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Multico: Your One-Stop-Shop for Heavy Construction and Industrial Equipment in Bicol

Whether you’re in logistics, warehousing, quarrying, mining, recycling, or construction, every business needs reliable pieces of equipment for day-to-day operations. But because heavy construction and industrial equipment in Bicol require a considerable amount of investment, you need to find a supplier that can provide you with products that are worth your money. Read on.


Featured Construction and Industrial Equipment in Bicol

Featured Construction and Industrial Equipment in Bicol

Material handling, industrial, heavy equipment, and more — Multico is a one-stop-shop for several types of equipment. As Asia’s Equipment Specialist, we aim to provide you with excellent products that will make your day-to-day operations more efficient and productive. Here are our products:


Forklifts and Hand Pallet Trucks

As a supplier of material handling equipment, we offer some of the best brands to aid you in transporting and moving goods. Clark forklifts are made with “built-to-last” engineering, which means that they’re durable and reliable in the long run. With forks that can extend vertically, these can reach high shelves with no problem. For hand pallet trucks, Bishamon makes cost-effective and easy-to-use devices that are suitable for smaller sites.


Road Rollers

Road rollers are a staple when it comes to the construction industry. It’s capable of compacting and flattening large areas of gravel, soil, asphalt, or concrete when contractors need to make stable foundations or roads. When it comes to this piece of equipment, Weycor is the leading brand globally. Made in Germany, they make products that are powerful and convenient to use.


Mobile Crushers and Screens

Bicol is one of the regions known for high amounts of aggregates. That’s why if you’re in a business that processes these materials, you will need reliable mobile crushers and screens. This is where one of our featured brands, Rubble Master can help you. Choosing all-mobile equipment is wise because they’re suitable whether you’re on-site or on-road.


Generator Sets

Our generator sets are suitable whenever you require power in an area not connected to a power grid or need to have reserve power in times of emergencies. This makes it possible for you to conduct activities in remote areas or minimize downtime when the power grid fails. We can help you select the right generator size and type that will fit your total power requirements.


Lighting Tower

Nighttime operations are safer and more convenient with our lighting towers here at Multico. These devices are lightweight enough for transport to remote areas, which makes them a staple in many applications — such as construction, mining, shows, and events.


Other Value-Added Services

Other Value-Added Services

Aside from offering powerful and reliable pieces of equipment, we also aim to build a long-term partnership with you as a supplier. Here are some of our value-added services here at Multico:



If you’re not well-versed in different types of equipment, it might be difficult and overwhelming to find the right product for your business. But with access to technical data and information, our team of experts can offer support, so you can get the best equipment that fits your needs.


Maintenance and Equipment Servicing

To ensure a long life for your equipment and maximize your use of our products, we offer after-sales services. We have highly skilled and fully qualified technicians that can help keep your equipment in peak condition — whether you require maintenance services, repairs, or equipment overhaul.


Spare Parts

Here at Multico, we keep a comprehensive inventory of genuine spare parts that are made to fit your equipment. This ensures a longer life span and peak performance for your equipment.


Key Takeaway

Finding a supplier that can be your long-term partner is vital to ensure a long life for your equipment. With a variety of trusted brands and value-added services, you can trust us when it comes to your heavy construction and industrial equipment needs in the Bicol region. If you have any questions or inquiries about our products and services, you can send us a message here.

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