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Introducing the All-New Clark L20 Series

What are the features of the CLARK L20 Series?

  1. User-friendly interface
  2. Comfortable operation
  3. Safe and efficient performance
  4. Simple maintenance
  5. Built-to-last engineering
  6. Cost-effective price point


Forklifts are a part of everyday operations in labor-intensive industries. From dockyards that transport heavy cargo and warehouses where goods are sorted out, to moving shipments to delivery trucks. Whether light or heavy loads, if the transfer of objects is needed, a forklift is there to help you. There are many models you can choose from, depending on the features you want. In today’s post, you will learn more about the new CLARK L20 Series! Read on to learn more.


User-Friendly Interface

For those industries that prefer simple but strong performance, the Clark L20 Series is for you. Prioritizing a user-friendly interface, this newest design will satisfy both new and veteran users of forklifts.

Because of the intuitive interface, the learning curve is easy for any operator. The dashboard is simple and straightforward to use. The smaller steering wheel provides more space for the driver while making it easier to steer.


Comfortable Operation

Clark L20

With the Clark L20, your operations will be more comfortable. Entering and exiting the vehicle is easy due to the large landing step. Because it is made of high-quality steel grip, slips will also be avoided.

Inside the cabin, all key parts that an operator needs are easy to reach. This includes the dashboard, levers, hand brakes, and fuse box. The ample foot space makes also it easier to move.

Taller individuals will also have more space because of the leading head clearance inside. The operator’s weight won’t also be a problem with the adjustable seat. Thanks to the floor mat, noise and vibration on the lower area are also reduced.


Safe and Efficient Performance

Just like other Clark Forklifts, the L20 Series is built to prioritize safety and efficiency. Built with LED lights, operations in dimly lit surroundings will be more convenient. The narrow rails also provide good mast visibility while working. The lift is fast, and can reach up to 7315 mm of height! The forklift can carry up to 3500 kilograms of objects.

Seatbelts are placed on a vehicle to maximize the safety of an individual. But most operators seem to forget wearing it. With the smart interlock system, the Clark Forklift will only begin to operate when it is worn. When the operator suddenly leaves his seat, the hydraulic function stops.


Simple Maintenance

Forklifts are reliable equipment in the day-to-day operations of many industries. That means that the shorter the maintenance time, the longer the time it can be used in work. While all equipment requires regular maintenance, with CLARK L20, you can experience easier serviceability.

The L20 series operates on a diesel XinChai engine, which is widely used on a global scale. Because of this, spare parts can be easily sourced. The simple technology with no frills is also easier to service and maintain. There is no need for pricey computer diagnostics. But because Clark Forklifts are built-to-last, repairs will rarely be needed.


Built-to-Last Engineering

Clark L20 2

With the L20 Series, you can enjoy Clark’s signature ‘Built-to-last Engineering’. Manufacturing high-quality forklifts since 1917, you can rely on more than 100 years of engineering experience. This will give you peace of mind while operating.

The L20, like the other models of Clark forklifts, is also armed by a mast built with I-Beam technology. This means you can enjoy more stable lifts, whether you’re moving side to side or carrying heavier loads.


Cost-effective Price Point

Despite all the useful features that increase efficiency, comfort, and safety in the workplace, the Clark L20 is sold at an affordable price point. This makes it the obvious choice for both new and veteran users in the industry.

While the up-front cost is more affordable, the expenses while operating it is also minimized. This is thanks to the easy to source parts and simple maintenance. Because it is operated using diesel which is easier on the wallet than gasoline, you can also worry less about fuel expenses.


Key Takeaway

The New CLARK L20 Series is the latest addition to the catalog of Clark Forklifts. With its focus on simplicity and affordability, users who are interested in buying one can easily come to a decision.

It has a user-friendly interface so that you can prioritize your operations. Users will also be able to enjoy its comfortable design, thanks to ample space inside the cabin. Like other Clark Forklifts, it is made with safety and efficiency in mind. Because of its built, maintenance is also simpler. Spare parts are easy to source, and repairs are easy to do.

But because it is built to last, you can be assured that fixes don’t need to be done often. All of these features are available at a cost-effective price point.

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