, the forklift is equipped with added lighting features to help the driver navigate.

Finally, the Electric EPXi is also installed with an Operator Presence System, which acts as a sensor to identify whether there is any driver mounted on the cab. The sensor prevents the machine from moving by itself until the driver returns to the seat.


High energy capacity

Because many industries utilize forklifts in many of their processes, these forklifts must have sufficient energy capacity to function in long durations. Thankfully, the Electric EPXi exceeds these minimum standards.

Customers have the freedom to choose from a variety of different Electric EPXi options, all generating 48 volts. Particularly, the EPX20i, 22i, and 25i are equipped with a battery capacity of 650Ah. If you’re looking for a more powerful variant with higher energy output, you can opt to take advantage of both the EPX30i and the 32i’s 780Ah battery capacity.

Whatever decision you make; you can make sure the EPXI’s immensely powerful electric motor will meet all your operational requirements.


Robust Hydrostatic Steering System

Many forklift operators have probably experienced the situation of being unable to move in narrow aisles and spaces. Facing this kind of situation, the tendency is for them to make several time-consuming turns just to get the vehicle out of a tightly-confined space.

Avoiding these undesirable instances has finally been made possible with CLARK Electric EPXi’s new Robust Hydrostatic Steering System. The innovative system allows the forklift to be maneuvered in tight spaces, through the help of the angled steering axle.


Key Takeaway

If you haven’t thought about it yet, consider buying CLARK electric forklifts for your next purchase. Paving the way for eco-friendlier and innovative forklift technology, CLARK’s fleet of forklifts offers you nothing but the most exemplary solutions for your warehouse, industrial, automotive, petrochemical needs, and more.

Increase your operations’ productivity with the new CLARK Electric EPXis. They’re reliable, dependable, and innovative.

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