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4 Most-used Machines On Worksites

What are the most popular machines used on worksites?


  1. Crawler Dozers
  2. Wheel Dozers
  3. Excavators
  4. Articulated Haulers


There are tons of different machines used on worksites. Some of these machines are considered essentials to create an effective workspace during construction. For various construction projects, the machines used may differ but there are many common denominators. Every project is different but these are the most-used machines in worksites.


Crawler Dozers

Crawler Dozer

The crawler dozer is a power tracked machine that is built with a front-mounted blade. It’s also known as a bulldozer. Crawler dozers are great for jobs that require a lot of traction. They can move materials easily with the front-mounted blade. There are different blade attachments to the crawler dozer to do different jobs. U-shaped blades are used to move large volumes of material while retaining it. Semi-U-shaped blades are best for conditions that require a lot of flexibility when it comes to ground changes. Straight blades are used to push around material and cut ditches with the least material retention. Crawler dozers are much easier to operate than wheel dozers as they have a lot of control due to the traction. You can do much more with this equipment because of its inherent usable power.


Wheel Dozers

Wheel dozers are useful for mining sites, dumpsites, road construction, and more. Using this equipment can help support your project effectively. There are many applications for this important equipment. Wheel dozers like crawler dozers can help clean up the loading area. It can be used for dump maintenance for dumpsites or to move dump site materials in a quick and orderly manner.

For road maintenance, the wheel dozer can help haul construction materials. It can also be used for road construction maintenance. What wheel dozers lack in maneuverability compared to crawler dozers is speed. You need to work fast at your different worksites and this allows you to do that effectively. When you look at the construction of track-type dozers, they can cause a lot of damage due to the abrasiveness of the work area. Wheel dozers can do a lot of damage before wearing down. It makes it a good choice if you want to save on maintenance for your machines and equipment.




Excavators are one of the industry standards in a lot of construction worksites. These machines are designed to move around the earth with different stabilities depending on the wheel you choose. An excavator is made up of a house, undercarriage, boom, stick, and bucket. These are the basics of an excavator and can be used for different applications in an urban environment. Excavators that use wheels can be used in urban environments. This includes smooth roadwork, building slabs, and parking areas. Tracked excavators provide better stability which works best for uneven terrain. Excavators can be upgraded with a hammer, crusher, or shear. A lot of applications such as demolition and quarry work can be done easily with the use of excavators. The general uses for excavators can be used for handling materials, trench and foundation digging, demolition, rough soil grading, mining, and much more. All you need to do is to pick the right attachment to get the job you need to do quickly.


Articulated Haulers

Articulated haulers may be the most important equipment on site. If you need to haul heavy loads and materials, an articulated hauler can help you do that safely. Articulated haulers can be used on rough terrain and can navigate the area quite easily. The high floatation and superior tracking let operators move various materials with ease and without worrying about bad maneuvering. The large tires are surprisingly lightweight with a large footprint and an all-wheel drive. You need a machine to navigate uneven terrain and sharp corners, articulated haulers are perfect for the job.

Articulated haulers can be used for a number of applications with some being very familiar. You can equip your articulated hauler with a concrete mixer to help transport concrete from point to point. Articulated haulers can also be used to haul water tankers. Alternatively, it can be used as a container truck, hook holder, crane, and wood chipper platform. Articulated haulers are extremely versatile and you get more bang for your buck when you have a lot of processes in the works at your site.


Key Takeaway

The most-used machines worksites are very diverse. It can be equipped with different components to change up its main function. The examples above are some of the most popular and common machines used. Each machine is designed to make construction jobs easier and safer for many operators. Many different companies are coming out with different upgrades to ensure the comfort and quality of work created with these machines.

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