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How to Start a Generator Set

How do you start a generator set?

  1. Inspect the generator set
  2. Start the generator set properly
  3. Observe the Genset in operation
  4. Shutdown the generator set after use


Are you planning to buy a Genset for your site? Or maybe you’re having trouble using it for the first time. If that’s the case, this article can help you on how to start a generator set! After that, you can benefit from having electricity during power outages, emergencies, remote construction work, and more! Keep on reading for some tips.


Inspect The Generator Set

Before you turn on your generator set, the first thing you should do is inspect it first, especially if it hasn’t been used for a long time. Ensure that the gen-set is turned off and the surface is properly cleaned before doing this.

First, check if all the wirings and connectors are in good condition. If you see any exposed wire, contact a professional to have it fixed first. Then inspect the fastener and throttle adjustment system if they’re still reliable. Remember to check the fan belt, charger belt, and water pump belt too.

Then, you should see if the oil, fuel, and coolant level are in the recommended levels. For the fuel, make sure that’s free from air otherwise your Genset might stop running in the middle of use.

Next, you can check the air filter is still in good condition. After that, you can inspect the battery voltage if it’s in the standard levels. Otherwise, you might need to charge it first.


Start The Generator Set Properly

Start The Generator Set Properly

Now that you have ensured that every component is in the best condition, it’s time to turn your Genset on. To do this, make sure that it doesn’t have any load. Then you can press the start button. If you performed a full inspection at the start, your generator set should turn on instantly.

But if the Genset doesn’t start immediately, you can wait for 20 seconds before pressing the start button again. You can do this three times and if the machine still doesn’t turn on, then you need to inspect your generator set for any malfunctioning parts such as the battery or the oil. You can call a professional to help you figure out the problem.

Take note that if you have a mechanical speed regulating unit, you can refer to the manufacturer’s manual for the recommended speed. There is no need to adjust this if you have an electronic regulating unit.

For a Genset that will be used in cold environments, there might be some special considerations you need to apply.


Observe The Genset in Operation

Now that you have started your generator set successfully, you’re not done yet. You need to observe it while in use to ensure that it’s working correctly. Look at the voltage, water temperature, oil, and pressure levels. Aside from that, you can also inspect your unit for leaks. Make sure that everything is running normally, otherwise, you might need to turn off the machine to reduce further problems.

While inspecting different parts of the Genset, do not try to touch any moving parts and hot components such as the coolant, heater, and surface itself. Otherwise, your hand might be burned.

Instead, you can look at the control panel to see if the unit is running in the recommended output voltage, frequency, and more. Other than that, make sure that the Genset is not overloaded.

When using a Genset to power equipment and appliances, keep in mind that you should match the voltage ratings for safety purposes. Prohibit smoking and the storage of flammable items around the area because it could ignite a fire.


Shutdown The Generator Set After Use

Shutdown The Generator Set After Use

Whether you’re done using your generator set or want to turn it off in an emergency, you need to do it properly. For normal shutdowns, you need to unload your Genset first and let it run for a few minutes after that. Then, you can press the stop button or turn the key to the stop indicator to shut down your generator.

But when you observe malfunctions and abnormalities from your Genset, you might need to perform an emergency shutdown. For example, you might hear strange noises or smell irregular odors. If you see that the water temperature and voltage increase beyond the normal levels, the generator must be stopped immediately.

If you need to shut down the generator set for any other reason, you can press the emergency stop button.

After shutting down your generator set, you need to close the fuel valve and check for leaks. If you’re going to store it for a long time, turn off the main switch, drain the fuel, remove the coolant, and keep the battery charged from time to time.


Key Takeaway

From starting to shutting down a generator, the most important thing to do is to examine the unit itself for any malfunctions. You can consult your manufacturer’s manual for the recommended operating and maintenance standards so you can ensure that all components are in the best condition when you’re using the generator.

If you have any questions on how to start a generator set, you can send a message here at Multico! For customers that are in need of generator sets, you can contact us for additional information.

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