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3 Reasons Why Philippines’ Top Real Estate Developers are Buying Multico’s Generator Sets

Why are the top Philippine real estate developers buying Multico generator sets?

  1. Multico generator sets are available in a variety of types.
  2. Multico generator sets have large output powers.
  3. Multico generator sets come with amazing product support.


Ever since its incorporation in June 1998, Multico Prime Power, Inc. or Multico has been supplying top real estate developers in the Philippines with their very own generator sets, which raises the questions: “why are they choosing Multico?” “What makes their generator sets stand out from any other generator set in the Philippines?” “And why is it that these renowned real estate developers are putting their trust on Multico’s product and corporation?”

To answer all these, it is important to note that Multico is a trusted brand for top-caliber developers like the SM Group, Megaworld, Bellville Development, Inc., Vista Residences Group, and Century Properties due to their quality generators.

Why? Well, listed below are several reasons.

Multico Generator Sets are Available in a Variety of Types

Multico Generator Sets are Available in a Variety of Types

Multico is the top provider of industrial generator sets, which can be used in a variety of ways. Their generator sets are capable of providing these industrial and commercial buildings with the power they need.  Most hotels, commercial buildings, hospitals, BPO centers, and data centers make use of their product in order to have a supply of uninterrupted power.

Multico has also supplied the two biggest general contractors in the Philippines, Megawide Construction Group and Makati Development Corporation, with their standby generator sets. In case you weren’t aware, standby generators are backup electrical systems that operate automatically in the event of a power outage. You can only imagine how crucial such generators are to these two contractors, which are known for their low- and high-rise condominiums and industrial buildings.

Multico also has marine generators available in their product list, and even though it doesn’t have much use in real estate, it’s still worth mentioning. Marine generators – as the name suggests – are used to power boats, ships, and other sea vehicles. They are made to withstand extreme conditions and deliver power with great efficiency.


Multico Generator Sets have Large Output Powers

Before we can talk about the large output powers of Multico’s generator sets, we first have to differentiate the two power labels – kilo-volt-amperes (kVA) and kilowatt (kW). These two, especially the former, are often met with confusion and it’s best we clear it out before discussing any further.

If you want to know a generator’s apparent power or the total amount of power in use in the system, then you need to find the kVA. This means that kVA is the system’s power at 100% efficiency, but the problem is that electrical systems are rarely ever 100% efficient. This is where the kW comes in. It is called as the actual or working power and tells the amount of power that is converted for useful output.

Now that the difference between kVA and kW is settled, we can begin to discuss the large output powers of Multico’s generator sets. Multico offers a wide range of generator sets with power outputs starting from 20 kW to 4000 kW.

To put things into perspective, a 20 kW generator set will be able to partially power a small to mid-sized home during a power outage. It will cover essentials like your refrigerator, furnace, bathroom, general lighting, and then some more. If you want to power a whole mid-sized house and live in total comfort during an outage, then a 40 kW generator will suffice.

If we do a bit of math, a 4000 kW generator should be able to power 1000 homes, which seems to be the ideal number for low and high-rise condominiums and other industrial buildings.

 Multico Generator Sets Come with Amazing Product Support

Multico Generator Sets Come with Amazing Product Support

You don’t earn the trust of these high-profile companies and industry leaders with just a good product, you have to have excellent customer service and product support on top of that. And that is exactly what Multico offers.

Their generator sets always come with the best customer service and unparalleled product support. They have fully-equipped workshops, load bank testing areas, service vans, and parts warehouses that are guaranteed to keep their generator sets in good condition. They also have dedicated and factory-trained service engineers that use specialized tooling to diagnose and maintain their products’ performance.

It is best to say that their generator sets are guaranteed to be in peak condition throughout their life, and a single call will fix any problem that will arise.


Key Takeaway

You can easily find a generator set in the Philippines, but it won’t be anything like what Multico offers. Their generator sets are a cut above the rest and sure to deliver optimum performance all the time.

They have these sets in a variety of types and with a wide range of power output that could cater to anyone in the industry. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to power a simple house or a whole 50-story condominium, Multico’s generator sets are sure to satisfy your needs. It also comes with excellent customer service and product support, so you won’t ever have to worry about your generator sets failing.

If Multico’s generator sets are enough for the top real estate developers in the Philippines, then it’s safe to say that they’re more than enough for anyone else!

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