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Importance of Forklift Maintenance For Warehouses In Mindanao

What is the importance of forklift maintenance for warehouses in Mindanao?

  1. Keeps both products and workers safe
  2. Increases efficiency
  3. Lengthens service life
  4. Better resale value

As one of the main methods of quickly transporting material in a warehouse, forklifts are undoubtedly very useful. They increase productivity and make work more efficient in any warehouse or storage facility, among many other benefits that they provide. Warehouses in Mindanao will most likely have enough forklifts as they need, but it won’t amount to much if they don’t work well. The importance of forklift maintenance in Mindanao is that it improves the usability of the machines and in turn improves the efficiency of the warehouse as well. 

Any worker would understand the importance of maintenance for any piece of equipment. Since forklifts do a lot of work transporting goods and people, it is even more crucial to keep them running efficiently. Here, we’ll talk about the reasons why warehouses in Mindanao should be consistent in forklift maintenance. Read on.


Types of Forklift Maintenance

Types of Forklift Maintenance

There are two general ways in which you can categorize forklift maintenance: Routine Maintenance and Preventative Maintenance.


Routine Forklift Maintenance

As you can expect from the name, routine maintenance is something that should be done regularly. These are regular checks, tasks, and repairs (if necessary) done every day, usually before operating hours. Some routine maintenance tasks include checking lights and brakes, changing filters, and reapplying lubricants.


Preventative Forklift Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is a more detailed maintenance technique that looks closely at the entirety of the forklift. All critical parts are inspected and tested to detect any issues. This type of maintenance is performed for early detection, prevention of issues, and a better evaluation of the machine. Some steps for preventative maintenance include checking all lights and brakes, cleaning and lubricating grease fittings, checking fluid levels, cleaning air filters, and others.

Importance Of Forklift Maintenance

Importance Of Forklift Maintenance

Both types of forklift maintenance are vital in making sure that the forklifts are working properly and will continue to do so for a long time. Here some more reasons why maintaining your forklifts are important:


Keeps Both Inventory And Workers Safe

Regular maintenance ensures the smooth operation of forklifts. In a warehouse in Mindanao, it could be a dangerous environment if things are not taken care of properly. By maintaining them properly, you largely decrease the chances of any malfunctions and accidents happening. Even a slight tire malfunction could lead to the machine overturning. This would both injure the operator and damage the product they’re carrying.


Increases Efficiency

Failure to put importance on forklift maintenance could mean that the machines are more susceptible to malfunctions. If the forklifts are broken, then productivity and efficiency will go down in the warehouse. Normally, forklifts are fast and reliable. But if something’s wrong, it could do the opposite and slow down the transporting process.


Lengthens Service Life

A well-maintained forklift will remain reliable for years. Regularly performing maintenance on a forklift ensures that it will keep running well during operations. Part of the reason why maintenance lengthens its life is because replacing parts are included in maintaining the forklift. These machines understandably do plenty of heavy work, and it can take a toll on them as well. But as long as you maintain them properly, the wear and tear that they experience will be minimized.


Better Resale Value

Taking care of the machine also means that it retains much of its value even if you use it constantly. Any buyer would notice if the forklift they plan on acquiring has not been taken care of properly. If you keep the forklift in top shape, then its resale value shouldn’t be too far from its original value. If you have plans to sell your forklift down the line, make sure you’re aware of the most common maintenance procedures.


Forklift Maintenance in Mindanao

Forklift Maintenance in Mindanao

If you run a warehouse in Mindanao, then you should be aware of how to keep your forklifts and other heavy equipment in tip-top shape. 

Like in any place in the Philippines, warehouses in Mindanao utilize forklifts to transport products and handle heavy loads. Maintaining forklifts becomes even more important if there are no nearby servicing shops that could provide spare parts or extra forklifts if necessary. 

If you have a warehouse in a remote area in Mindanao, you would need to be mindful of forklift maintenance. If you need help with spare parts for outdated components, or if you want to try acquiring new forklifts in Mindanao, then try us at Multico.


Key Takeaway

The importance of forklift maintenance in Mindanao is similar to how this heavy equipment is usually serviced in NCR. As long as you keep your forklifts clean and properly functioning, you’ll get the most of what it has to offer. Apply both routine and preventative maintenance to lengthen the life of forklifts and increase productivity in the warehouse. 

Multico is a trusted supplier of forklifts, spare parts, and other products like generators and air compressors all over the Philippines, including Mindanao. If you need any of these, don’t hesitate to contact us here! You can also read more about us and our experience as a company through this link!

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