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Distinct Advantage of Multico Generator Sets Over Other Brands

What are the distinct advantages that Multico generator sets have over other brands that also offer generator set in the Philippines?

  1. Multico generator sets have a variety of output powers.
  2. Multico generator sets can be used in different industries.
  3. Multico generator sets are guaranteed to always be in top condition.


Generator sets or gensets as they are more commonly known are engine-based machines that serve as an external mount for electrical power. The need for generator sets in the Philippines has grown exponentially over the last few decades for many reasons, with the main one being the abundance of construction sites.

These days, you can see construction sites at almost every major street and corner. Malls, condominiums, and other high-rise buildings are constantly being built to the point that some are saying that we’re getting a wee bit oversaturated. These commercial buildings and the construction sites that they’ll sprout from will need constant power, and this is where gensets come in.

In order for these construction sites to function properly, gensets must be scattered throughout the area. As for the commercial buildings, they will need backup power in case of power outages and failures. Not only that, even ordinary families are considering buying gensets because of the constant blackouts they are experiencing.

Now, the problem lies in what generator set to purchase. With so many brands offering almost the same products, which do you choose? Well, we’ll tell you – Multico! Multico gensets have distinct advantages over other brands and we’ll enumerate them all.

 Multico Generator Sets Have a Variety of Output Powers

Multico Generator Sets Have a Variety of Output Powers

Output powers of Multico gensets range from 20 kW to 4,000 kW. Why is this relevant, you ask? Simple – everyone needs a differently sized generator depending on their intended purpose. Having gensets that offer a variety of output powers means more options for the consumer.

For example, someone who lives in a rather small home who’d need to power survival appliances – lights, fridge, and fans – as well as their family entertainment system and kitchen appliances during an outage would only need a 20 kW gensets, as opposed to someone who owns a mansion equipped with a pool and other high-tech appliances who’d need a genest that can provide more than 40 kW of power. Both of these people will be able to satisfy the needs if they looked at Multico’s products.


Multico Generator Sets Can Be Used in Different Industries

Due to the variety of types and output power, Multico can cater to the needs of many people in different industries. In fact, we have partnered with some of the largest real estate developers in the Philippines. We are also involved with some big names in the industrial sector.

The strong bonds we have with these people means that our gensets can be used across different industries. It also means that our products are trustworthy and reliable because we have gained the loyalty of many.

Aside from the industrial and commercial sector, Multico also offers marine generator sets that have the output powers of 20 kVA to 240 kVA. These marine generator sets are used to power sea vehicles and are yet another industry that makes use of Multico’s amazing products.

Some brands only focus on making backup generators for starter homes, others dedicate all their efforts to making industrial gensets, and the remaining delve into other possibilities like making marine generator sets. Multico, however, does it all and our products can be used by all, too.

 Multico Generator Sets Are Guaranteed to Always Be at Top Condition

Multico Generator Sets Are Guaranteed to Always Be at Top Condition

It’s hard to trust a brand that offers products that always need repairs and replacements. Thankfully, Multico’s gensets always work at peak condition and they need little to no repairs. They’re also guaranteed to last a very long time, so you can easily get your money’s worth if you choose their product.

Multico assures the clients that the gensets are always in top condition and they put great emphasis on product support. We invest in the facilities and service engineers to ensure that everything that has our name on it is of high-quality.

In the event that their products do malfunction, which is a very rare occurrence, a simple call will send dedicated and trained service engineers to your doorsteps and fix the problem for you.


Key Takeaway

There are definitely a lot of brands that sell their own generator set in the Philippines, but we can assure you that nobody does gensets better than Multico. We have been a leader in the industry ever since our establishment in 1998.

Our gensets are second to none for they are available in a variety of types and output powers. This means that everyone, from simple families to commercial and industrial developers and even those in the seafaring industry could make use of our generator sets. On top of this, our products are guaranteed to offer optimum performance no matter the event or occasion. And even if they malfunction, Multico’s service engineers are always ready to fix anything!

There’s really nothing more to ask for; Multico can offer it all! You’re sure to be satisfied with whatever purchase you make as long as you put your trust in Multico!

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