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Improve Productivity with the All-New Clark L-Series

How can you improve productivity with the all-new Clark L-Series?

  1. Carry higher capacity loads
  2. Increase performance with the industrial diesel engine
  3. Improve comfort through the spacious driver compartment
  4. Utilize additional equipment for various applications
  5. Lessen downtime with simple maintenance


When it comes to choosing a forklift in the Philippines, the industry leader of innovative products and safe material handling equipment is Clark Forklift. They offer trucks that vary in load capacities, provide LPG, diesel, and gasoline models, and have released over 350,000 units worldwide. With decades of experience in the industry, they have been manufacturing high-quality and efficient forklifts that have helped companies be more productive. If you’re interested in how the new Clark L-series can help you, keep on reading to learn more!


Carry Higher Capacity Loads

From warehouses, logistic facilities, dockyards, construction sites, recycling facilities, and more—forklifts in the Philippines are essential in improving productivity. It can help transport bulky cargos, move steel shipments, carry building materials, load packages on trucks, and serve as vehicles inside a site. Without it, most of these industries won’t perform as efficiently as they are now.

When choosing your forklift, remember that you should only handle loads within the capacity of your truck. If you’re planning to add an attachment, you should also factor in the additional weight when using it on your site.

The new L-series of Clark Forklifts is available in load capacities from 2000 to 3300 kilograms. With a high carrying limit, your operators can lift a variety of objects across your site. This means less need for multiple trips—which goes a long way in improving productivity.


Increase Performance with The Industrial Diesel Engine

Increase Performance with The Industrial Diesel Engine

When it comes to different fuel types, diesel provides the longest run times compared to others. It also offers higher torque than other fuel counterparts, so you can expect improved performance when it comes to acceleration. Because they generate more power, they are suitable for rough terrain, outdoor areas, and high-load handling applications. For this reason, diesel forklifts are typically chosen by companies with heavy handling requirements.

The New Clark L-Series of forklifts offers robust industrial diesel engines which is suitable for daily use. When combined with the single-speed transmission that can provide speeds up to 19 km/h, your operator will experience improved performance while also benefitting from the comfortable handling of the truck. This is because the engine is placed on rubber dampers to reduce vibration.


Improve Comfort Through the Spacious Driver Compartment

Remember that a worker’s comfort can help them improve their work output—whether they’re working at an office or operating a forklift. Imagine having to constantly bow your head inside a cab that doesn’t have any headroom. It can speed up fatigue and affect productivity. It is only logical to be more efficient in an environment where all you need to do is focus on the task at hand.

That’s why Clark upgraded their newest L series of forklifts to have a spacious driver compartment. The additional headroom can provide comfort for operators while also maximizing safety. Other than that, your workers will also enjoy the large amount of legroom which can help reduce their fatigue. Lastly, the mast will provide a huge field of vision that can increase efficiency and productivity in the workplace.


Utilize Additional Equipment for Various Applications

Utilize Additional Equipment for Various Applications

You might be wondering how this forklift can be adapted to your work site. Other than the tough and durable design, this newly launched product can also be improved with an extensive list of equipment and accessories. The extra standard components available in the L series of Clark Forklift are LED headlights, direction indicator lights, reverse lights, brake lights, pneumatic tires, vinyl seat, and rear-view mirrors. For optional features, you can also choose the following:

  • Strobe lights
  • Rear Work lights
  • SE Tires
  • Non-marking tires
  • Wide Drive
  • Dual Drive
  • Integrated or Hook-on side shifts
  • Quick-release disconnect
  • Various seat options
  • Additional hydraulic functions

This way, this Clark forklift can be customized to fit your worksite and operation requirements so you can enjoy improved productivity.


Lessen Downtime with Simple Maintenance

Because of the diesel engine, high load capacity, comfortable cabin, and safety features of a forklift, many companies rely on it for daily use. But just like any other material handling equipment, it needs to be maintained regularly. This way, it can perform its best for years to come.

The advantage of using a diesel-powered Clark Forklift is the simple maintenance! With the L-series, you don’t have to use computer diagnostic equipment—which can be pricey. The XinChai engine is widely used internationally, so spare parts can be easily sourced. Because maintenance is simple, it can help you prolong the life of your forklift while enjoying the reduced costs.

Other than that, a simpler maintenance routine is convenient to stick to. Because service checks are shorter, equipment downtime in your facility is lessened. This leads to more productivity in the long run.


Key Takeaway

If you’re interested in boosting productivity in your establishment, you can benefit from the new Clark L-series. It can help your operators carry larger loads, be more comfortable through the spacious cabin, and access optional features for efficiency. Other than that, it also provides ease of maintenance. The good news is that you can find this material handling equipment here at Multico!

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