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Multico’s After-Sales Service for Clark Forklift and Bishamon Hand Pallet Trucks

What can you expect from Multico’s after-sales services?

  1. Scheduled PMS (Preventive Maintenance Services)
  2. Forklift Repairs and Servicing
  3. Forklift Attachment Installation and Modification
  4. Bishamon Parts Installation and replacement
  5. OEM Parts replacement and installation


Aside from providing you with trusted brands when it comes to heavy equipment in the Philippines, Multico’s commitment to customer service extends beyond the sale of these products. Other than warranties for your new machines, here’s what you can expect from the after-sales services for Clark forklift and Bishamon hand pallet trucks. Keep on reading to learn more!


Scheduled PMS (Preventive Maintenance Services)

Scheduled PMS (Preventive Maintenance Services)

Even though you’re receiving durable and safety-tested products from reputable brands, all heavy equipment needs to go through scheduled PMS to keep them in the best working condition. This way, you can ensure peak performance and prevent costly downtimes for your business. Other than that, it will also help you maximize the lifespan of your equipment and reduce repair costs!

Fortunately, Multico has certified and experienced technicians who will help you maintain your forklifts and hand pallet trucks in optimum condition. Aside from the usual lubricating and oil change services, they can perform machine inspections with the help of diagnostic equipment.

With their trained eye and expertise in this task, the maintaining technicians can recommend potential repairs in advance—saving you costly expenses in the long run.


Forklift Repairs and Servicing

But because forklift trucks are different from your usual car or truck, you need a technician trained in the repair of this specific heavy equipment. After all, the process of repairing a forklift involves special safety precautions, tools, and techniques.

Fortunately, Multico has qualified staff specifically trained for the repair of Clark Forklifts! Aside from their formal education, these technicians also have access to manuals and instructions that are needed for the specific heavy equipment that they need to repair.

With years of experience, Multico’s technicians have the skill and expertise required to take care of your Clark Forklifts! That’s why whether you’re using a diesel, LPG, petrol, or electric powered forklift, you can have peace of mind that your heavy equipment is in safe hands.


Forklift Attachment Installation and Modification

Forklift Attachment Installation and Modification

Aside from PMS and repair of your Clark Forklifts, you might also need attachment and installation services to make your heavy equipment much more versatile in your work site. After all, fork rotators, clamps, multi-pallet handlers, and other accessories can help you maximize the use of your forklift.

By opting for additional attachments, your forklift will be capable of carrying irregular-sized items or performing specific tasks. For example, while a side shifter is the default extension found in a Clark Forklift, you can have it modified or replaced with a clamp to help your operators grip larger and non-standardized loads.

As the main supplier of Clark Forklifts in the Philippines, Multico has the right tools and equipment to help you with your attachment installation and modification needs!


Bishamon Parts Installation and Replacement

But other than Clark Forklifts, some organizations also include Bishamon Pallet Trucks as a part of their fleet. After all, it can increase worker efficiency in areas that are too tight for bigger equipment. Because it is simple to use, operators can transfer smaller loads inside a work site. As a bonus, it can lessen the fatigue experienced when manually moving objects by hand.

But although Bishamon Pallet Trucks are low-maintenance, their parts could get worn out eventually with daily use. Instead of purchasing new equipment for your facility, you can opt for high-quality parts replacement for lower costs from Multico! This way, you can extend the lifespan of your trusted pallet trucks.

After your Bishamon parts installation and replacement, your pallet trucks will look and feel like new!


OEM Parts Replacement and Installation

OEM Parts Replacement and Installation

With the repairs, attachment installations, and replacements, you might be asking about the quality of heavy equipment parts that will be provided by you by Multico. Rest assured that everything is made by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for Clark and Bishamon.

Because of this, you can expect these parts to restore the same functions that you’re used to! After all, these are made specifically for your forklifts and pallet trucks. This way, you will have peace of mind that the end result will provide not just efficiency but also safety for your operators.

In combination with the skill and expertise of Multico’s technicians, you will be getting the best value for your money with these OEM parts.


Key Takeaway

When it comes to after-sales services for Clark forklift and Bishamon hand pallet trucks, you can expect only the best from Multico! With skilled and experienced technicians that will service your equipment, you can be sure that your forklifts and pallet trucks are in the best condition every time they’re sent home from repair or maintenance. After all, Multico can provide high-quality OEM parts for installation and replacement.

If you’re interested in any of our after-sales services, you can contact Multico today for an appointment!

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