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How to Use a Pallet Truck

How do you use a pallet truck?

  1. Train your staff about its proper use
  2. Inspect the Pallet Truck daily
  3. Determine if it needs charging
  4. Use the controls to lift the prong
  5. Slide the prongs under the pallet
  6. Transport it to your destination
  7. Store it in a restricted area


A pallet truck is a type of equipment commonly found in logistic facilities for its ease of use and convenience. It allows workers to save time and transport more pallets without experiencing fatigue. They also come in multiple sizes so you can carry custom-sized loads inside your warehouse. If you want to know how to use a pallet truck, keep on reading!


Train Your Staff About Its Proper Use

Even though pallet trucks are simpler to operate than forklifts, it doesn’t mean that you can forego the training before implementing its use in your facility. If your workers fool around while using this type of equipment, they risk an injury to themselves and other staff. When improperly used, you can cause accidents that could have been prevented.

That’s why before you utilize any equipment in your facility, you should provide a training course for your employees. This way, they know the dos and don’ts when using a pallet truck. This will also allow them to spot problems early during daily inspections.


Inspect The Pallet Truck Daily

Inspect The Pallet Truck Daily

Because of this, a part of your daily operation should be the pre-op checks. This is vital for each piece of equipment your workers use—which means that a pallet truck is not exempted.

It might seem like an added effort but a pre-operation check can be completed in a few minutes. After all, you wouldn’t want to accidentally drop a fragile package due to a pallet truck that should be scheduled for maintenance. With daily inspections, your workers can spot simple problems that could delay the work—such as a pallet truck with an empty battery.


Determine If It Needs Charging

A pallet truck is divided into two types—the manual and electric variant. While you can use the former option anytime, you need to charge the latter before it can be used. If you plan to use powered pallet trucks, you need a designated charging area in your facility.

Before using it for the next shift, ensure that the equipment is fully powered to prevent any problems. To maintain productivity, some companies will opt for spare batteries which can be conveniently exchanged within a few minutes.


Use The Controls to Lift the Prongs

Use The Controls to Lift the Prongs

Before you use this type of equipment, check for any pedestrians around the area. Depending on the type of pallet truck you have, the controls will differ. But the good thing is, both types are simple to operate!

When using a manual pallet truck, you can find a lever that will lower the prongs to the ground. This is commonly located at the handles for convenience. On the other hand, an electric variant will have buttons you can push to control the movement of the prongs.


Slide The Prongs Under the Pallet

After lowering the prongs, you can slide them beneath the pallet carefully. To prevent accidents, make sure that you push it all the way to the other side of the pallet. This way, the wheels will make full contact with the ground.

When you think that is safe enough to do so, you can now jack up the truck by pulling the handle towards you. This can be done several times until the equipment can be moved without the prongs dragging through the floor. For powered pallet trucks, you can use the buttons to lift the prongs.


Transport It to Your Destination

Transport It to Your Destination

Before you can transport your pallet truck to your destination, you need to make sure that you’re carrying loads within the maximum load capacity of this equipment. While most models can handle up to 3,500 kilograms of weight, you should check with your manufacturer for specific measurements.

When moving the pallet truck, most workers find it more convenient to push it to their destination. Remember to avoid running as this can be dangerous when making sharp turns. Be careful when traveling down a slope and ensure that the load is always facing down. Once you reach your stop, you can use the lever or buttons to store your load.


Store It in A Restricted Area

Pallet trucks can increase the efficiency of your workers inside your facility. It can also prevent muscle strains and fatigue that is commonly experienced when manually carrying loads. That’s why if you plan to use more than one piece of equipment, it is a good idea to designate a parking area inside your building.

This way, you can restrict access to your pallet trucks. It also keeps your facility clean for other workers who need to move around the site.


Key Takeaway

A Pallet truck is a convenient device that can be used in any facility. Because of its simple controls and straightforward operation, your workers will get used to it in a short time. This way, you can increase your staff’s productivity at your worksite!

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