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Best Heavy Equipment for Recycling Purposes

What types of equipment are best for recycling?

  1. Crushers
  2. Earth-moving equipment
  3. Dump trucks


The construction and demolition industries already make use of most if not all of the different kinds of heavy equipment. However, for the longest time, they’re used for the simple process of constructing, handling materials, and destroying structures.

Now, a new phase in the cycle of structures is added, and that is the recycling of the demolition wastes and excess construction materials. Making the most of your resources should no longer be taken lightly because every excess that you accumulate is basically a bump on your expenses.

The relevance of recycling to construction and demolition companies have skyrocketed over the years. The activity not only acts as a way to drastically reduce costs, but it’s also necessary to make the operations as eco-friendly as possible.

Keep in mind that most materials used for construction are mined from quarries that ultimately eat away at the earth piece by piece. That means the more minerals and resources mined, the bigger the impact on the earth.

Recycling demolition waste and excess construction materials is a big step towards making the industry eco-friendly. That’s why for many construction companies, they’re beginning to make use of these pieces of equipment for recycling purposes as well.




One of the most integral machines that you’ll need to facilitate seamless recycling of demolition and construction waste are crushers—preferably mobile crushers. These are important in transforming the waste into materials that become more manageable to work with for recycling.

Rubble Master’s Compact Mobile Crushers is a great example of a crusher that is perfect for recycling tasks. This particular crusher is equipped with many features that help in the recycling process. First, it’s main crushing mechanism can be altered to make the materials it produces either fine or course.

It also features built-in segregation in the form of a powerful magnet and a blower. The magnet attracts any material that has steel or any kind of magnetic metal on it and automatically separates it from the rest. The blower then blows a packet of air that’s just strong enough to remove plastics, wood, and any other material that isn’t as heavy as rock and concrete.

The main purpose of the crusher is to ultimately crush the demolition waste into finer, more manageable pieces so that they can be used again as material for other projects.

By segregating the pieces of plastic, wood, and metal, you remove any kind of possible impurities that might be put into the recycled materials. aside from that, you can also make use of these segregated materials—particularly steel and metals since it’s already common knowledge to have steel be melted and forged into new metal products.


Earth-Moving Equipment

Of course, you can’t ignore the most reliable material handling equipment that you can use in most demolition sites. The wheel loaders will be in charge of transporting the big chunks of debris and placing them on the crushers. Then they’re also the ones that are usually in charge of transporting the crushed materials onto trucks that will deliver them to their appropriate plants.

Basically, without the wheel loader, the whole recycling process will be physically intensive.

Construction companies that have crushing plants instead of mobile crushers would usually do the whole process in those areas. And when these large crushing plants have relatively high conveyer belts, sometimes they use excavators instead of wheel loaders. It allows for higher and wider reach so it’s great for such applications.

You might also find other material handling heavy equipment such as bulldozers in the demolition site just to make the process a lot more efficient and cleaner.


Dump Trucks

Dump Trucks

The machine that will complete the list of core heavy equipment for recycling purposes are the dump trucks. Depending on the size of the project, that can vary from the typical dump truck you see every day to gigantic rock trucks. The truck that will be used to transport the materials or the debris will largely depend on the project.

Considerations for the truck include whether or not it’ll be transporting chunks of debris or tons of sand-like particles; the use of a mobile crusher or a crushing plant, the number of materials being transported, and sometimes the location where the materials will be brought to.

There are no alternatives to the all-important dump trucks. That’s how important they are despite their very one-dimensional purpose.


Key Takeaway

The importance of recycling in the construction industry has never been more emphasized. Now that more and more companies are choosing to optimize their operations by including recycling in the demolition of structures, the equipment mentioned above became high in demand. That said, there are a lot of other machines that can be used in recycling equipment.

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