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A Look into the New Clark Forklift S-Series Released This Year

What is the new Clark forklift S-Series?

  1. Smart
  2. Strong
  3. Safe


A forklift is a type of equipment that assists in transporting and carrying materials. It is commonly used in warehouses, ports, recycling yards, and many more. It should have features that make the job easier, an engine that can handle everyday usage, and is also able to prevent accidents and injury. Having a smart, strong, and safe forklift can make the job easier and safer while reducing costs for the owner. To see all these features in the new Clark Forklift S-Series, keep on reading!




The Clark Forklift S-series is improved to be smarter and more technologically advanced than its siblings. It now has more fuel-efficient engines that can save on fuel costs in the long run while still being capable of high torque performance.

Other features available to this new forklift has also been improved. You can now have up to 5 hydraulic functions that can be used for different types of attachments. With this operation will be more convenient because you have all the tools you need with you.

The driver cabin has also been upgraded to improve the experience of the operator. Aside from a Bluetooth radio, it also has a charging port. Added air-conditioning and heating options are also made available for comfort in different temperatures.

The smart display is interactive which makes the user’s job easier. It can display in real-time the weight lifted, and settings such as warning signals can be changed according to preference.



Forklifts are used to lift heavy objects and equipment. Because they are required in some businesses, they will be used every day by the workers. With that being said, they should have a powerful engine and also be made from durable materials.

The newest forklift has an improved residual capacity, a nested upright trail, a fully welded heavy gauge frame, and a durable steering axle. To improve performance in extreme conditions, the wet disc brake is used as opposed to a dry drum brake. The latter cannot withstand high pressure, which leads to more maintenance and check-ups.

Aside from this, it also has strong engine options. You can opt for LPG with MMC-PSI (2.3L) or Ford (2.5L). For diesel, you can choose either ISUZU(2.2L) or YANMAR(3.3L).

The design of the Clark S-Series forklift is built to last. Maintenance is easy, and the required check-up intervals are as long as 500 hours. Because of this, it can be used for a long time without fear of malfunctions and breakage. Low maintenance also means that owners can enjoy low costs.




Operating equipment like a forklift can be risky. It is commonly used in environments such as construction sites and warehouses that have heavy and hazardous objects such as metals and building materials. Accidents such as overloading, turnovers, and injury can happen. That’s why safety protocols and rules should be observed when doing so.

Aside from improvements in technology and design, The Clark Forklift S-series is also built to keep its users safe. Because of the improvements in both, it can help prevent accidents and slip-ups in the workplace. One example is the wet disc brake which improved the stopping power of the forklift.

This forklift can also help its users to operate in narrow and dark environments because of the cushioned tires and safety LED lights. The automatic parking brake is also helpful to avoid sudden crashes while idling while the speed reduction helps regulate driving.

Aside from these, the S-Series was made with visibility in mind. In a job site, an operator must always be aware of objects in the area to prevent accidents. But this cannot be achieved by using peripheral vision alone. The design includes 2 side doors, rear and front wipers, and a rearview camera for reverse transmission. Aside from environmental visibility, the load lifted can also be monitored through the screen.


Key Takeaway

The new Clark Forklift S-series is made to be smart, strong, and safe. These are all the qualities that you should be looking for in a forklift.

It can make the experience of the user more convenient because of the smart features, and owners will experience lower maintenance costs because it is durable. Both of these leads to a very safe operation at the job site.

If you’re interested in a Clark Forklift, do not hesitate to message us for questions and inquiries.

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