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How to Improve Your Mobile Impact Crusher’s Efficiency

What are some ways to improve your mobile impact crusher’s efficiency? 

  1. Never Overfeed Your Crusher
  2. Level the Crushing Plant
  3. Size Your Materials Properly 
  4. Regularly Check Your Blow Bars
  5. Use the Right Tools
  6. Elevate the Excavator

Operators and construction workers rely on mobile impact crushers to size the down materials, especially on smaller construction sites. However, over time, it’s inevitable that these machines will eventually wear down, 

While in use, make sure it’s at its optimal performance. This article tackles different ways on how to improve your mobile impact crusher’s efficiency. By following this, many operators can extend the life and use of impact crushers while lowering the risk of major damages. Keep reading to learn more!

What is a Mobile Impact Crusher?

Compared to heavy-duty concrete crushers, a mobile impact crusher can be easily moved on construction sites and even between various job sites. However, its job remains the same. 

Mobile impact crushers are used on various construction sites in order to process natural rocks and recycle materials like concrete and asphalt. It sometimes comes with a screen attachment which allows you to produce specific products. 

Never Overfeed Your Crusher

Never Overfeed Your Crusher

The biggest mistake you can make with your impact crusher is to overfeed it. When you overfeed the impact crusher’s chamber, the machine is more likely to bog down and limit the amount of material it can crush. If you want to achieve greater production, you’ll need to avoid overfeeding. 

Mobile Impact Crushers depend on inertia from the rotor and blow bars to create an impact on the rocks. It is different from jaw and cone crushes where they rely on gravity and compression to do the crushing. 

Try to be consistent in putting materials inside this type of crusher. They should be fed with the same amount of rocks across the width of the opening. This allows the machine to increase its rock-on-rock crushing. By doing this, you’ll be able to increase the production of rocks while reducing the wear on its rotor and blow bars. 

Level the Crushing Plant

Keep your mobile impact crusher on solid and level ground. Make sure that the machine is leveled from side to side rather than from front and back. However, you can choose to level it on all four sides to help it perform better. 

When the mobile crusher is leveled on one side, the material put inside the crushes will tend to move from side to side. That means that the hammers on one side will experience more wear and tear compared to the other set of hammers. 

Even when leveled correctly, operators must also check the type of soil the crusher is resting on. If the soil has a soft underground made of freshly packed dirt, the tendency for it to settle and level on one side is greater. Find leveled and solid ground for your crusher to rest on to make sure you optimize its performance. 

Size Your Materials Properly 

Size Your Materials Properly 

Even if a crusher is made to size down various forms of rocks and materials, it still needs to be fed properly sized materials. Apply a pre-processing step before putting materials inside the crusher. This gives operators a chance to sort through the different kinds of materials and sort them. 

When the material is too big, it can lead to many consequences such as jamming the entire crushing. The biggest feed size for mobile impact crushers is 80% of its inlet opening. 

If most rocks and materials that are sorted seem uncrushable, use a mechanical or a hydraulic pulverize. This can reduce or downsize the rocks. 

Regularly Check Your Blow Bars

In a mobile impact crusher, the hammers attached to the blow bars come into contact with raw materials the most. They are responsible for crushing these materials down to size, making them the first part to wear down. 

For your daily inspections, check the wear on the hammers. This allows you to check for closed side settings of the crusher and damages on the hammers and blow bars. 

When blow bars have worn down to the machine’s rotor, it’s advised to stop using the machine. There is a big risk of the machine having major damages that lead to expensive repair costs. 

Elevate the Excavator

Situate the excavator high enough for your operator to see the inside of the crusher’s hopper. They need to see these products before they’re crushed to quality control. Doing this can lead to fewer blockages during the crushing. 

However, you should be careful with where your operators are standing during the process. Never allow them to stand behind the impactor. Stones from the crusher can tend to ricochet outside of the crusher. These may hit the operators, leading to unwanted accidents on the construction site. 

Key Takeaway

Now that you know how to improve your mobile impact crusher efficiency, you can implement new steps into your operator’s routine. Operators and workers need to make sure that your mobile impact crushers are operating at their best. 

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