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Why You Should Consider Investing in an Energy Storage System

Why should you consider investing in an energy storage system?

  1. Sustainable
  2. Provides emergency back-up power
  3. Cost-efficient
  4. Stores renewable resources


Industrial processes that took place between the early 18th and the late 19th century have drastically altered the face of the earth forever. Not only did that period produce some of the most awe-inspiring technological marvels the world has ever seen, but it has also changed the Earth’s atmosphere.

The dependence on fuel-based systems for electricity production has been deemed as unsustainable, the more the effects of climate change make themselves palpable to humans. People have begun considering more sustainable energy alternatives. If you’re one such person, why don’t you consider investing in an energy storage system in the Philippines?

There are many attractive benefits of investing in energy storage systems, now that the demand for sustainable sources of energy has been increasing. If you want to learn more about how energy storage systems can benefit your industrial operations, then continue reading.



Industrial processes contribute to the bulk of the greenhouse gasses present in the atmosphere. Though these aren’t the main sources of these gasses, the high-volume, and the high-intensity of the production activities result in such high levels of emissions.

Due to the growing demand for more sustainable practices, one of the ways by which industrial facilities do their part is through incorporating energy storage systems, as part of the processes within their power systems. Simply put, the role of energy storage systems is to ensure the continued supply of energy.

While there are different energy sources that can be stored, this is dependent on the scale of the industry. For example, larger-scale manufacturing plants can store hydropower, or even thermal energy.

Since most of the electrical power coming from the power grid is generated through fossil-fuel or coal-power-based plants, energy storage systems provide more sustainable and renewable sources of power. Due to the several harmful impacts of fossil fuel-based power, it becomes the least-desirable choice.


Provides emergency back-up power

One of the things which can cause potentially major outcomes for industrial facilities is a shutdown in their operations. Sometimes, however, such events may be the cause of unforeseen circumstances, such as a fire emergency, or a natural phenomenon. When they’re faced with these types of situations, industrial facilities make it a point to have emergency measures in place.

An avoidable situation that may cause a halt in operations has to do with power shutdowns. Power shutdowns are highly undesirable for these facilities. Not only do they lead to a loss of production, and productivity, but these could also lead to potentially unwelcome financial outcomes. These could force the management behind that particular industrial facility to reassess their financing options, as well as their production targets.

Another advantage posed by investing in energy storage solutions is that it can provide your facility with emergency back-up power, avoiding a major loss in production. Due to several advancements in energy storage systems, these have been perceived as reliable, allowing facilities to take comfort in their emergency back-up plans.



As mentioned before, the energy generated by power and electricity grids comes mainly from fossil fuel or coal-based power. These sources of energy have already been deemed as non-renewable and emit a high volume of emissions into the Earth’s atmosphere.

Putting matters into perspective, a lot of households and a lot of industrial processes are largely dependent on these fossil fuel plants to power their operations. In order to cater to a larger pool of people and processes, these power plants have to spend more money on operational costs, which may come at the expense of the taxpayer.

If you were to invest in an energy storage system, you would help in easing the burden off the operational costs of running the power grid. On your end, you would also be able to save on the potential financial losses which may potentially accrue over the duration of your facility’s shutdown.

While this may not yet be possible in the Philippines, you might also be entitled to an energy rebate, provided that the supply of energy stored in your system exceeds the demand.


Stores renewable sources

Compounded with the sustainable environmental impacts of having an energy storage system, it also stores only renewable sources of energy. You wouldn’t have to worry about creating a negative impact on the environment, because these storage systems do not rely on fuel-based energy sources.

An example would be that of a solar battery. Solar power is definitely one alternative source of energy, as the energy is derived mainly from the sun. As long as the sun is shining, you can expect to store solar energy into your battery.

Larger-scale operations, on the other hand, could also consider storing thermal energy. Simply put, thermal energy is energy derived from molecular vibrations due to an increase in temperature. This type of energy can then be converted into something which can be useful for the facility.


Key Takeaway

Investing in an energy storage system in the Philippines is something that can be beneficial for your household, or for your industrial processes – depending on your energy requirements.

Having said that, one of the best investments you can make is purchasing the new Xelectrix Power Box. Not only does it offer a more efficient and highly-sustainable way of storing your energy, but it also provides innovative solutions to all your electricity needs.

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