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4 Qualities of a Good Machine Operator

What are the qualities of a good machine operator?

  1. Adaptable to different weather conditions
  2. Inclined to operate equipment
  3. Excellent hand-eye coordination
  4. Cooperates well with others


Anyone belonging in the agricultural, industrial, construction, or even utility sectors would understand the importance of the qualities of a good machine operator that either meets or exceeds industry standards. These operators are essential in properly handling heavy equipment and would understand the safety risks and other kinds of hazards involved in the job. Because of this, it would be to the advantage of the employer to hire those who are well-attuned to how a particular machine works.

While it is a given that a machine operator should undergo extensive training and should receive proper credentials before they can be qualified to operate equipment, there are still several qualities that can separate a good machine operator from the rest. Continue reading to learn more about these qualities.


Adaptable to different weather conditions

It is the responsibility of every employer to ensure workplace safety. However, the unpredictability of weather and climate may inevitably lead to a need for compromise. While sometimes it’s necessary to halt operators for a certain period of time, good machine operators need to be able to adapt to changes in weather.

For example, when it comes to working on construction sites, a bulldozer is one of the most commonly used heavy equipment. It is typically used to dig shallow depths on the ground, as well as for the short-range transportation of materials. Weather conditions like heavy rain can oftentimes affect how difficult it is to gather up loads of dirt required for digging. The challenge for the machine operator is to not only bear this kind of weather condition, but to maneuver the equipment in a deft manner so that the machine would be able to dig up dirt from the ground.

In another instance, operating a machine requires a significant amount of force on the part of the operator. They should be able to work under relatively warm climates without getting easily fatigued.


Inclined to operate equipment

man loading pallets on truck

There are many instances in which talent is considered to be overrated. Sometimes, the continuous honing of skills is what can make the difference between a good machine operator and someone who meets the given standards, but only just. Another quality which one should possess before being deemed qualified to operate equipment is that they should have a natural inclination towards machines of different types.

Driving and steering the machine are not only the two jobs that are required of the operator. They should also be able to diagnose problems that the machine may encounter from time to time.

For example, in the operation of a backhoe, it’s important that every part of the vehicle is in working order for the operator to perform their task. A good operator would be able to troubleshoot whether or not several attachments like the bucket are not working properly. They can determine this by the ease of use of the machine, and many other factors. Good machine operators can also prevent accidents from occurring because they’re able to quickly detect hot engine temperatures, coolant leaks, non-functioning brake pads, and the like.


Excellent hand-eye coordination

A truly efficient machine operator has good hand-eye coordination which allows them to perform a range of tasks as efficiently as possible. Aside from steering the equipment, they also hold the responsibility of operating the machine in such a way that it is able to do its job of excavating, bulldozing, or lifting, just to give a few examples.

Compounded with excellent multi-tasking skills, this kind of machine operator has the capacity to perform many tasks all at once, without getting confused. For example, in the operation of cranes, proper utilization of hydraulic joints and wires are required in order to point the claw of the crane in the direction of the item, pick this object up, and drop it in the designated location. All of these processes require excellent hand-eye coordination on the part of the machine operator so that they would successfully transport the object and avoid any kind of damage in doing so.


Cooperates well with others

Last but not the least, a machine operator should be able to work well with others. Inherent in this quality is the capacity for patience. It’s a common sight in construction areas for employees to constantly bark out orders at their colleagues who are operating the machines. After all, they are both essential in getting the job done to the satisfaction of the project manager and the other higher-ups.

Aside from the capability to follow orders correctly, good machine operators are able to coordinate well with assistants. For example, some large equipment offers the operator with limited visibility. It is for this reason that anyone working in a construction site should wear proper headgear and clothing in the form of high-visibility jackets. The machine operator sees to it that they are carefully steering the machine with the help of assistants around the site. This allows all operations to go smoothly and without any sort of trouble.


Key Takeaway

Expertly maneuvering heavy equipment is just one of the many qualities of a good machine operator. Compounded with proper training, credentials, patience, a proclivity for technical functions, as well as, the ability to work well with others, any kind of machine would easily retain its quality, just by having a good operator behind the wheel.

With the guide above, you will know which qualities to watch out for before choosing your pool of machine operators.

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