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Proper Mobile Crane Maintenance

How do you conduct proper mobile crane maintenance?

  1. Stick to a maintenance schedule
  2. Routine maintenance is mandatory
  3. You shouldn’t neglect preventative maintenance


When it comes to operating a mobile crane, maintenance should be one of the main priorities. By nature of the machine, hosting heavy loads vertically and horizontally and often over people’s heads, making sure they are working in tip-top shape eliminates any hazards while working while giving the best possible performance.

However, since mobile cranes are frequently driven to a given construction site where they are deployed for use, it can be easy to overlook giving it the right kind of maintenance schedule or program and this will eventually lead to issues. To help you avoid this, here are some of the things you need to know about proper mobile crane maintenance.


Stick to a maintenance schedule

Before going into the rigors of maintenance, it would be important for you to regard consistency as an essential part of any maintenance endeavor. This means sticking to a schedule once you have created a maintenance plan. Missing out on a single routine check can lead to disaster, which is why you should train your mindset to always be mindful of your maintenance schedule. If you ever happen to miss one, be sure to rectify it by conducting your checks and evaluations as soon as possible.

There are different kinds of maintenance that require varying frequencies in which they have to be done. Daily or routine maintenance must be done daily and routinely. If there are procedures that must be done monthly, or annually, try your best to do it on the same day each month or year. Mark your calendar so you won’t forget.


Routine maintenance is mandatory

When the term routine or general maintenance is involved, this usually entails making checks and adjustments to your mobile crane before every use. This is to ensure it is in the best possible and most efficient condition. General mobile crane maintenance treats the machine as a whole, both as crane and vehicle. To ensure optimal performance, this would mean greasing all the moving parts, changing air and oil filters, checking fluid levels, and maintaining the right tire pressure.

Conducting routine maintenance should also entail looking at mechanical components that are expected to wear out quickly. Look at the lifting mechanisms and the other parts of the crane that are most exposed to wear and tear. Replace what needs to be replaced, and don’t operate if you see anything that looks out of the ordinary without consulting a technician or electrician.


You shouldn’t neglect preventative maintenance

Preventative maintenance is another kind of maintenance procedure that supplements your routine maintenance program. It is not mandatory, but you should treat it as if it is because it further keeps your machine in good working condition for the long-term. While routine maintenance is done before or after every use, preventative maintenance is for when it is not in use and can be intensively inspected both internally and externally for potential problems and eventual servicing. This means it can and should be done at fixed intervals in time that is prescribed by the manufacturer through the owner’s manual or by a licensed technician.

A good preventative maintenance program should be comprehensive, looking at the electrical and structural aspects of your mobile crane aside from its mechanical parts. From visual check-ups, a scheduled session with an electrical engineer to a visit to your preferred car mechanic, preventative maintenance is comprehensive and addresses the more complex problems of your mobile crane, like issues with its electrical wiring or its braking system.

Consult your owner’s manual for a more detailed checklist of what to include in your preventative maintenance program because it can prolong the life of your machine, saving you time and money on future repairs and replacements. It also guarantees the safety of people while it is in use.


Make sure to keep a record

Finally, proper mobile crane maintenance would also mean keeping a record or journal. You should be noting any observations you make while conducting your routine maintenance, along with any procedures that you make no matter how insignificant it may be. This helps you track the performance of your machine and allows you to note what changes you’ve made that can serve as your basis for future maintenance and servicing.


Key Takeaway

Proper mobile crane maintenance is an indispensable part of owning and operating a mobile crane. Without it, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to future malfunctions and all the negative effects that come with it. As mentioned above, consider your owner’s manual as your go-to guide for all your maintenance endeavors. Aside from that, work with professionals and never go about it on your own.

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