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Mecc Alte: Expert Alternator Solutions For Everyone

Why should you choose Mecc Alte?


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Mario Carraro launched a repair workshop for electric motors in Italy back in 1947. Since then, Mecc Alte has become a global alternator supplier that produces over 1400 alternators daily across the globe. Mecc Alte ensures that each product is made with expert hands and experienced research to provide fast production and reliable alternator solutions to various clients and customers around the world. As a brand, Mecc Alte alternators focus on creating one product to produce only the highest quality standard alternators.


Mecc Alte Heritage

Mecc Alte is an independent brand that develops, produces, and distributes quality alternators for heavy industrial use. It’s a highly personalized experience every step of the way. Technical solutions and after assistance are quick and easy with the expert staff and employees that are ready to assist you at any time.

Mecc Alte not only understands the importance of selling high-standard products but also the value of the most important asset of any company. Each employee of the company is professional, skilled, experienced, and committed to what they do to guarantee success. The employees that build your products pour their hearts out and put the utmost care into producing alternators that are reliable and durable.


Mecc Alte Industrial Alternators

Mecc Alte Industrial Alternators

Mecc Alte is a known brand that is ready to meet the demands of various markets. The wide product range is a result of years of experience in the industry over the years. Combined with diligent studies and research, the ECO and ECP series of alternators are born. For various industrial needs and high-tech applications, you can find a compatible product in this series. Choose from single bearing or twin bearings to double up on support. Need to attach it to a prime mover? Choose from a wide range of flanges and couplings to find out what’s best.

Mecc Alte alternators use a fixed stator alongside skewed slots and a rotating inductor. The ECP and ECO models with ratings above 15kVa use a damper cage for standard use. Check out the Mecc Alte Industrial Alternators for heavy-duty, high-quality products.


Mecc Alte NPE Space Saver

The NPE Space Saver range uses the same quality technology as the ECO and ECP Industrial Alternators. NPE Space Saver uses brush technology for a seamless experience. The NPE Space Saver is controlled by standard systems but is designed to be as compact as possible. Saving space is the intent of this range which can reduce the impact of how much space you use. This can then create a suture that’s clean, organized, yet powerful enough to provide what you need.


Mecc Alte Portable Generators

Mecc Alte Portable Generators

Portable generators have been around for years but nothing comes close to the quality of Mecc Alte. Portable products are suitable for a wide range of applications. Mecc Alte portable alternators come in 50 or 60Hz frequency. Depending on what you need, there are 2oles to choose from that range from 1-18kVA. These are available as single bearing or twin bearing inclusive of double support. These portable alternators are manufactured carefully in Mecc Alte facilities while complying with standard specifications while exceeding quality and safety standards. There are also high-performance Automatic Voltage Regulator machines available.

But why should you consider portable generators and alternators? These components have some clear advantages to help you choose it. Portable generators produce electricity by using fuel or a propane powered engine which in turn powers the on-board alternator. This converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. This cost-effective solution is much cheaper than the permanent installation of a generator. You can find a portable generator within your budget and depending on the wattage you need. If you have a small space that needs emergency backup, portable alternators and generators are the perfect match for you.


Key Takeaway

Mecc Alte is a supplier and manufacturer of world-class alternators. Created with Italian excellence and craftsmanship, Mecc Alte alternators are produced daily and are ready for purchase globally from your local supplier. Each employee creates each component meticulously with years of experience and knowledge. Customers will always receive the best quality products with reasonable pricing and after-sales support. If you want the best alternators on the market then this brand is the one for you. Look no further than Mecc Alte for your alternator needs.

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