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How Does a Hand Pallet Truck Complement Forklift Trucks in Material Handling Solution

How do hand pallet trucks and forklifts complement each other in material handling?

  1. They lift heavy materials with ease
  2. They move materials from one location to another
  3. They enable the workers to extend their reach
  4. They help in accessing stocks in hard-to-reach areas

There are two pieces of equipment that many acquire for their material handling needs – a pallet truck and a forklift. Using both can make the moving and lifting of heavy materials much easier for your workforce, benefiting your business in terms of labor and productivity.

Because they are excellent material handling equipment options, they offer plenty of features that your workers will surely appreciate. If you want to learn more about the hand pallet truck and forklift material handling solutions, keep reading to learn more!

They Lift Heavy Materials with Ease

They Lift Heavy Materials with Ease

Both pallet trucks and forklifts can lift heavy materials that go beyond the limitations of a human being. The majority of manual pallet trucks can easily lift 5,500 pounds in weight while forklifts can pick up an average of 5,000 pounds.

For this reason, this equipment can save money on manpower, as both offer a safer way of lifting heavy materials without any chance of harming the workers from injuries or stress. Although the workers can carry heavy materials from logistic vehicles or the warehouse, pallet trucks and forklifts can tackle such duties more efficiently than manual labor.

They Move Materials from One Location to Another

Besides lifting heavy materials, pallet trucks and forklifts can also transport these materials from one location to another. Both can travel safely at 6 miles per hour indoors, and 12 miles per hour outdoors while carrying heavy materials. This is much faster compared to the average walking speed of a person carrying nothing is around 3-5 miles per hour.

This comparison in terms of mobility and the ability to shift heavy materials means that the two pieces of heavy-duty equipment are exceptionally useful, saving your company time and increasing productivity.

On top of that, both are often used for their exceptional maneuverability, which is essential when navigating a location with limited space, thanks to their powerful agility and speed.

They Enable the Workers to Extend their Reach

They Enable the Workers to Extend their Reach

Pallet trucks and forklifts don’t only give their operators the ability to lift and transport heavy materials quickly and safely, but they can also enable the workers to extend their reach.

Some indoor areas like warehouses are using these pieces of equipment that are both specifically designed to perform tasks that a human being is unable to do. They allow operators to use them to precisely pick materials from one place to another. Plus, both can reach even between warehouse aisles that are too close together, thanks to their narrow yet sturdy profiles.

They Help in Accessing Stocks in Hard-to-Reach Areas

Like other trucks, pallet trucks, and forklifts are frequently used to easily access stocks that are located in hard-to-reach areas. They have a set of controls allowing the operator to ride to collect such stocks in units. In addition to this, they can also lift items and store them down for distribution.

A pallet truck can lift a maximum height of around 4-6 inches off the ground, which is enough to clear most thresholds. On the other hand, forklifts have a great lifting capacity. They can lift loads to heights ranging from 10-30 feet or more, depending on their models.

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Key Takeaway

Both a pallet truck and forklift can efficiently improve productivity in your business while reducing worker fatigue when carrying loads by hand. Each one offers duties, and knowing them will convince you how important they are in your business operations. Plus, whether you’re using a hand pallet truck for material handling solutions or forklifts, either the two will work.

Looking for a reliable distributor of heavy-duty equipment in the Philippines? You can contact us at Multico! We offer both pieces of material handling equipment, and we guarantee you that you can use them in the long run for your business.

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