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6 Reasons Why You Need to Switch to Clark Electric Forklift

What are the reasons why you need to switch to Clark electric forklifts?

  1. Reduced carbon emissions
  2. Cleaner and safer workplace
  3. Quieter to run
  4. Lower operating expenses
  5. Longer maintenance intervals
  6. Great maneuverability


A forklift is one of the most useful material handling equipment in warehousing, shipping, logistics, construction, and many others. That’s why it is available in multiple fuel options—such as LPG, diesel, and electric-powered forklifts. Internal combustion types are the more common choice because of their reliability and high performance.  But recently, Clark electric forklifts are also gaining popularity for their numerous benefits. Keep on reading for the reasons to switch to battery-electric forklifts!


Reduced Carbon Emissions

Reduced Carbon Emissions

One of the main benefits of switching to battery-operated electric forklifts is the reduced carbon emissions. Instead of diesel or gas, it is powered by electricity instead. That’s it releases only a few to zero emissions—which makes it a great option for clients that want to lessen their environmental impact.

But other than that, the reduced carbon emissions mean that electric forklifts are suitable for indoor or clean environments. You don’t need to install costly air ventilation systems to use this equipment in your facility.


Cleaner and Safer Workplace

An electric forklift allows you to have a cleaner and more comfortable workplace for your employees’ benefit. With the reduced air pollution, your workers can avoid exposure to unpleasant odors and fumes which can affect their productivity and health. Instead, they can work more comfortably, so their performance might increase.

Electric forklifts don’t come with oil and fuel leak problems too. Aside from being a waste of money, these are a safety hazard and also takes time to clean, so your worker’s well-being and productivity are both affected. Electric forklifts also don’t need additional storage space for fuel tanks and equipment so you have a more spacious workplace. Instead, only a battery charging point is required.


Quieter to Run

Quieter to Run

Another factor that can affect your worker’s health and productivity is noise. In worst-case scenarios, exposure to loud sounds over long periods can also pose a threat to their hearing. Fortunately, an electric forklift can help reduce work-based noise. It doesn’t produce engine sounds which might be distracting and dangerous for other workers.

The only sounds you can hear from an electric forklift are produced by the tires, lifts, safety horns, and warning beacon. Aside from making work more comfortable, the absence of noise can also improve worker safety. Instead of a noisy workplace, your employees can hear warning sounds from forklifts when it’s coming behind them.


Lower Operating Expenses

When it comes to material handling equipment, one of the things you need to think of is the running fees. Fortunately, electric forklifts are a cost-effective option for businesses that want to lower their operating expenses. It doesn’t require gas or diesel to run. Instead, the forklift is rechargeable. The recharging costs are less costly so you can save more in the long run.

But other than the fuel costs, forklift maintenance expenses are also cheaper when you own an electric forklift. This is because it has fewer moving parts and doesn’t require special fluids and lubricants.


Longer Maintenance Intervals

Longer Maintenance Intervals

In relation to lower maintenance costs, electric forklifts also have longer maintenance intervals. Since there are no crankcase oil, radiator coolant, and engine filters to change, the scheduled servicing is few and far in between. It also doesn’t require special tools and spare parts that should be maintained.

What this means for business owners is that you can make the most out of your material handling equipment while minimizing downtime. Fewer hours are used on servicing and maintenance so you have a highly productive forklift. All that it needs is a battery maintenance program and frequent cleaning.


Great Maneuverability

Another advantage of electric forklifts is they’re compact and easy to maneuver. With the smaller chassis, operators have a more comfortable time when navigating a busy site or turning on tight corners. As a result, you can reduce the damage to the products in your facility. That’s why electric forklifts are a great option for smaller workplaces too. You can reduce the size of the aisles and store more goods instead.

Due to the lack of LP tank, electric forklifts also have better rear visibility. When combined with the compact chassis size, this makes it a breeze to operate.


Key Takeaway

Clark Electric forklifts have the advantage of producing fewer emissions and noise—which results in a cleaner and more comfortable workplace for your employees. It also requires lower operating expenses and longer maintenance intervals so. This way, you can save more in the long run while benefitting from highly productive equipment and minimizing downtime. Lastly, an electric forklift also has a more compact chassis so it is easier to maneuver in smaller spaces.

Now that you know the reasons to switch to battery-electric forklifts, you can contact Multico today! We offer electric Clark counterbalance forklifts and reach trucks for rent if you’re interested in expanding your fleet.

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