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The Importance of Recycling Construction Materials

Why is it important to recycle construction materials?

  1. Financial benefits
  2. Greener services
  3. Increased sustainability


Gone are the days when construction and demolition companies can just set up a crusher, generate debris, and haul them off to landfills. Although there are still some companies that choose to do this, more and more of them are starting to go green and recycle the debris that they have collected.

In most cases, demolition companies go into sites, destroy buildings, establishments, roads, and other kinds of structures, and then hire a trucking service to haul the debris to a landfill site. Through the destroying part remains the same, some people now question the environmental impact of just hauling every piece of wreckage to a landfill site.

Today, landfill sites are full of other things such as garbage and broken steel and machines. Chances are you’ll have to pay a high price in order for you to be allowed to dump the materials to dumpsites.

That’s why it’s way more important for you to learn how to recycle these pieces of materials. In fact, you’ll benefit in a lot of ways just by deciding to recycle, rather than to dump all that debris.


Financial Benefits

Financial Benefits

For contractors, the most attractive benefits of recycling construction waste and materials and demolition debris are the reduced costs that come with it.

First off, you have fewer tasks to do since you won’t have your employees relocate the debris. And you also won’t have to hire a material handling company to haul the materials to a landfill. Keep in mind that landfills might also require payment for the number of materials you’re going to dump in them.

You bypass all of these by simply recycling all these steps.

That being said, it will be replaced with some other finances, but most of the time it won’t compare to the costs that simply dumping it all in a landfill has.

All you’ll need is to rent or by your own crusher which will handle all of the deconstruction of the debris. One of the best picks for crushers includes Rubble Master’s compact mobile crusher. Not only is it designed to fully crush debris such as concrete into smaller, more manageable materials, but it also has a set of filters that automatically segregates steel or metal items and items that are lighter than rocks.

At the end of the crushing process, you’ll end up with crushed concrete and rocks, plastics and wood, and steel and metal—all of which can be delivered to their own mills and reworked into new materials.


Greener Services

In the past few years, going green and recycling has become a huge point of interest in many companies. Greener products and greener services are preferred by a larger number of people worldwide and that includes potential clients of construction and demolition services.

That means there’s a high chance that if you don’t recycle debris and construction materials, there will be some potential clients that won’t avail your services. This means you’ll have a smaller scope of potential customers, and inevitably reduced income.

Think of it this way, providing a green service will make your company more reputable. Recycling is no longer a novelty for many of your clients. In fact, most of them will most likely expect it to be included in your package.

Sticking to the past and relying on dumping the debris and wastes that you have in a landfill will make you seem like you’re out of touch with your potential customers. It’s a surefire way of losing customers in the future.


Increased Sustainability

Increased Sustainability

Unless you’re new to the construction industry, you should know that most, if not all of the construction materials that you’re using are made of recycled materials. Seldom will you be supplied with steel that is made from freshly mined ore, or cement that was recently ground.

All of the materials you are using are recycled from old construction materials and that helps facilitate sustainability not just for you but for the whole industry. By recycling the construction wastes and the demolition debris that you’ve accumulated in certain projects, you’ll be able to provide supplies for your other projects for a better price.

In essence, recycling construction waste and debris will make the whole process of both construction and demolition more affordable for the whole industry.


Key Takeaway

The incorporation of recycling in the construction and demolition processes has only recently become standardized. Through this, most of the construction industry’s processes have become more affordable, better supported, and eco-friendlier.

For construction companies in general, the simple act of recycling provides three core benefits: financial, environmental, and sustenance.

That being said, there are still some companies that refuse to include recycling in their processes simply because they think it’s a hassle. They don’t understand how advantageous it is for them to recycle these materials as it will not only benefit themselves but the whole construction industry as well.

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