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Lower your emissions with a CLARK S-Series Forklift

The onset of the industrial age has led to many technological advancements in human history. More highly-efficient ways of transportation and production of goods were introduced at this time, drastically and forever altering the way humans lived their daily lives. Concurrent with this, however, is the rise of carbon monoxide emissions and thus, a growing attention towards combatting the impacts of climate change. Several industries, like the manufacturing sector, have attempted to reduce the environmental impacts of their processes by experimenting on how to reduce forklift emissions, among many other climate change-friendly adaptations.

If you’re a manager of a manufacturing plant, or a warehouse no doubt you’re always on the lookout for the most efficient and sustainable ways of running your operations. One way by which you can lower your operations emissions, as well as, reduce your impact on the environment, is through the new CLARK S-Series Forklift. Continue reading to learn more about how the new line of forklifts contributes to lower emissions, while also boosting performance.


Boasting a Ford 2.5L LPG Tier 4 engine

It’s not uncommon for people to think that changes geared towards sustainability, lead to a sacrifice in performance. This is not the case for the CLARK S-Series line of forklifts. Its Ford 2.5L LPG Tier 4 engine greatly contributes to a reduction in emissions, paving the way for more sustainable warehouse, construction, or manufacturing plant processes.

Through the CLARK S-Series, the economical and environmental benefits of its liquefied petroleum gas-powered engine prove to be a competitive advantage over the traditional gasoline-powered engine. Typically, LPG-powered vehicles significantly emit lower exhaust pollutants compared to their gasoline counterparts. LPG-based engines emit up to 60% less carbon monoxide, as well as, 40% lower hydrocarbons. Its carbon dioxide emissions are also significantly reduced. Because of LPG’s 35% oxygen content, it contributes to complete fuel combustion, reducing potentially harmful tailpipe emissions. With this in mind, you’ll be guaranteed that your CLARK S-Series forklift contributes to lowering your warehouse emissions.

In addition to its LPG-powered engine, the CLARK S-Series utilizes the Tier 4 as a standard, delivering on both performance as well as, environmental outcomes. The Tier 4 standard is the latest in a series of tiered emissions reductions requirements, as set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The CLARK S-Series is definitely up to par with this. With its balanced engine, variable valve timing, and sequential multi-port fuel injection all providing you with greater fuel efficiency. The CLARK S-Series also utilizes a timing chain-driven camshaft and automatic belt tensioners which all complexly and simultaneously function together to offer a more seamless engine with greater performance.


Other features

other features 2

The CLARK S-Series’ Smart, Strong, and Safe aims to offer you with nothing but the most highly-optimized series of forklift vehicles for your warehouse or manufacturing needs. Its interactive dash provides the operator with a more seamless interface, allowing for more efficient troubleshooting and maneuvering.

Since CLARK forklifts are “Built to Last” its specialized features like the force-cooled wet disk brakes, 6-roller carriage, built-in cooling systems and more, allows for a reduction in vehicle upkeep.

Furthermore, its innovative safety features including the automatically applied parking brake, speed limit control, and optional rearview camera just to name a few, offer the driver with more safety while operating the forklift.


Key Takeaway

The CLARK S-Series Forklift is the latest effort from CLARK to provide your warehouse with the latest in sustainable and high-performance forklift needs. If you’re still unsure about how to reduce forklift emissions in your company, then look no further because this new line of forklift provides you with more sustainable and more highly-efficient solutions.

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