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The Different Heavy Equipment in the Philippines That Can Help Rebuild Marawi

What is the different heavy equipment in the Philippines that can help rebuild Marawi?

  1. Mobile crane
  2. Light tower
  3. Generator set



Now that the battle for Marawi has come and gone, the focus has shifted from war to reconstruction. The task of reconstructing and rebuilding Marawi can prove to be challenging which is why cooperation is needed from the local political leaders, to private benefactors, and all the way down to the grassroots. Here in the Philippines, heavy equipment suppliers like Multico are also doing their own efforts to help rebuild the war-torn city.

The road to this next phase of recovery is an arduous one, with much of the city destroyed by the war. “Clear, hold, build” is one of the most important strategies of the military; something the people helping in the efforts to restore the city should also try to adapt. In order to make the work easier and reduce the need for manpower, heavy equipment can be deployed in the area to help clear out debris, do the heavy lifting, and other tasks.

With the help of these machines, the people that are rehabilitating the city can work more efficiently and in relative safety. Here are the different heavy equipment in the Philippines that can help build Marawi:



Mobile Crane

Mobile Crane

A mobile tower crane has a unique design because it is not only self-erecting, it also has all of the best features of both a conventional static tower crane and a mobile telescopic crane combined into one machine. The result is a heavy equipment that can be used in many areas where a crane might be needed, but with the added benefits of having greater flexibility, versatility, reach, and mobility.

Mobile cranes can be of great use in the reconstruction efforts in Marawi because heavy objects like debris and building materials need to be moved. But because most of the infrastructure in the city has been damaged, bringing in a traditional crane might not be a viable option.

Most mobile cranes can lift up to 10 tons and have a maximum working radius of up to 60 meters. This heavy equipment is ideal for working in a city like Marawi, providing a quicker, more cost-effective, and more practical solution for heavy lifting.



Light Tower

A light tower is a type of heavy equipment that is mainly comprised of a mast with one or more high-intensity electric lamps attached to it. The entire system is attached to a trailer and is usually powered by a generator set. The lamps are usually halide bulbs while the generator is powered by a diesel engine. Recently, solar-powered, hydrogen-powered, and battery-powered light tower sets have also become available.

Light towers are mostly used in rugged and remote locations that have harsh weather conditions and unfavorable environments, not unlike the situation in Marawi City. Aside from illuminating the construction sites in the city, the user-friendliness and portability of many light tower models also provide intangible benefits to the workers.

The high-intensity bulbs of light towers should be capable of providing light to a wide area without casting many shadows. The generator set should also be able to provide uninterrupted power supply as long as there are sufficient fuel reserves; even something as simple as light can be invaluable in the efforts to reconstruct Marawi.



Generator Set

Generator Set

Also known as a genset, a generator set is the combination of an engine and an electrical generator. These two systems are typically mounted together to form a single piece of heavy equipment that produces electrical power. The alternator, one of the most crucial components of a generator set, converts the mechanical work of the engine in order to generate electrical power.

Generator sets are used in places where a steady power supply might not be readily available like the city of Marawi. It is also typically used in sites that are not connected to the power grid or even provide emergency power when the grid does fail.

The intense battle that occurred might have left parts of Marawi City without electricity, so a generator set is a massive help not just for the residents to continue on with their daily lives, but also for the people helping out in repairs and reconstruction. Once power is back on, a generator set can still function as an emergency back-up source of power for the workers and the residents. In addition, because most generator sets are mobile, they can be easily brought to areas where they are needed the most.



Key Takeaway

The task of clearing out the debris on the roads and demolishing the buildings in the city that have been severely damaged by the war is not just emotionally challenging for the residents of Marawi, but it is physically difficult as well.

Luckily, there are heavy equipment here in the Philippines that are easily available thanks to suppliers like Multico that can make the job faster and easier. There is no reason that Marawi can’t be built back better; once the clearing, cleanup, and recovery activities have been completed, perhaps the road to recovery can finally start.

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