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Introducing the E-Crane: The Premier Material Handling Equipment

Distinguishing Features of the E-Crane

What is there to know about the E-Crane?

  1. Distinguishing features of the e-crane
  2. Benefits of using the e-crane
  3. Different applications of the e-crane


With so many kinds of heavy equipment in the Philippines nowadays, it’s actually very hard to stand out from the rest in terms of unique functionalities. Often, companies around the world will make an effort to create products and solutions that will ultimately slingshot themselves to the top of the industry. With that being said, this article aims to highlight the most notable innovations that the E-Crane has achieved over the years. Let’s take a look at the E-Crane and what makes it different from all the other material handling equipment out in the market.


What is the E-Crane?

In essence, E-Cranes are giant cranes that are installed in different industries in order to facilitate material handling at a large scale. The typical construction crane, for example, will always be fixed in a spot focusing more on being as durable as possible for a temporary fixture.

E-Cranes, however, are much more versatile than that. In its totality, E-Cranes offer personalized solutions that are tailored to their clients’ needs. There are permanent cranes, and mobile cranes, all of which are perfect for specific applications that will be discussed later on.

In summary, E-Cranes are heavy duty material handling equipment that has a variety of forms—all of which can be used in whatever way the client needs them.


Distinguishing Features of the E-Crane

As mentioned above, E-Cranes are specialized material handling equipment. Unlike most companies, they aren’t sold as mere products. Instead, E-Cranes are sold as part of a personalized solution that will inevitably solve most complicated problems that require heavy-duty handling.

Aside from that, E-Cranes are designed to deliver high performance and reliability. Through its advanced systems and components, it does so while also significantly reducing operating costs, power consumption, and environmental impact—all of which are a plus to most projects in recent years. Here are a few more notable features that really sets apart the E-Crane from the rest.


Internal Balance

The design of the crane has been meticulously planned out and implemented so as to let the crane achieve a state of equilibrium in every possible position. The moving counterweight itself is mechanically linked to the load reducing the risk of the crane becoming imbalanced to near 0%.

The balanced design drastically reduces the horsepower needed in order to function—greatly saving energy and making the E-Crane known as a green alternative.


Efficiency Through Design

The E-Crane was designed to be as efficient as possible in both work and maintenance. The simplicity of its components and overall structure reduces maintenance costs as well lengthen the lifespan of most components.

This, in turn, enables the whole machine to maximize its uptime—leaving little to no room for any maintenance or repair time to be needed.


Personalized Experiences

The personalized solutions go deeper with the help of multiple kinds of upper components as well as a slew of logistical experts that will provide advice on the clients desired solution. In all transactions, the goal is always to meet the requirements of high productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness for all mission-critical operations.


Benefits of Using the E-Crane

Once you get an E-Crane installed, you now have access to what truly makes E-Cranes unique. The company treats each transaction and successful purchase as a partnership. The best part is that this partnership will last for as long as the E-Crane remains in use.

Aside from the many technical advantages that E-Cranes will provide you such as increased reliability due to efficient structure design, reduced costs for maintenance and operations thanks to its simpler and more accessible components, and durability through its well-crafted machine parts, it’s the service they provide that empowers you even further. Here are a few examples of how they heavily focus on great quality customer service.


Maximum Reliability

Through proactive customer service, the E-Crane team is able to provide for every inquiry and confusion that their clients might have. Their lines are always open just in case such an incident occurs. The best part is that the whole team has a plethora of skilled service technicians that are available anytime, 24/7 globally. No matter what your concern may be, you will be catered to by their capable team.


Integration of Technology

Every single E-Crane is packed with the latest and most effective communication and data collection software. All of which are essential in making sure that the E-Crane is able to function as efficiently as possible.

There’s also the app called E-CARE which acts like a proprietary crane data analytics tool. Through this app, you can monitor your crane’s performance and maintenance metrics. It will be very easy to keep things maintained and in order. The app also sends you reports in real-time, so there’s absolutely no waiting for updates on the crane’s status.


Global Support Network

E-Crane hubs can be found in Belgium, Singapore, and the United States. The hubs are located in strategic centers that make solutions and spare parts to be easily provided to the rest of the world.


Different Applications of the E-Crane

Different Applications of the E-Crane

Lastly, the E-Crane itself has so many different applications as it is naturally a solution to most industries problems regarding material handling. The E-Crane has already established itself to be successful and efficient as a general material handling equipment in a variety of areas.

That being said, the capability to stockpile greater loads paired with its amazing outreach makes it a great alternative to a number of mobile truck cranes in the Philippines. Just take a look at the most common applications of the E-Crane in various settings.


Steel Mills

Most logistical work within steel mills can easily be done by E-Cranes single-handedly. In the Philippines, the heavy equipment is versatile enough to handle inbound material by rail, road, or even water. It also shines as a piece of equipment that manages the sorting and stockpiling in different areas. E-Cranes are also precise enough to fill charge baskets on their way to furnaces


Floating Solutions

The design of the E-Crane reduces the number of overturning moments while also maximizing stability and minimizing barge size requirements. Since it’s incredibly efficient in its energy consumption, it also has lesser operating costs than traditional barge cranes.

With an advanced integrated visualization software, it is also capable of precise grab placement above or below the waterline. This makes it ideal for maintenance dredging, marine construction, and other projects in watery areas.


Recycling Facilities

The E-Crane is proven to be incredibly efficient when it comes to feeding shredders, shears, and balers through most applications throughout the world. It’s bigger load bearing capabilities paired with its long outreach makes it one of the most efficient heavy equipment in the Philippines that are used for recycling purposes.


Key Takeaway

The E-Crane is a revolutionary technology that fuses efficient and powerful machinery with impeccable customer service. For different applications around the world, particularly in the Philippines, this heavy equipment is going to be a game changer. For companies that need reliable and powerful material handling machinery, the E-Crane should well be in your sights.

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